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imported vodka in NC
This file contains a list of the imported vodka available in North Carolina. In North Carolina hard liquor is sold only by the Alcohol Control Board through ABC stores. Prices are set and do not vary.
statrogMay 29, 201411KB367
Student_databasestatrogMar 12, 20142MB28
Turtle_GstatrogFeb 26, 2014252B1065
Turtles1statrogFeb 26, 2014258B1256
Responses to ST311 Survey 4_2013statrogFeb 11, 201462KB23
SRSU student roster
This data is not to be copied or publicly used.
statrogJan 31, 2014803KB21
data2.TXTstatrogJan 13, 20143KB165
data3.TXTstatrogJan 13, 20143KB99
data4.TXTstatrogJan 13, 20143KB66
NFL_speedstatrogSep 24, 20134KB83
311surveyFA09_corrected.xlsstatrogApr 25, 201326KB38
Responses to ST311 Student Survey 3statrogApr 17, 201316KB30
BAC with additional variablesstatrogJan 27, 2013337B42
Height and Weight of Olympic Athletes
This data was downloaded from the BBC News website.
statrogJul 31, 2012123KB7766
Survey of ST311 students from Fall of 2009
statrogMar 16, 201226KB146
data2.TXTstatrogOct 28, 20103KB40
combined_basketball.xlsstatrogOct 2, 201037KB46
Exam Incentives
Will cash incentives increase students test scores? A college professor conducted an experiment to examine that idea. A group of 20 volunteers from the professor’s class participated in the experiment. Students were informed that they would receive compensation for taking an exam over the material from the professor’s class. Students were told to do the best they could on the exam. The 20 students were randomly assigned a dollar amount for their compensation that ranged from $1 to $50.
statrogJul 26, 2010278B1303
FIFA World Cup Players
In 2010 the world was abuzz with interest over the FIFA World Cup of Soccer tournament. Going into the tournament 32 national teams were ranked by FIFA based on their results in FIFA recognized games. Better teams receive lower rankings (number 1 is the best team). In general we might not expect soccer players to be exceptionally tall, since being tall does not necessarily give someone an advantage the way it would in a sport like basketball. However, one position where height might make a difference is at the goal keeper position. A taller goal keeper might be able to reach out farther to stop the ball. One might wonder if better teams have larger more physically imposing goal keepers. To explore this question we might examine a scatterplot of the height of the goal keepers and their team’s rankings.
statrogJul 23, 201049KB503
311survey_data.xlsstatrogSep 28, 200926KB138


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