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5-min quiz 4.2 #2,3williamharrisonSep 25, 2019179B48
ch 123 no nameswilliamharrisonSep 22, 20191KB44
5-min quiz 9.4.47williamharrisonAug 11, 2019171B6
Body Dimensions
Body girth measurements and skeletal diameter measurements, as well as age, weight, height and gender, are given for 507 physically active individuals - 247 men and 260 women. These data can be used to provide statistics students practice in the art of data analysis
williamharrisonJan 28, 201957KB116
Responses to HPU Fall 2019 1123 Stat Student DemographicswilliamharrisonJan 23, 20195KB48
Univ A vs Univ B BookswilliamharrisonNov 29, 2018159B31
Batteries Last Longer/Memory and ChocolatewilliamharrisonNov 18, 2018271B11
Results CH 123williamharrisonSep 24, 20182KB74
Economic Freedom Index (2018)
This set contains data from: -The Heritage Foundation's "Economic Freedom Index", measuring total economic freedom, property rights, government integrity, tax burden, business freedom, and investment freedom. -The World Bank Group's GDP per capita, Net National Income per capita, and GDP percentage growth -The UN's Human Development Index, total and inequality adjusted -The Gini coefficient measures for several countries from 2013 to 2017 -Reporters Without Borders' "Press Freedom Index"
williamharrisonSep 10, 201817KB191
Pulse Rates Male/FemalewilliamharrisonSep 5, 2018278B259
Sample Test Scores CH 2.1williamharrisonSep 5, 201860B16
armspan vs height ex04.26.txt ed 1williamharrisonFeb 13, 2018469B77


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