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Average number of goals per game over the history of the NHL
Has the increasing size of goalies lowered scoring in the league?
websterwestNov 5, 201579KB494
Number killed per incident of gun violence over the last 72 hours (from 10am ET October 22, 2015)
There were 6 incidents with two or more fatalities. The overwhelming majority of incidents (182) had no fatalities.
websterwestOct 22, 201520KB429
Total number killed in gun violence by state over the last 72 hours (from 10am ET October 22, 2015)websterwestOct 22, 201579KB476
Locations and number killed in gun violence over the last 72 hours (from 10am ET October 22, 2015)
Incidents in Hawaii and Alaska were excluded to better focus the map.
websterwestOct 22, 2015107KB492
Percent positive of weekly CDC flu tests in 2008 and 2009 sized by the number of specimens testedwebsterwestSep 21, 201590KB12887
Visualizing the population change in US Metro areaswebsterwestSep 21, 2015122KB10979
BoxplotwebsterwestJun 24, 201526KB427
Scatter plot of the Deflategate data
Th red lines are at 12.5 PSI, which is the lower limit of the of the range required by the NFL. If things were as they should be, all of the data points would be in the upper right quadrant defined by the two lines.
websterwestMay 8, 201525KB1197
Number of public universities ranked in the top 50 by statewebsterwestSep 9, 201448KB770
Number of public universities ranked in the top 100 by statewebsterwestSep 9, 201451KB763
Number of public universities ranked in the top 200 by statewebsterwestSep 9, 201452KB2821
Bar Plot With DatawebsterwestJan 10, 201430KB710
Frequency TablewebsterwestJan 10, 2014623B924
Pie Chart With DatawebsterwestJan 10, 201436KB700
Normal Calculator Showing Between Calculation
StatCrunch distribution calculators now offer the ability to compute the probability between two values - a common feature request.
websterwestNov 1, 201319KB15075
3D Rotating Plot for Wine/Crime data
An example of saved output from the dynamic StatCrunch 3D Rotating plot
websterwestOct 20, 201320KB13591
Chart columns
Note that the fiscal year for Apple is defined as starting in October. As of this posting, the 2013 final quarter sales were not available so the decrease from 2012 to 2013 is not meaningful.
websterwestSep 25, 201328KB2890
Fictitous voting results at various locationswebsterwestAug 28, 201331KB408
Bar Plot With DatawebsterwestJun 3, 201322KB465
Median square footage of U.S. homes from 1973 to 2010websterwestNov 9, 201218KB5056
Regression influencewebsterwestOct 26, 201236KB568
Bootstrap a statisticwebsterwestJul 18, 201241KB458
Randomization test for two meanswebsterwestJul 18, 201249KB938
Randomization test for two meanswebsterwestMar 31, 201218KB713
Histogram with sliderswebsterwestFeb 24, 201210KB636
Regression by eyewebsterwestFeb 24, 201219KB707
Lake Travis Levels By MonthwebsterwestDec 26, 201112KB622
Most folks seem to value university research!websterwestSep 13, 201110KB798
Word Wall for tweets about Cam Newton after this first NFL gamewebsterwestSep 12, 201134KB452
Word Wall for Tweets about #quarterbacksBetterThanRomowebsterwestSep 12, 201138KB500
StatCrunch+Twitter=CoolwebsterwestSep 9, 20115KB484
Word Wall for President Barack ObamawebsterwestSep 9, 201141KB1337
Chart columnswebsterwestAug 29, 201111KB423
Histogram for comparing estimates in the German tank exercise
The true maximum number for the exercise is 312.
websterwestAug 17, 201112KB452
Randomization test for two means with exam datawebsterwestMay 18, 201118KB720
Bootstrap a statisticwebsterwestMay 13, 201150KB460
Summary statistics:
Where: Final > 0
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Final 33 80.72727 298.45456 17.275837 3.0073373 84 64 36 100 68 96
604 SAS Exam Summary
websterwestMay 6, 20111KB551
Bootstrap a Q3 statisticwebsterwestApr 27, 201151KB664
Bootstrap a Q1 statisticwebsterwestApr 27, 201151KB588
Bootstrap a median statisticwebsterwestApr 27, 201152KB627
Bootstrap a mean statisticwebsterwestApr 27, 201151KB742
Bar plot of the number of guns grouped by safety opinion
It appears that if a respondent had three or more guns, they then were more likely to feel safer with legalized concealed carry on campus. Respondents with fewer guns tended to feel less safe.
websterwestApr 12, 201115KB719
Histogram of change in salary from 2009
Check out the new font capabilites of StatCrunch! Go to Edit > Fonts when using the StatCrunch software to analyze data.
websterwestApr 5, 201113KB1159
Histogram of change in salary from 2009websterwestApr 5, 20118KB694
Randomization test for two meanswebsterwestMar 20, 201118KB503
Randomization test for two proportionswebsterwestFeb 10, 201151KB1041
Scatter Plot of 4 year graduation rate versus admission rate
Slightly negative trend!
websterwestJan 12, 20117KB1565
2009 versus 1800 (life expectancy for various countries)websterwestJan 6, 20118KB907
Histogram with sliderswebsterwestNov 20, 201012KB568
Federal spending per tax dollar for each state
States with spending below $1 are called donor states as they receive less than they pay in terms of taxes. The yellow color above is not visible because it matches with D.C.
websterwestNov 16, 201028KB1904
Histogram of 2009 values (in milions) of NBA teamswebsterwestOct 17, 20106KB1401
Plot of Steeler's misery index over timewebsterwestOct 17, 201016KB651
iPad ownership by genderwebsterwestSep 22, 201018KB1103
Do you own an iPad?
If 25% or more of StatCrunch users own an ipad, then I should get to work on a version of the software for this platform.
websterwestSep 22, 201015KB1511
Top marginal tax rate since 1913
Regardless of how you feel about taxation today, nostalgia should not provide a motivation for lowering the tax rates of the top earners.
websterwestSep 18, 201022KB2270
Map of firearm deaths per 100K population for US stateswebsterwestAug 30, 201024KB1302
Randomization test for correlation between age and minutes of weekly exercisewebsterwestAug 6, 201052KB769
Regression by eye with the Chicken Sandwich datawebsterwestAug 6, 201027KB851
Histogram with sliders for the Old Faithful durationswebsterwestAug 6, 201015KB867
FCV (fraction of conservative votes) by partywebsterwestJul 13, 20105KB755
Histogram with sliderswebsterwestApr 20, 201016KB599
Regression by eyewebsterwestApr 20, 201032KB577
Google map of medals per country in the 2010 Winter Olympics
Don't forget to use the check boxes to control what is being displayed. This is a handy tool to remove some clutter from these types of maps.
websterwestMar 1, 201023KB976
Number of schools from each conference with top 25 classeswebsterwestFeb 1, 20108KB1033
Is CNN fair?
Opinion depends a great deal on party affiliation!
websterwestJan 21, 201010KB890
The number of universities ranked in the top 100 across regionwebsterwestJan 5, 20107KB892
Locations of cities offering the best bang for the buck in the US color coded by ranks
Honolulu Hawaii (Rank 54) has been omitted to better center the map. It is interesting that only 1 of the top 40 locations lies on the west coast.
websterwestDec 8, 200949KB894
Locations of cities offering the best bang for the buck in the USwebsterwestDec 8, 200970KB823
Chart columnswebsterwestDec 1, 200912KB770
Bar plot of fairness assessment of Fox News grouped by party affiliationwebsterwestNov 17, 20099KB894
95% confidence interval results:
p1 : proportion of successes for population 1
p2 : proportion of successes for population 2
p1 - p2 : difference in proportions
Difference Count1 Total1 Count2 Total2 Sample Diff. Std. Err. L. Limit U. Limit
p1 - p2 72 130 38 70 0.010989011 0.07379677 -0.13365 0.15562803
Two sample Proportion with summary
websterwestOct 29, 20091KB613
Snapshot of Multiple Linear Regression Dialog
New options for doing variable selection in multiple linear regression! This is now the second panel of options for this routine.
websterwestOct 22, 200912KB831
Broadway shows breakdown between musicals and plays
More than twice as many plays than musicals
websterwestOct 14, 20096KB649
Snapshot of Multiple Linear Regression Dialog
You can now add interactions to regression analyses and center them if you like!
websterwestOct 14, 200918KB1053
Snapshot of Multiple Linear Regression Dialog
To predict a new observation, simply leave the value of the response variable (Y variable) empty in the data table while supplying numeric values for each of the dependent variables (X variables).
websterwestOct 12, 200911KB860
Bar plot of the number of workout days per weekwebsterwestOct 6, 20097KB706
Pie chart with number of male licensed driverswebsterwestOct 2, 200921KB620
Pie chart of public/private
I was suprised that 3 in 4 institutions were private. The Public/Private column was created using the followng Where expression:
websterwestOct 2, 20099KB980
Pie chart of campus housingwebsterwestOct 2, 20097KB1443
Google map of colleges that offer a Bachelor's degree in Arkansas
Note this map excludes institutions that primarily offer Associate's degrees. This map was created using a where expression of
contains(Address,"Arkansas") AND !contains(Type,"primarily associate")
websterwestOct 1, 200913KB923
Histogram of the number of undergrads
Excludes Univ. of Phoenix online
websterwestOct 1, 20098KB903
Bar plot of student status grouped by concern about H1N1websterwestSep 28, 200910KB3119
Scatter Plot of NCSUGPA vs. HSGPA
Some interesting features. How did some of these folks get into college?
websterwestSep 28, 20095KB672
Histogram of Chicago/San Diego high temps for Nov. 2007websterwestSep 24, 200912KB644
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
rep(var1,var2) 211 10.28436 19.347326 4.3985596 0.30280933 10 12 3 15 10 15
Column statistics for grouped data
websterwestSep 22, 20091KB1071
Hypothesis test results:
p1 : proportion of successes (Success = Yes) for Favor where Gender = Male
p2 : proportion of successes (Success = Yes) for Favor where Gender = Female
p1 - p2 : difference in proportions
H0 : p1 - p2 = 0
HA : p1 - p2 ≠ 0
Difference Count1 Total1 Count2 Total2 Sample Diff. Std. Err. Z-Stat P-value
p1 - p2 57 127 52 108 -0.032662585 0.065275595 -0.5003797 0.6168
Comparing the proportions of males and females that favor health care reform
No significant difference!
websterwestSep 18, 20091KB908
Histogram of calories in french fries at various fast food restaurants
Wow now that is symmetric! Dairy Queen and White Castle are in the upper tail with the most calories.
websterwestSep 11, 20099KB4028
Boxplot of age grouped by opinion of Obama's health care reform plan
The distribution of age is fairlly consistent across the different opinions.
websterwestSep 8, 20097KB1289
Snapshot of Normal calculatorwebsterwestSep 7, 200916KB1480
Sales (in millions) for the top20 recording artistswebsterwestAug 31, 200920KB738
Bar plot of belief in global warming across political partieswebsterwestAug 25, 200912KB3942
Scatter plot of Hits Vs. At batswebsterwestAug 24, 20094KB1477
Bar plot of overall approval of Obama performance across political partywebsterwestJul 23, 200911KB1087
Boxplot of Obama performance rating by party
It seems the typical party lines are being held.
websterwestJul 23, 20097KB1183
Scatter Plot of fat versus calories
A positive association!
websterwestJun 11, 20098KB3526
Snapshot of Column Statistics DialogwebsterwestMay 29, 200912KB570
Area chart of greenhouse emissionswebsterwestMay 21, 200917KB871
US Green House Emissions from 1990 to 2006websterwestMay 21, 200919KB648
U.S. Violent Crime Totals By State for 1975,2005websterwestMay 19, 200946KB2239
Histogram of ages of best actress winnerswebsterwestMay 16, 20099KB1511
Map of US states CO2-Factor
DC is the only location with a value larger than 3000. It is highlighted so look closely for the pink color.
websterwestMay 13, 200914KB895
ERAs though 4-3-2009websterwestApr 4, 200919KB723
Average scores for various countries on the TIMSS 8th grade math assessment
The US is highlighted.
websterwestApr 1, 20095KB910
Who is to blame for the AIG bonus situation?
Looks like most folks blame the AIG executives who received the money!
websterwestApr 1, 20097KB936
BCS home sales 2006-2008
The peaks in the summer months are probably due to the fact that Bryan-College Station is home to Texas A&M University (a college town).
websterwestMar 27, 20097KB907
How do commuters commute?websterwestMar 24, 20094KB622
Histogram of commuting timeswebsterwestMar 24, 20094KB677
Music album sales in all genres are on the decline
Country music has seen the biggest percentage decline.
websterwestMar 10, 20096KB3382
Percent change in housing prices vs percent change in traffic congestion for metro areas in 2008websterwestMar 2, 20094KB911
2008 percentage change in home values across metropolitan areas
Honolulu and Anchorage were omitted to focus the map on the continental US. Try removing/adding some of the percent change categories using the check boxes in the legend.
websterwestMar 2, 200963KB947
Bar plot of respondent's primary social networking site across genderwebsterwestFeb 16, 20096KB789
Histograms of the point differential of each out of conference Division 1 loss by conferencewebsterwestFeb 12, 200910KB887
Histograms of the point differential of each out of conference Division 1 loss by conferencewebsterwestFeb 12, 20099KB904
Facebook users by age over time
The biggest percentage increase over the years is for middle aged adults.
websterwestFeb 5, 20095KB1179
Where did the best football recruits sign?
This data set is for the top 25 recruiting classes of 2009 as posted at Please note that UCLA is somewhat hidden in this picture.
websterwestFeb 5, 200912KB1285
NFL Championship or Super bowl wins per teamwebsterwestFeb 5, 200910KB8270
Snapshot of Resample Statistic Dialog
This will also work. I added seven 1s followed by seven -1s under var5 and left Rural - Urban as is (of length 7). The subset function is your friend when it comes to resampling.
websterwestJan 28, 200915KB766
Snapshot of Resample Statistic Dialog
Okay this time I think I got it. I padded Rural - Urban with seven 0s. I then added seven 1s followed by seven -1s under var5. The lengths of the two columns need to be of the same length for the resmapling procedure to work properly. Maybe I can look at changing this in the future in this sort of situation.
websterwestJan 28, 200916KB798
Snapshot of Resample Statistic Dialog
This dialog shows how to do a permuatation test with this data set. Note that only var2 is permuted (shuffled) in this case. You could also shuffle var1.
websterwestJan 22, 200914KB753
Histograms of sample meanswebsterwestJan 15, 20099KB576
Google map of alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption per capita is the estimated amount of pure ethanol, in liters, of total alcohol consumed per adult (15 years and older) in a country during a calendar year. Data include consumption of beer, wine, and spirits. Beer includes barley, maize, millet and sorghum beer. Other beverage categories, such as palm wine, vermouths, cider, and fruit wines may also be included. This data is from 2003.
websterwestJan 8, 200934KB1123
Annual Beer Consumption Per State Per Capita
Is there a link beweeen climate and beer consumption?
websterwestJan 7, 200916KB1760
High School Exit Exam Requirement By StatewebsterwestJan 6, 200910KB1096
Pie ChartwebsterwestDec 12, 20085KB622
Summary statistics for Calories:
Group by: Type
Type n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Beef 20 156.85 512.6605 22.642008 5.0629067 152.5 79 111 190 140 178.5
Meat 17 158.70589 636.8456 25.2358 6.1205807 153 88 107 195 139 179
Poultry 17 118.76471 508.56616 22.551413 5.4695206 113 66 86 152 102 142

Column Statistics
websterwestDec 12, 20082KB562
In favor of a 5 day waiting period for gun purchases across regions of the US
REGION: 1=East, 2=South, 3=Central, 4=West
websterwestNov 22, 20088KB807
Map of average math SAT scores for stateswebsterwestNov 20, 200812KB1783
Google map of governor salarywebsterwestNov 13, 200812KB667
Smoking habits of children related to those of their parentswebsterwestNov 3, 20086KB831
Comparing specialties among male and female doctorswebsterwestOct 24, 200848KB717
Cell phone subscribers vs. GDP for several countrieswebsterwestOct 14, 20084KB828
Candidate choice by genderwebsterwestOct 14, 20088KB1180
Histogram of age grouped by candidate choicewebsterwestOct 14, 20088KB1544
Frequency table results for Candidate:
Candidate Frequency Relative Frequency
Barack Obama 119 0.56666666
John McCain 76 0.36190477
Other 15 0.071428575

Frequency of each candidate
websterwestOct 14, 2008626B1109
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Age 204 32.877453 655.7928 25.608452 1.7929503 27 336 12 348 20 39.5
Age of responders
websterwestOct 14, 20081KB1021
Pie chart of likelihood of votingwebsterwestOct 13, 200816KB1314
Results of StatCrunch election pollwebsterwestOct 13, 20088KB1562
Variable: Exam 1
4 : 7
5 : 2
5 : 9
6 :
6 : 88
7 : 044
7 : 6668
8 : 00
8 : 66788
9 : 02444
9 : 66688
10 : 00

Stem and leaf of exam 1 scores for in class students
websterwestOct 13, 2008199B655
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Exam 1 31 82.6129 197.04517 14.037277 2.5211694 86 53 47 100 74 94
Exam 1 statistics for in class students
websterwestOct 13, 20081.024B649
HistogramwebsterwestOct 8, 20087KB1001
HistogramwebsterwestOct 8, 20088KB912
Scatter PlotwebsterwestOct 8, 20086KB725
Chart columnswebsterwestOct 7, 200815KB689
MPG for several carswebsterwestSep 19, 20089KB748
Percentage of population with internet access for several countrieswebsterwestSep 19, 200824KB1200
Lightning deaths by state from 1997 to 2006websterwestSep 12, 200812KB751
Chart columns using stacked areaswebsterwestSep 9, 20084KB1137
Annual expenditures on newspaper ads broken down by categorywebsterwestSep 9, 20085KB1018
Percentage of super bowl commercials in specific categories from 1984 to 2008websterwestSep 8, 200819KB1303
Number of super bowl commercials in specific categories from 1984 to 2008websterwestSep 8, 200818KB1105
Shark attacks over the years
Total number of recorded attacks plotted from 1990 to 2006 with each year broken down into fatal and nonfatal attacks.
websterwestSep 8, 20087KB832
Top medal winning countries per capita
Neither the US or China is near the top of the list when you you consider the number of medals per million population.
websterwestSep 5, 200819KB1086
Percentage of state populations that are overweight or obesewebsterwestSep 4, 200814KB1753
Median starting salaries for party schoolswebsterwestSep 4, 200812KB1230
Chart of unemployment rates in the EUwebsterwestSep 4, 20087KB770
Bar plot of results from the Best Bond survey
Please note that this survey was not conducted in a scientific fashion. The results are based on 100 voluntary responses from a survey posted on the site. The results, however, still have some interesting features.
websterwestAug 27, 20089KB734
Map of gas priceswebsterwestAug 6, 20085KB873
Mid-career median salary vs. Starting median salary by school type
A definite increasing trend!
websterwestAug 5, 20089KB1889
Scatter plot of percentage obese versus percentage that exercise for US states
Notice a negative association. Puerto Rico was omitted using a Where statement of State != "Puerto Rico".
websterwestJul 17, 20082KB4455
Percentage of population that exercises for US stateswebsterwestJul 17, 200810KB2993
Percentage of population that is overweight for US stateswebsterwestJul 17, 200810KB1852
Percentage of population that is obese in US stateswebsterwestJul 17, 200812KB1395
Percentage of adults between 18 and 44 that smoke for US stateswebsterwestJul 17, 200812KB1274
Percentage of hispanics in Texas counties
You can see the percentages decrease as you move away from the Mexican border.
websterwestMay 23, 200850KB1001
Average July high temperature for a few tourist citieswebsterwestMay 22, 200812KB3811
US tornado locations for 2006websterwestMay 22, 2008176KB3568
Path of Hurricane KatrinawebsterwestMay 22, 200815KB4937
Money magazine's best places to live (2007)websterwestMay 22, 200837KB4967
Forbes 100 Richest AmericanswebsterwestMay 22, 200825KB5720
Google map of 100 best places to live
websterwestMay 20, 200834KB1503
Locations of best places to live according to Money Magazine (2007)websterwestMay 9, 20085KB1649
Locations of stores considered in the Walmart vs. Target crime studywebsterwestMay 9, 20085KB1390
Number of top 100 best places to live per state (2007)websterwestMay 8, 20087KB931
Hurricane Rita storm trackwebsterwestMay 7, 20086KB1882
Hurricane Rita storm trackwebsterwestMay 7, 20085KB1197
Number of tornados in each state (2006)
States with no color did not have any tornados.
websterwestMay 7, 20087KB1809
Locations of tornados in the US (2006)websterwestMay 7, 20089KB1398
2008 NFL draft picks for each state per one million residentswebsterwestMay 5, 20088KB1316
Average regular gas prices as of May 3, 2008websterwestMay 3, 20088KB920
2008 NFL draft picks per million populationwebsterwestMay 3, 20088KB945
Average SAT math scores for US stateswebsterwestMay 1, 20089KB1639
Lightning deaths for US states
Colorado really sticks out compared to its surrounding states.
websterwestMay 1, 20089KB1401
Histogram of 1996 Crime Rates without DC
Looks much more symmetric
websterwestApr 11, 20083KB1298
Histogram of 1996 Crime Rates
Looks right skewed
websterwestApr 11, 20082KB1024
Temperature versus LatitudewebsterwestApr 7, 20083KB1015
Bar plot of operating systems for StatCrunch userswebsterwestApr 7, 20083KB693
Scatter plot of suburban grad rate vs. urban grad rate
It is interesting that there is no relationship between the two graduation rates.
websterwestApr 7, 20082KB2220
Histogram of the difference between suburban and urban graduation rates in the 50 largest US cities
Only five cities had negative differences in which case the suburban graduation rate was less than the urban graduation rate.
websterwestApr 7, 20084KB1496
Hypothesis test results:
μ1 : mean of person A where gender = male
μ2 : mean of person A where gender = female
μ1 - μ2 : mean difference
H0 : μ1 - μ2 = 0
HA : μ1 - μ2 ≠ 0
(with pooled variances)
Difference Sample Mean Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-value
μ1 - μ2 -1.325 3.2201617 19 -0.41147003 0.6853
Two sample T test comparing the mean female guess and mean male guess for person A
websterwestApr 5, 2008971B1084
Histogram of times
right skewed
websterwestMar 25, 20082KB2009
Voter turnout over the yearswebsterwestMar 21, 20082KB972
Graduation Rates by conference
For all teams in the 2008 NCAA basketball tournament
websterwestMar 18, 200811KB1252
Graduation Rate vs. Seed
For all teams in the 2008 NCAA basketball tournament
websterwestMar 18, 20083KB1236
Actors with more than 6 Oscar nominationswebsterwestMar 10, 200811KB1263
Actresses with more than 6 Oscar nominations
When I originally constructed this plot, I did not realize that the categories changed over the years. Originally, there was a category for actress and then later categories for best actress in a leading role and best actress in a supporting role. All of these categories are included in the plot above.
websterwestMar 10, 200810KB948
Crime vs. YearwebsterwestFeb 29, 20085KB805
Wine vs.YearwebsterwestFeb 29, 20085KB747
Crime vs. Wine (connected over the years 1970 to 2004)
The two time periods connect at the obvious point.
websterwestFeb 29, 20084KB890
Wine vs. Crime
A strange plot indeed
websterwestFeb 29, 20083KB818
Calories in beer by brewerywebsterwestFeb 27, 20084KB1234
% alcohol in beer by brewerywebsterwestFeb 27, 20084KB1046
Carbs in beer by brewerywebsterwestFeb 27, 20084KB1272
Histogram of men's winning times (in seconds) for the Boston marathon
right skewed
websterwestFeb 22, 20084KB1053
Market share for Windows and Mac
This graph was created using the Graphics > Multi Plot option.
websterwestFeb 21, 20083KB1579
Histogram of monthly change in market share for Windows and Macs
This histogram is for the monthly change in percentage market share for both Windows and Mac platorms for data collected betwen February 2006 and January 2008. There are 24 months in the data set and thus 23 changes for both platforms shown in the graph. Notice that the typical change in market share for Windows is negative while the typical change in market share for Mac is positive. Windows is still king, but Mac is making up ground.
websterwestFeb 21, 20085KB1286
Survival for each passenger class on the TitanicwebsterwestFeb 17, 20086KB1414
NH Democratic Primary ResultswebsterwestFeb 6, 20084KB1054
Multi PlotwebsterwestFeb 5, 20085KB1060
Where do people find jobs?
See the associated data set linked to the left for a description of the survey that was conducted.
websterwestFeb 1, 20086KB2486
NH Democratic Primary ResultswebsterwestJan 14, 20085KB1134
NH Republican Primary ResultswebsterwestJan 14, 20087KB1387
Chi-Square goodness-of-fit results:
Observed: Observed
Expected: Expected
N DF Chi-Square P-Value
90 2 29.066668 4.8781317E-7
Chi-Square test
websterwestNov 27, 2007491B725
Scatter PlotwebsterwestNov 5, 20072KB1234
Histogram of lightning deaths across states
Florida is the highlighted observation. It is a definite outlier.
websterwestOct 30, 20073KB1238
Histogram of sample means for the penny datawebsterwestOct 9, 20076KB941
Pairs PlotwebsterwestOct 5, 200738KB1291
HistogramwebsterwestSep 30, 20073KB806
HistogramwebsterwestSep 26, 20074KB692
BoxplotwebsterwestSep 26, 20073KB823
Scatter Plot
I computed the difference, "Yards" - "Yards Next", under Data > Compute Expression. I then plotted this difference against Carries (see my shared result). There seems to be a weak relationship (r=0.266) between the difference in yardage totals and the number of carries beyond 370. It is not statistically significant. The only player though to actually gain more yards in the next year (below 0 on the y axis) was Eric Dickerson in the 1983 and 1984 seasons. Note though that he then dropped off significantly between 1984 and 1985. Maybe there is a bit to the curse? It would be nice to have the number of carries in the next year as well. I suppose we could work this out roughly from the average yards per carry and the total yards.
websterwestSep 20, 20072KB776
Number of visitors for the top 4 online newspaper sites in millionswebsterwestSep 14, 20075KB1256
Average time per visitor versus Average visits per visitor for the top 100 online newspaper siteswebsterwestSep 14, 20073KB1205
Histogram of average page views per visitor for the top 100 online newspaper sites
The Commercial Appeal really sticks out and is highlighted.
websterwestSep 14, 20073KB5608
BoxplotwebsterwestSep 3, 20073KB731
Bar plot of number of runs per inning for MLB 2006
Now I know why my wife thinks baseball is slow. Most innings do not have any scoring!
websterwestSep 3, 20073KB1252
Scatter plot of final points versus preseason points in the 2006 AP poll
The points highlighted represent teams that were underrated in the preseason. The underrated are Boise State, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Arkansas, Brigham Young, Wake Forest, Boston College and Oregon State.
websterwestAug 29, 20072KB1319
Boxplot of weight by genderwebsterwestAug 21, 20072KB739
HistogramwebsterwestJul 30, 20073KB770
When do hurricanes happen?
This pie chart shows the month of occurrence for each of the hurricanes since 1980.
websterwestJul 30, 20074KB1625
BoxplotwebsterwestJul 12, 20074KB907
When do hurricanes occur?
This pie chart shows the month of occurrence for each hurricane since 1980. August and September are the most common months for hurricanes.
websterwestJul 12, 20075KB8560
Pie ChartwebsterwestJul 10, 20075KB648
Bar plot with datawebsterwestJul 10, 20074KB909
Pie ChartwebsterwestJul 10, 20074KB904
websterwestJun 8, 20079KB668
HistogramwebsterwestApr 3, 20073KB595
Contingency table results:
Rows: Gender
Columns: Major
Education Engineering Total
Female 856 232 1088
Male 220 924 1144
Total 1076 1156 2232

Statistic DF Value P-value
Chi-square 1 789.2597 <0.0001
Two way table for gender and major
websterwestOct 5, 20061KB689
Summary statistics for Salary:
Where: Major = Engineering
Group by: Gender
Gender n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Female 232 59920.78 3900453.5 1974.9565 129.66225 59994 10681 53598 64279 58679.5 61279
Male 924 55021.676 4146587 2036.317 66.989914 55019 13514 48019 61533 53657 56454

Summary statistics for salary by gender for engineering majors
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Summary statistics for Salary:
Where: Major = Education
Group by: Gender
Gender n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Female 856 36008.645 1004212.4 1002.104 34.25121 36009 6341 33070 39411 35324 36709.5
Male 220 31970.781 1238722.4 1112.979 75.03703 32001.5 6581 29027 35608 31180 32707.5

Summary statistics for salary by gender for education majors
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Summary statistics for Salary:
Group by: Gender
Gender n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Female 1088 41107.555 9.7633984E7 9880.991 299.56152 36369 31209 33070 64279 35514 37634.5
Male 1144 50588.812 8.6189224E7 9283.815 274.48175 54471 32506 29027 61533 52079.5 56060

Summary statistics for salary by gender
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Boxplot of salary by gender for engineering majorswebsterwestOct 5, 20062KB626
Boxplot of salary by gender for education majorswebsterwestOct 5, 20062KB643
Boxplot of salary by genderwebsterwestOct 5, 20062KB613
HistogramwebsterwestSep 19, 20066KB576
DotplotwebsterwestJul 9, 20061KB580
Pie ChartwebsterwestAug 3, 20054KB575
BoxplotwebsterwestJul 29, 20054KB573
Summary statistics for Calories:
Group by: Type
Type n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Beef 20 156.85 512.6605 22.642008 5.0629067 152.5 79 111 190 140 178.5
Meat 17 158.70589 636.8456 25.2358 6.1205807 153 88 107 195 139 179
Poultry 17 118.76471 508.56616 22.551413 5.4695206 113 66 86 152 102 142

Column Statistics
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Frequency table results for NM:
NM Frequency Relative Frequency
3.8 1 0.025
4.4 1 0.025
4.7 1 0.025
4.9 1 0.025
5.3 1 0.025
5.5 1 0.025
5.6 1 0.025
5.7 2 0.05
5.8 1 0.025
6.1 1 0.025
6.6 1 0.025
6.7 2 0.05
6.8 1 0.025
6.9 2 0.05
7.2 1 0.025
7.3 1 0.025
7.4 1 0.025
7.6 1 0.025
8 2 0.05
8.2 1 0.025
8.3 1 0.025
8.9 1 0.025
9.3 1 0.025
9.4 1 0.025
9.6 1 0.025
9.7 1 0.025
10.3 1 0.025
11.1 1 0.025
11.7 1 0.025
12.6 2 0.05
12.7 1 0.025
12.9 1 0.025
13 1 0.025
14.1 1 0.025
14.5 1 0.025

Frequency Table
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