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2015-2016 NBA SalariesyeswebsterwestFeb 25, 201622KB1342
Average goals per game over each NHL sesason
Is it getting more difficult to score goals in the NHL? This data set contains the average number of goals scored per game over each NHL season from 1917 through 2014. The data for the 2015-16 season is incomplete.
yeswebsterwestJan 22, 20162KB495
Gun Violence in the U.S. over the last 72 hours (recorded 10am ET on Oct 22, 2015)
Variables include the date of the incident, location information (state, city, street address) and the number killed/injured in the incident.
yeswebsterwestNov 23, 201539KB240
BIG NORMALSyeswebsterwestJun 8, 20154MB33
Yellow-White exam data.xlsxyeswebsterwestJun 4, 2015249B75
bcs.xlsyeswebsterwestJun 2, 2015837B45
NFL Teams Fumbles Per Game (2003-2014)yeswebsterwestMay 12, 201513KB2143
Deflategate data
After the AFC championship game on January 18th, 2015, there was a controversy about whether the New England Patriots might have deflated their footballs during the game to gain an advantage. During the game with the Indianapolis Colts, two officials, Blakeman and Prioleau, measured the PSI in 11 balls from the Patriots and 4 balls from the Colts. These measurements are included in this data set. The Patriots balls are labeled with a "P" prefix, and the Colts balls are labeled with a "C" prefix. The official rules of the National Football League require footballs to be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI. Does this data set support the deflation claim?
yeswebsterwestMay 8, 2015375B1424
The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census
This data set contains a number of variables on every NFL player participating in the 2014 season. Most of the variables should be self explanatory. Salary represents the average annual salary for the player under their existing contract. Exp represents years of experience. Pro Bowler represents the number of years the player was selected for the pro bowl. Champ provides the number of championship teams on which the player has played. Heisman represents whether or not the player won the Heisman trophy in college.
yeswebsterwestMay 5, 2015321KB1239
Hurricane Alexander StudyyeswebsterwestApr 9, 2015456B434
For gender 0 is female and 1 is male. Age is in months, weight is in kilograms and all other measurements are in centimeters.
yeswebsterwestMar 13, 2015164KB483
States Data for 2008-2010
Poverty represents the percentage of the population living in poverty in 2009 (from Crime represents the violent crime rate per 100,000 population in 2009 (from College indicates the percentage of high school graduates going directly to college in 2008 (from Bachelors shows the percentage of the state's population with a Bachelor's degree or higher. Metro shows the percentage of the population living in a metropolitan area in 2010 (from Income represents the median income per household in US$ for 2010 (from
yeswebsterwestMar 12, 20152KB6157
Skyscrapers in the U.S.
Data for buildings in the United States that are 100 meters tall or higher. The variables include the rank in terms of height (Rank), the building name (Building), the height in meters (Height), the number of floors (Floors), the year of completion (Year), materials used in construction (Materials), and the use of the building (Use). The last two variables contain multiple outcomes delimited by /. When considering these columns, consider an outcomes table (Stat > Tables > Outcomes) with / as a delimiter.
yeswebsterwestJan 14, 2015148KB1426
Weekly influenza tests reported to the CDC from 1997 through 2014
This data set contains the year, the week, the total number of specimens reported for that week, the number of the specimens that tested positive for the flu and the percentage of the specimens that tested positive for the flu.
yeswebsterwestJan 5, 201528KB785
USA Car Accidents in 2011
This data set contains information for all persons involved in car accidents in the United States during 2011. The variables include the age in years of the person (Age), the gender of the person (Gender), the month in which the accident occurred (Month), and the day of the week of the accident (DayOfWeek).
yeswebsterwestDec 8, 2014919KB1573
U.S. House Candidates Fund Raising (In-District vs Out-of-District)
This data set contains each candidate's name, party affiliation, state/district of race, total funds raised, funds raised in-district, funds raised out-of-district, funds raised with no district information, percentage of funds raised in-district and percentage of funds raised out-of-district.
yeswebsterwestDec 2, 201454KB673
NFL Draft (2010-2014)
Includes year, round, pick number, team, player, position and player's college/conference.
yeswebsterwestOct 27, 2014110KB940
Field Goal Data for the 2013 NFL Season
This data set contains information for every field goal attempted in the 2013 NFL season. The variables include the name of the team, the name of the kicker, the number of yards for the attempt, the outcome of the kick (Made, Missed or Blocked), the quarter of the game in which the attempt was made, the minutes/seconds left in the quarter and the number of points the kicking team was ahead before the kick (if negative the team was behind).
yeswebsterwestOct 10, 201443KB939
Flight Delay Data For July 2014
This data set contains information on the flight delays for each airline at each U.S. airport in July of 2014. The columns include the carrier, airport city/state, airport code, airport name, total number of flights (Flights), the number of delayed flights (Delayed), the number of cancelled flights (Cancelled), the number of diverted flights (Diverted), the number of on-time flights (On-time), and the on-time percentage (On-time Percentage).
yeswebsterwestOct 3, 201488KB1149
North Carolina Welcome Centers
Monthly visitors to North Carolina welcome centers at each interstate entry point from 2006 to 2013
yeswebsterwestOct 3, 20147KB324
IMDB TV Series Ratings
This data set contains the title, original year of production, the number of user votes, and the average user rating for a number of TV series listed at The data set is restricted to relatively popular series obtaining at least 500 votes. It was created using data that was current as of May 28th, 2014.
yeswebsterwestOct 1, 2014118KB489
IMDB Movie Ratings
This data set contains the title, original year of production, the number of user votes, and the average user rating for a number of movies listed at The data set also contains the source of the content, which unless otherwise noted is a film released for theaters. The data set does contain a number of items made for television including awards shows and also movies that went straight to a video release. The data set is restricted to relatively popular movies obtaining at least 500 votes. It was created using data that was current as of May 28th, 2014 and revised to remove video games on June 2nd, 2014.
yeswebsterwestSep 29, 20141MB763
US News National University Rankings
Ranking of U.S. national universities in 2014. Variables include the ranking, university name, city, state, type (public or private), tuition in-state, tuition out-of-state, enrollment, acceptance rate, freshman retention rate and 6-year graduation rate.
yeswebsterwestSep 9, 201423KB1321
Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office
This data set contains information on how the two comic book companies have faired at the box office. Each movie from both Marvel and DC is listed with name of the film and release date. The Domestic and Foreign gross of each film is provided in millions of dollars along with the total Worldwide gross. The Adjusted column modifies this total for inflation.
yeswebsterwestAug 23, 20144KB1495
Favorite Web Browser DatayeswebsterwestAug 20, 20145KB269
Runner-Course DatayeswebsterwestJul 10, 20142KB42
Movie Budgets and Box Office Earnings
All amounts are in millions of dollars.
yeswebsterwestJun 18, 2014205KB4664
Hurricane Names Archival Study
In a study, the names of 94 hurricanes were provided to nine independent coders. The coders were not informed that these were hurricane names. The coders were asked to evaluate the perceived masculinity or femininity of the names on two items (1 = very masculine, 11 = very feminine, 1 = very man-like, 11 = very woman-like). These items were averaged for each coder and then averaged across all coders to get the MasFem rating for each hurricane name. Other variables for each hurricane included in the data set are minimum pressure (using two different metrics), the true gender of the hurricane name, category, death toll, normalized damage estimates (NDAM in millions of 2013 dollars) and the elapsed years since the hurricane occurred and the study was conducted.
yeswebsterwestJun 3, 20144KB844
Hurricane Names Experiment
In a study, 346 students at the University off Illinois at Urbana-Champaign predicted the intensity of ten hurricanes based on their name. Five of the names were masculine (Arthur, Cristobal, Omar, Kyle, Marco) and five of the names were feminine (Bertha, Dolly, Fay, Laura, Hanna). All of the names are from the list of names to be given to 2014 hurricanes. Each row contains the ratings for each name by each student along with the average of the student's ratings for masculine and feminine names and the difference between the two means. Each student's gender (0-male, 1-female) is also provided.
yeswebsterwestJun 3, 201417KB249
Honda Accord EX Cars For Sale (2004-2009)
A sample of 2004 to 2009 Honda Accord EXs listed for sale from
yeswebsterwestApr 28, 20149KB1105
Sleep Deprivation Study
Does sleep deprivation have harmful effects on cognitive functioning three days later? Stickgold, James, and Hobson (Nature Neuroscience, 2000) investigated this question by providing training to 21 volunteer subjects followed up by an initial test. The subjects were then divided into two groups: one group was deprived of sleep following the test, and the other group was permitted unrestricted sleep after the test. Both groups were then allowed as much sleep as they wanted on the following two nights. All subjects were then re-tested on the third day. This data set contains the improvement as measured by the difference between the two exam scores (second - first) and the sleep conditions imposed on the subject. Note that a negative value indicates a decrease in performance.
yeswebsterwestApr 10, 2014368B2048
NCAA Basketball WinsyeswebsterwestMar 5, 20142KB411
VARIABLE DESCRIPTIONS: Column 1 Class (0 = crew, 1 = first, 2 = second, 3 = third) 10 Age (1 = adult, 0 = child) 19 Sex (1 = male, 0 = female) 28 Survived (1 = yes, 0 = no)
yeswebsterwestFeb 18, 201444KB129
Ages reported by favorite browseryeswebsterwestJan 10, 20146KB135
Divorce Rates TransposedyeswebsterwestNov 7, 20133KB112
Divorce and Marriage Rates for 50 U.S. States 1990-2011
Divorces and Marriages per 1,000 population
yeswebsterwestNov 5, 20137KB1090
Big Bend Visitors By MonthyeswebsterwestSep 25, 20136KB794
iPhone Sales By QuarteryeswebsterwestSep 25, 2013347B351
Stop And Frisk Data For January 2012
This data set contains information on the 69,073 stops made under the Stop And Frisk policy of the New York City police department in January of 2012. For the detainee, the variables include Sex (0 - female, 1- male), Race (1 - black, 2- black Hispanic, 3- white Hispanic, 4- white, 5 - Asian/Pacific Islander, 6 - American Indian), Age, Height and Weight. Note that Age, Height and Weight may be subject to coding errors based on some of the more extreme values. Other variables in the data set are FriskOrSearch (0 - if the stop did not result in either frisk or search, 1- otherwise), FoundSomething (0 - if the detainee was not found to have either contraband or weapons, 1 - otherwise) and ArrestMade (0 - if no arrest was made, 1 - otherwise).
yeswebsterwestAug 27, 20131MB3351
Fictitious Voting Data
This scenario behind this data set is that it represents the votes for candidates a, b, c, d and e at each of three polling locations. This data set was constructed so that students can compare the visuals provided by pie charts and bar plots. Students will complete a survey to see how well they can answer specific questions about the results.
yeswebsterwestAug 26, 2013651B29
OneyeswebsterwestJul 16, 20139B119
Kentucky Derby Winners Post PositionyeswebsterwestMay 3, 20132KB281
Exercise/Obesity datayeswebsterwestMay 2, 20131KB1981
Apple's Stock - (3/9/12 - 3/7/13)yeswebsterwestMar 8, 201312KB1057
2012 Payscale ROI Rankings: College Education Value ComparedyeswebsterwestFeb 25, 2013120KB815
Time Series Test SetsyeswebsterwestFeb 21, 201351KB48
Big Bend Visitors By Month (1979-2012)yeswebsterwestFeb 20, 20133KB590
% voting for Obama and other state statistics
This data set has over 100 statistics (current for 2010-11) for U.S. states obtained from Measure of America. Each state's percentage voting for President Obama in 2012 has been added. Which of the original variables is most highly correlated with this voting percentage? How does this data match the ideas provided by political pundits? See the source for a complete description of all variables.
yeswebsterwestFeb 16, 201336KB5750
Hurricane Rita tracking data
A category of 0 means the storm was categorized as a tropical depression or tropical storm.
yeswebsterwestFeb 1, 20132KB202
Daily average temperatures for Houston and Raleigh over several years
Daily average temperatures are provided form January 1, 1995 to November 19, 2012. The daily average is calculated as the mean of 24 hourly readings. Values of -99 represent missing values. Which city is typically hotter? How well can you predict the average in one city using the average from the other? Should your predictions depend on the season?
yeswebsterwestDec 6, 2012125KB1176
Median square footage of U.S. homes over timeyeswebsterwestNov 9, 20122KB456
Lake Travis Levels By Month Since 1943yeswebsterwestDec 26, 20116KB695
Bootstrap ExamplesyeswebsterwestNov 14, 20113KB231
Gettysburg Address Word LengthsyeswebsterwestNov 2, 20112KB741
Annual Newspaper Ad Expenditures
Annual expenditures on newspaper advertisements broken down into national, retail, classified and online categories. The national, retail and classified categories are all print ads.
yeswebsterwestSep 21, 2011252B1515
Data for the German tank exerciseyeswebsterwestAug 17, 2011116KB739
LeadyeswebsterwestJul 29, 201149B43
Census At SchoolyeswebsterwestJun 8, 2011168KB116
NFL Sudden Death DatayeswebsterwestMay 20, 201114KB76
2010 CEO pay from USA TodayyeswebsterwestApr 5, 201113KB1141
Kiplinger's 100 Best Values in Public CollegesyeswebsterwestJan 12, 20119KB654
Life expectancy for various countries from 1800 to 2009yeswebsterwestJan 6, 2011175KB932
Corruption Perception Index
The Corruptions Perceptions Index from 2002 through 2010 for countries around the world. Since 1995, Transparency International has published an annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ordering the countries of the world according to "the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians". The organization defines corruption as "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain". A higher score means less (perceived) corruption.
yeswebsterwestDec 10, 20108KB510
Responses to The First Female President Survey
This data set contains responses to a survey conducted at between November 10th and November 22nd (2010). Respondents were asked to predict the year (Year) that the first female President of the United States would be elected. Respondents were also asked to predict the candidate's party (Candidate Party). Respondents also were asked to provide their political party (Your Party), gender (Gender) and age (Age).
yeswebsterwestNov 29, 20109KB1022
2005 Federal Spending per Dollar of Federal Taxes For Each StateyeswebsterwestNov 16, 2010805B179
Forbes NBA Team ValuationsyeswebsterwestOct 17, 20101KB990
Bruce exampleyeswebsterwestOct 1, 201078B41
Historical top tax rate in the U.S.yeswebsterwestSep 18, 2010863B204
Yellow/Green exam datayeswebsterwestAug 20, 2010350B378
Responses to Happiness survey
Responses from an open survey conducted on the StatCrunch site in the Spring of 2010. Respondents provided an estimate of their typical happiness level on a scale from 1 to 100, their gender and their age. Note this data was not collected in a scientific fashion.
yeswebsterwestMay 5, 20108KB944
CensusyeswebsterwestMar 27, 20101KB153
Chicken sandwich datayeswebsterwestMar 11, 20103KB4728
Yellow/Green exam data
Students were randomly assigned to a version of an exam (Yellow or Green) when they entered the classroom. Afterwards, both sets of students complained about the exam saying their version was harder. Using a randomization approach, determine if the observed data shown above verifies this claim.
yeswebsterwestMar 11, 2010201B434
Olympic medal results by country for 2010 Winter Olympics
The "Country of" text has been added to each Country entry so that Google can locate the country properly without confusion with other geographic entities.
yeswebsterwestMar 1, 20104KB981
Responses to iPod survey
Responses to a StatCrunch survey conducted in January and February of 2010. Respondents provided their age, gender and the number of ipods they have owned over the course of their lifetime.
yeswebsterwestMar 1, 20107KB956
normal testyeswebsterwestFeb 3, 20102MB70 rankings of 2010 college football recruiting classes
Rank Scout ranking
School School name
Commits Total number of committed recruits
Conf Conference
Points Total scout recruiting points
Top 100 Recruits from Scout Top 100
5 star Number of 5 star recruits
4 star Number of 4 star recruits
3 star Number of 3 star recruits
Off Offensive recruits
Def Defensive recruits
SpT Special teams recruits
HS Recruits from high school
JC Recruits from junior college
Avg Average recruit star rating
yeswebsterwestFeb 1, 20106KB951
Responses to CNN SurveyyeswebsterwestJan 21, 20106KB307
Academic Ranking of top 100 World Universities - 2009
For the methodology see
yeswebsterwestJan 5, 20108KB269
Bang for the buck city rankings
Ranks of various cities in a number of areas. Do the ranks for any two areas appear correlated?
yeswebsterwestDec 8, 20097KB377
Ellis exampleyeswebsterwestNov 30, 2009102B49
Responses to Fox News survey
This data set was collected via a survey on the StatCrunch site that ran between October 22nd and November 17th 2009. Respondents were asked whether or not they thought Fox News was fair and balanced (Fair), whether or not they think Fox News is sympathetic to the Republican party (Republican), the number of days each week they typically watch Fox News (Days) and the political party they most identify with (Party).
yeswebsterwestNov 17, 20097KB640
Luke 7yeswebsterwestOct 29, 200959B89
Luke 8yeswebsterwestOct 29, 200945B90
Colleges that offer a Bachelor's degree in the U.S. and its territories
Note that student-to-faculty ratio represents the number of students for each faculty member.
yeswebsterwestOct 2, 2009368KB400
Responses to opinions on H1N1
This data set consists of responses to a StatCrunch survey that was conducted between September 8th, 2009 and September 22nd, 2009. Respondents were asked if they were concerned about H1N1, if they were taking steps to avoid it, if they know anyone who has had it and whether or not they were a student.
yeswebsterwestSep 22, 20093KB1874
Grouped data exampleyeswebsterwestSep 22, 20092KB2078
Responses to opinions on health care reform
This data set consists of responses to a StatCrunch survey that was conducted between August 25th, 2009 and September 8th, 2009. Respondents were asked if they favor President Obama's plan for health care reform (Favor), if they thought the plan would pass Congress (Pass), for the political party they most identify with (Party), for their gender (Gender) and for their age in years (Age).
yeswebsterwestSep 8, 20097KB739
Responses to opinions on global warming survey
This data set was collected via a survey on the StatCrunch site conducted between July 23rd and August 25th (2009). The variables in the data set are Believe (does the respondent believe in global warming), Reason (for the respondent's belief), Party (political party that the respondent most identifies with), Gender (Male or Female) and Age (in years).
yeswebsterwestAug 25, 200916KB576
President Obama Approval Ratings
This data set was collected via a survey on the StatCrunch site conducted between July 1st and July 22nd (2009). The variables in the data set are Performance (rating on a scale from 1 to 100 of President Obama's job performance), Approve (respondent approves of President Obama's job performance), Party (political party that the respondent most identifies with) and Better (Is President Obama doing a better job than former President Bush?).
yeswebsterwestJul 23, 20095KB661
Average scores for various countries on the TIMSS 8th grade math assessmentyeswebsterwestApr 1, 2009755B369
Responses to the AIG bonuses survey
This data set represents the responses to a StatCrunch survey that was administered between March 24th, 2009 and April 1st, 2009. Respondents were asked if the AIG executives should return their bonuses (Return) and whether or not they favored a change in the tax code to recoup the bonuses (Tax). Respondents also indicated who they blamed (Blame) for the AIG bonus situation.
yeswebsterwestApr 1, 20093KB134
Bryan-College Station, Texas Home Sales, 1990-2008yeswebsterwestMar 27, 20091.009B203
Asking prices for a sample of 4 bedroom homes in Bryan-College Station TexasyeswebsterwestMar 26, 20091.012B6816
Responses to Commuting survey
This data set represents the responses to a survey about commuting that was administered on the StatCrunch site. Respondents provided the number of minutes for their commute from their home to their school or work. They also provided their means of transportation and the number of people that they commuted with on average. Lastly, they provided the city to which they commute.
yeswebsterwestMar 24, 20094KB748
Responses to Big cities in America survey
This data set consists of responses form a survey offered on the site from 3-6-2009 to 3-13-2009. Responders selected the cities from a list of the 15 largest US cities that they would most/least like to visit and most/least like to live.
yeswebsterwestMar 13, 20098KB133
US music album sales by genre from 2006 to 2008
This data set contains the yearly album sales figures by genre from 2006 to 2008.
yeswebsterwestMar 9, 2009348B3689
Responses to How often do you text?
This data set was collected via a survey on the site between 2-26-2009 and 3-6-2009. Responders were asked to provide the number of text messages that they send and receive each day along with their age and gender.
yeswebsterwestMar 6, 20092KB1102
Traffic congestion and housing prices in 2008yeswebsterwestMar 2, 20095KB225
Changes in housing prices across metropolitan areasyeswebsterwestMar 2, 200915KB192
Responses to the digital music survey
These results are from a digital music survey administered on the StatCrunch site from 2-16-2009 through 2-26-2009. respondents were asked to provide the number of compact discs and the number of downloaded songs that they have. In addition, they were asked to provide their age and gender. Some incredibly large values for the number of downloads were replaced with values of ???.
yeswebsterwestFeb 26, 20093KB456
Responses to the Social Networking Survey
This data set provides the results from a social networking survey administered on the StatCrunch site between February 6th, 2009 and February 16th, 2009. Respondents were asked to provide the primary site they used for social networking and the number of times they accessed this site each week in addition to their age and gender.
yeswebsterwestFeb 16, 20095KB1647
Responses to the StatCrunch election poll
This data set was collected via a poll on the site. Since the poll was voluntary response, please use it with care.
yeswebsterwestFeb 12, 200911KB3045
Who is the best James Bond?
Please note that this survey was not conducted in a scientific fashion. The results are based on 100 voluntary responses from a survey posted on the site. The results, however, still have some interesting features.
yeswebsterwestFeb 6, 20093KB342
The age of facebook users over time
The number of facebook users (in millions) in particular age groups at three time points over the last couple of years.
yeswebsterwestFeb 5, 2009210B925
College football's best recruiting classes of 2009
This data set is for the top 25 recruiting classes of 2009 as posted at
yeswebsterwestFeb 5, 20092KB170
NFL championship or super bowl wins over the years
The first two columns contain the winning team each year. The last three columns were computed using Summary Stats of Year grouped by Team.
yeswebsterwestFeb 5, 20093KB647
NH Primary Data
This data set contains the number of votes received by each candidate in the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican primaries.
yeswebsterwestJan 16, 20091KB6104
Alcohol consumption per capita for a number of countries
Alcohol consumption per capita is the estimated amount of pure ethanol, in liters, of total alcohol consumed per adult (15 years and older) in a country during a calendar year. Data include consumption of beer, wine, and spirits. Beer includes barley, maize, millet and sorghum beer. Other beverage categories, such as palm wine, vermouths, cider, and fruit wines may also be included. This data is from 2003.
yeswebsterwestJan 8, 200910KB615
Annual Beer Consumption Per State Per CapitayeswebsterwestJan 7, 2009727B1212
High School Exit Exam Requirement By StateyeswebsterwestJan 6, 2009754B213
Adhesion datayeswebsterwestNov 24, 2008276B51
Blood pressureyeswebsterwestNov 21, 2008432B307
Blood pressureyeswebsterwestNov 21, 2008613B92
Resistance datayeswebsterwestNov 16, 2008320B70
Wine QualityyeswebsterwestNov 11, 2008987B217
2008 Toyota Prius MPG
Self reported MPG estimates for the 2008 Toyota Prius. The data set also contians the drivers estimate of the proportion of time the car is driven in both stop & go and highway traffic.
yeswebsterwestNov 7, 20082KB1649
2008 Olympic medals per countryyeswebsterwestSep 5, 20083KB783
States data from 1996yeswebsterwestAug 20, 20081KB203
Concentration of suspended solids in ppm at 50 locations along a river
yeswebsterwestAug 20, 2008356B184
Measurements on 77 cereals
yeswebsterwestAug 20, 20085KB850
testyeswebsterwestAug 11, 200822B58
110 Exam1, Spring03yeswebsterwestAug 11, 20088KB67
Hot dogs datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008836B75
Backpack datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 20084KB130
CollegesyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20083KB89
popularyeswebsterwestAug 11, 200823KB52
ImpeachmentyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20083KB69
DiamondsyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20086KB130
SAT94yeswebsterwestAug 11, 20082KB60
110 Spring 2004 datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 20086KB59
Spring 2004 110 Exam 1yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008223B51
Spring 2004 110 Exam 1 rawyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20083KB53
Columns 1 Year (1998, 1999, or 2000) 2 Week of the season (1 to 17) 3 Home team name 4 Home team score 5 Visiting team name 6 Visiting team score 7 Pointspread
yeswebsterwestAug 11, 200828KB105
93 carsyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20089KB100
BethyeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008104B56
testyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20089B43
Exam 3 scoresyeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008189B57
Exam 3 raw datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 20082KB55
AAUP college datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 200864KB1565
SC AAUP datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 20082KB73
final datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 200854B62
testyeswebsterwestAug 11, 200823B58
Devore EX1-20
x = total lengths of streets in various subdivisions
yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008284B105
Devore EX1-23
The number of cycles of strain to breakage for several specimens of a certain type of yarn.
yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008498B80
World Series Data
These data tell whether or not the home team won for each game played in all World Series prior to 1994. The data appear as the STATS Challenge for Issue 11. For each year the data are presented from the point of view of the eventual winner. A capital L means that the eventual Series winner lost at home; a lower case l means they lost on the road. Likewise, a capital W means that the eventual Series winner won at home and a lower case w means that they won on the road.

L= loss at home
l= loss on road
W= win at home
w= win on road

yeswebsterwestAug 11, 20082KB178
509 Exam 1 - Spring 02yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008254B55
Sample 509yeswebsterwestAug 11, 200862B58
110 coin flippingyeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008122B79
THCyeswebsterwestAug 11, 200890B71
110 Exam 2 responses 4/11/02yeswebsterwestAug 11, 20084KB59
110 Exam @ scores - 4/11/02yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008317B63
Eaxm 2 - STAT 509 4/11/2002yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008578B72
110 Exam 1, Fall 2002yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008534B59
SAT98yeswebsterwestAug 11, 20081KB111
CelebritiesyeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008234B67
Exam 1 - STAT 110 - F2001yeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008302B58
Juergen datayeswebsterwestAug 11, 200898B49
Exam 1 and 2 scoresyeswebsterwestAug 11, 2008575B54
ExercisesyeswebsterwestAug 11, 20082KB51
Average gas prices per state as of 8-6-2008
yeswebsterwestAug 6, 20082KB313
Starting and mid-career salaries for colleges by type of college
Starting and mid career salaries for graduates from a large number of college. Please note that the type of college was determined by WSJ not by me.
yeswebsterwestAug 5, 200821KB997
paste testyeswebsterwestJul 23, 200820B473
Obesity in US states
This data set conatins the estimated percentage of each US state's population that falls into specific weight categories. Obesity is defined by a BMI > 30 kg/m2. Overweight is defined by a BMI > 25 kg/m2. The Neither category means neither obese or overweight. The estimates are for 2007.
yeswebsterwestJul 17, 20082KB1590
US Smoking
This data set presents three-year annual average estimates of smoking status by age, sex, state, and race/ethnicity beginning with the period 1997-1999. These estimates are presented as three- year annual averages to obtain stable estimates.
yeswebsterwestJul 17, 20085KB4472
Texas CountiesyeswebsterwestMay 23, 200814KB191
Average temperature for a few tourist citiesyeswebsterwestMay 22, 20083KB189
Forbes Richest AmericansyeswebsterwestMay 22, 20087KB1177
Money magazine best places to live (2007)yeswebsterwestMay 9, 20085KB252
Number of top 100 best places to live per state (2007)yeswebsterwestMay 8, 2008630B178
Hurricane Katrina tracking data
A category of 0 implies the storm was a tropical depression or tropical storm.
yeswebsterwestMay 7, 20082KB472
Tornados in the US (2006)yeswebsterwestMay 7, 200859KB185
Average gas prices for each state as of May 3, 2008yeswebsterwestMay 3, 20082KB502
2008 NFL draft picks per stateyeswebsterwestMay 3, 20082KB496
City temperatures and latitudes
Latitude and high temperature on May 2, 1995 of 152 US cities. Temperature is given in Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.
yeswebsterwestApr 7, 20088KB246
Graduation Rates for the 50 largest cities in the US
This data set contains the graduation rates for the metropolitan areas of the 50 Largest Cities in the US broken down by urban and suburban areas. The cities are ranked according to the difference between suburban and urban graduation rates.
yeswebsterwestApr 7, 20082KB436
2008 NCAA Tournament Team Data
Data for all 65 teams in the 2008 NCAA tournament.
yeswebsterwestMar 18, 20082KB406
Actor oscar nominations
Nominations for actors through 2006
yeswebsterwestMar 10, 200812KB249
Actress oscar nominations
Nominations for all actresses through 2006
yeswebsterwestMar 10, 200812KB994
Oscar nominations
The data set contains the year, category, nominee and whether they won for all academy award nominations from 1927 through 2006. A good exercise is to use StatCrunch to compute the number of nominations for each actress in the ACTRESS (all caps) category along with the first and last year they were nominated.
yeswebsterwestMar 10, 2008450KB1441
Crime: Walmart vs. Target
This data set comes directly from the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" report. Are you tempted to do a paired t test to compare the mean number of police incidents at Walmart to the mean number of police incidents at Target? This was actually done in the report. I think this is a bad idea because only the Walmart stores with high incident reports were considered. See the excerpt from the report in the comments below.
yeswebsterwestFeb 29, 20083KB2050
Wine and Crime
This data set contains the wine consumption (in gallons per capita) and the violent crime rate for the US from 1970 to 2004. A scatter plot of these two columns is very interesting.
yeswebsterwestFeb 29, 20081KB1925
Who's the greatest president?
This data set contains the results of the Zogby Presidential Greatness Poll over the years from 2006 to 2008. The survey each year contains the results from 1026 likely voters. The Positive column shows the proportion of those surveyed that think the president was great or near great. The Negative column shows the proportion of those surveyed that think the president was below average or a failure.
yeswebsterwestFeb 28, 20081.012B246
Alcohol percentage, calories and carbohydrates for a 12 ounce serving of various U.S. domestic beers.
yeswebsterwestFeb 27, 20084KB1500
The Mac Attack
This data contains the monthly market share percentage for both Windows and Mac computers from February 2006 to January 2008. Close examination of the data shows the Windows market share is on the decline while the Mac market share is increasing.
yeswebsterwestFeb 21, 20084KB401
Super Bowl Commercials
History of advertising in the super bowl from 1984 to 2008. The data set contains the number of ads in a variety of categories. The data set also contains the proportion of ads each year that feature humor, animals and celebrities.
yeswebsterwestFeb 5, 20081KB404
Online newspaper data
Data for the Top 100 online newspaper sites collected in November 2006. Visitors represents the total number of unique visitors in millions. Page views represents the total number of web pages viewed in millions. Page Views Per Visitor represents the ratio of page views divided by the number of visitors. Visits Per Visitor is the average number of visits to the site for each visitor. Time Per Visitor is the average time in minutes spent by each visitor on the site. Active Reach % is the newspaper's online market share.
yeswebsterwestSep 14, 20078KB637
Are you ready for some football?
This data set contains a listing of all teams that were ranked in the top 25 of the AP college football poll at the beginning or the end of the 2006 season. The preseason and final ranking for each team is given along with the total number of points for each team in the preseason and final polls. There were a number of underrated teams in the preseason poll with my alma mater Arkansas being one of them.
yeswebsterwestAug 29, 2007830B223
Shark Attacks
The total number of shark attacks each year from 1990 to 2006 for various locations around the World. The data set also breaks each total down into fatal and nonfatal attacks.
yeswebsterwestAug 6, 20074KB887
Obesity around the World
Age standardized estimates for obesity prevalence, overweight prevalence and mean BMI (Body Mass Index) for males and females from various countries. Obesity is defined by a BMI > 30 kg/m2. Overweight is defined by a BMI > 25 kg/m2. The estimates are for 2005.
yeswebsterwestAug 3, 20078KB1070
Data on each hurricane since 1980 including the year and month the hurricane occurred, the maximum category obtained, the pressure at landfall, the maximum coastal wind speed and the name of the hurricane.
yeswebsterwestJul 12, 20071KB550
Acid rain data
The EPA states that any area where the pH of rain is less than 5.6 on average has an acid rain problem. The pH values collected over 90 rain falls at Shenandoah National Park are given in this data set.
yeswebsterwestJul 12, 2007564B1294
interest_rate.txtyeswebsterwestJul 12, 2007375B111
yeswebsterwestJul 11, 2007772B403
hotdog.xlsyeswebsterwestJul 3, 2007772B183
Vulnerability.xlsyeswebsterwestMay 17, 20074KB172
BinomialyeswebsterwestFeb 12, 2007127KB109
Fictitious Salary Data for Recent Graduates
fictitious data (not real salaries or majors)
yeswebsterwestOct 5, 200652KB3074


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