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Global Sports Salaries, Top 350 Teams by Average SalarytreilandJan 14, 202011KB0
2019 MLB SalariestreilandJan 8, 202024KB6
Shark Attacks Worldwide
This data comes from It records data on all shark attacks in recorded history including attacks before 1800. Included is all known information on the shark attack including the date, location, information on the individual who was attacked, details on the injuries sustained by the victim, and the species of the shark
treilandDec 4, 20191MB7
Best Public College Values
Variables: admit rate, 4-yr grad rate, total cost/yr, avg. need-based aid, avg non-need-based aid, % of non-need-based aid (percentage of all undergraduates without need who received non-need-based aid), avg. debt at graduation.
treilandDec 3, 201913KB16
Freshmen Intramurals and Academic Success
This data is modeled after the data used in the paper "Academic Success and 1 Year of Intramural Sports Participation by Freshmen Students" (J. College Student Retention: Research, Theory, and Practice, by Kerri Vasold, Lauren Kosowski, and James Pavarnik, Feb. 2019, The 745 participant/nonparticipant pairs in this worksheet are matched by gender and high school gpa within 0.25. The paper above matches the data on several more variables that have been shown to impact academic success. VARIABLES: Partic Retained: intramural participant retained after freshman year (1=yes, 0=no). Non-Partic Retained: non-participant in intramurals retained after freshman year (1=yes, 0=no).
treilandJul 24, 2019100KB45
Payscale Net 20-yr ROI CollegetreilandJul 24, 2019142KB5
Major League Players Elected to Hall of Fame as Players
Includes 2020 BBWAA-elected inductees Derek Jeter and Larry Walker. 31 variables for each player. Team=primary team; BBWAA=Baseball Writers Association of America; Bat: R=right, L=left, B=both; WAR=Wins Against Replacement: number of wins the player added to the team above what an "average" replacement player would add. CS=caught stealing. OPS=On-base Plus Slugging; as a rule of thumb, a "good" OPS is a value that when divided by 3 results in a value that would be considered a "good" batting average. Other variables are hopefully self-explanatory.
treilandJan 25, 201937KB6319
2017 NFL SalariestreilandJan 15, 2019127KB38
2018 Major League Baseball SalariestreilandJan 14, 201956KB20
Average Student Loan Debt by State Class of 2018treilandSep 1, 20182KB9
2017 total pay of 121 D1 football coaches including school names and conference affiliations
treilandJul 9, 20186KB35
200,000 Russian Troll Tweets 2 of 8treilandFeb 15, 20187MB7
200,000 Russian Troll Tweets 1 of 8treilandFeb 15, 20187MB6
Right out of College Women Make About $3 Less Per Hour than Men
Young men (age 21–24) with a college degree are paid an average hourly wage of $20.87 early in their careers; their female counterparts are paid an average hourly wage of just $17.88
treilandJun 7, 20175KB516
2017 MLB Salaries and Contracts
2017 major league baseball salaries by team and position; includes contract years, total value of contract, and average annual salary of the contract.
treilandMay 17, 201756KB801
olympic gold 100m
Olympic 100m gold medal winning times 1896-2016
treilandSep 27, 2016309B416
Wake County Schools, North Carolina 2015-16 Report Card
(EOG = End Of Grade) MET = expected improvement in EOG test scores: exceeded, met, not met. LUNCH = percent of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. GRADELEVEL = percent of students performing at or above grade level. GRADE = school grade based on SCORE, GRADELEVEL,and MET. SCORE: overall school score (100 point basis). TYPE: h = high school, m = middle school, e = elementary, c = charter.
treilandSep 5, 20169KB31
2016 NFL Salaries
NFL early-season (before most roster reductions) 2016 salaries. Includes player name, position, 2016 salary, team, conference, division.
treilandAug 25, 2016191KB390
Crowdedness and GDP
Crowdedness: average number of people per room. GDP: per capita gross domestic product in US dollars.
treilandFeb 10, 20161KB78
Student Debt by State 2009-10, 2012-13
Student debt by state, 2009-10, 2012-13, for graduates of public colleges and universities of 4 years or more.
treilandAug 21, 20152KB551
2013 Student and Institutional Support of Collegiate Athletic Departments
Abbreviations: AAC American Athletic Conference; ACC Atlantic Coast Conference; CUSA Conference USA; INDEP Independent; MAC Mid-American Conference; SEC Southeastern Conference. (USA Today description): "The data, updated for 2013, are based on the revenue and expense reports collected from more than 225 public schools in the NCAA's Division I that have an obligation to release the data (the NCAA does not release the data publicly). The others are private or are covered under a state exemption."
treilandAug 10, 201514KB243
College Athletic Finances (through 2014)
The data, updated for 2014, are based on the revenue and expense reports collected from more than 225 public schools in the NCAA's Division I that have an obligation to release the data. Private schools such as Duke, Miami(U), Notre Dame, etc. are not included. Schools' conference membership, typically the affiliation for basketball, are based on alignments for the 2013-14 school year.
treilandJun 9, 201513KB441
Travel Affects on NFL Road Teams

Due to travel's disruptive effect on the body's normal circadian rhythm (24 hour biological clock), the effect of travel on athletic team performance is a topic of great interest to schedule-makers in professional sports.

The rule-of-thumb among sleep experts and neurologists is that for every time zone crossed, synchronization requires 1 day.

Conventional NFL wisdom says: 1) teams in the Pacific time zone are at a disadvantage when they play a game in the Eastern time zone; 2) Eastern time zone teams do not experience the same disadvantage when they travel to the Pacific time zone.

Do data support this conventional wisdom? Regular-season games from 5 recent NFL seasons (1280 games) were classified according to 2 variables: i) number of time zone changes and direction of travel experienced by visiting team, ii) whether the home team won or lost.

The number of time zone changes traveling West to East is indicated by a positive number; the number of time zone changes traveling East to West is indicated by a negative number.

For example, if the Seattle Seahawks (Pacific time zone) play the New York Giants (Eastern time zone) in New York, the game is assigned the value of +3; if the same teams play in Seattle, the game is assigned the value -3.

If the Denver Broncos (Mountain time zone) play the Chicago Bears (Central time zone) in Chicago, the game is assigned the value +1; if the same teams play in Denver the game is assigned the value -1.

Since 1966 the home team has won 57.3% of regular season NFL games.

treilandNov 23, 2014141B318
2014 Major League Baseball SalariestreilandSep 3, 201454KB205
Student Debt Public and Private by State
Average student debt of 2011-2012 college graduates by state in public and private 4-year and more institutions.
treilandSep 1, 20143KB160
Roller Coaster DatatreilandJul 28, 20146KB750
Atmospheric CO2 and Global Temperature
Atmospheric CO2 (ppm) at the top of Mauno Lao in Hawaii and the mean annual air temperature over both land and sea across the globe, in degrees Fahrenheit, for the years 1980-2008.
treilandJul 22, 2014603B126
Academic Progress Rates
Academic Progress Rates (APR) 2004-2005 to 2012-2013 for football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball in the 10 Division 1 football conferences: the "Power Five" (Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, Southeast) and Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and American Athletic (formerly the Big East). All Division 1 men's lacrosse APR's are also included.
treilandMay 16, 2014398KB593
Wonderlic Scores, Offensive Tackles and Quarterbacks
Almost all players eligible for the NFL draft take the Wonderlic test as part of their evaluation. The Wonderlic test is a 12-minute 50-question test given each year to millions of job applicants in all professions. A score of 20 represents (approximately) an average IQ of 100.
treilandApr 7, 2014352B147
Academic Progress Rate (APR) Div 1 NCAA BB Tournament
Academic Progress Rates (APR) for Sweet 16 teams in recent NCAA BB tournament
treilandApr 1, 2014264B27
Federal Graduation Rate Gap ACC SEC
Federal Graduation Rates (FGR) and Sagarin ratings for 12 ACC and 14 SEC football teams 2009-2012; mean of 2009-2012 FGRs for all students.
treilandDec 3, 20133KB187
Fastball Velocity and Batting Avg Against 2013
Average fastball velocity and batting average against for pitchers with more than 30 innings pitched as of Sept. 17, 2013
treilandSep 17, 201314KB38
2013 Major League Baseball SalariestreilandAug 29, 201341KB156
2012-13 NFL SalariestreilandAug 28, 201382KB346
North Carolina 4 year graduation rates 2006-2013 by school district
AMIN=American Indian EDS=Economically disadvantaged student LEP=Limited English Proficiency MULT=Two or more races SWD=Students With Disability
treilandAug 10, 2013432KB85
90210 zip code data
Data from Beverly Hills zip code 90210
treilandAug 9, 20131KB40
Div. 1 Men's Basketball Players 1996-2008 No. of Birthday by Month
The number of births in each month for all men's D1 basketball players from 1996 through 2008 are shown. Also shown (from national demographic statistics) is the percentage of all births in each month. AAU uses player's age on January 1 to determine age classification of player. More men's D1 basketball players than expected are born in January and February.
treilandJul 23, 2013247B132
2013 NCAA BB Tournament, Coaches' SalariestreilandMay 20, 20134KB66
2012 ncaa football coach salariestreilandMay 16, 20138KB80
Female Life Expectancy vs Mean Number of Births
Recent Data for Female life expectancy vs avg no. of children women give birth to (Western Hemishpere)
treilandJan 30, 2013607B190
Sagarin Ratings and Point Spreads NCAA Tournament
Thursday and Friday first round games of recent NCAA basketball tournament. j-i is seeding difference where i
treilandJan 30, 2013775B129
BCS Schools Football GSR, 1998-2001 Cohort, and Winning % 1998-2007treilandJan 28, 20132KB35
Recent SAT scores by state and percent hs seniors taking
1600 point scale; verbal and quantitative total.
treilandJan 17, 2013942B97


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