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Which Hand Rules Dataset
Yardstick was dropped and the reaction distance was recorded for 12 students. Non-dominant hand and dominant hand reaction time was compared. Ran a paired t-test.
smcdaniel04Nov 13, 2019153B14
PRSTFinalFall19 Statistics Anxietysmcdaniel04Oct 23, 2019227B1
PRST6600Final_ACT Composite athletes vs non-athletessmcdaniel04Oct 23, 2019188B0
Height vs Shoe Sizesmcdaniel04Sep 24, 2019206B115
Life Expectancy vs TV smcdaniel04Sep 17, 2019444B81
ForeArm vs Heightsmcdaniel04Sep 16, 2019247B3
Hours Study vs Test Scoressmcdaniel04Sep 12, 2019134B89
Political Party and Agesmcdaniel04Sep 12, 2019163B54
IQ Scores different Samplessmcdaniel04Sep 6, 2019903B101
Digital Camerassmcdaniel04Sep 4, 20193KB70
Comparing High Temps
Daily High Temperatures for 4 towns.
smcdaniel04Sep 3, 20191KB5
Penny Weights by yearsmcdaniel04Sep 2, 201915KB21
Wait times Bsmcdaniel04Sep 2, 2019140B2
Bank Line Timessmcdaniel04Sep 2, 2019190B62
Standard Deviation Papa Johns vs Domino'ssmcdaniel04Sep 2, 201987B26
Responses to Math 1530K Fall 2019 Surveysmcdaniel04Aug 29, 201910KB343
Golf Ball Distance version Asmcdaniel04Nov 28, 2017283B15
Titanic Data (Class, Survived, Name, Sex, Age)
Titanic Data Set with the following variables: Name, Sex, Age, Survived, P-Class
smcdaniel04Aug 28, 201768KB2169
On-Campus vs Onlinesmcdaniel04Aug 25, 201596B14
Consumer Reports Healthy Chocolate Snack Barssmcdaniel04Jun 9, 20152KB236
Number of Siblings and skewed data
The number of siblings for 3 statisitics classes. Make a histogram for the number of siblings. How is this skewed? Is the data discrete or continuous?
smcdaniel04Apr 3, 201521KB1454
Responses to Math 1530K Fall 2013 Surveysmcdaniel04Aug 30, 20132KB213
Intro Surveysmcdaniel04Sep 18, 20123KB196
Take-homeTest 1 #2
A. Construct a frequency histogram of the data. B. Describe the shape (bell shaped, skewed left, skewed right). C. Construct a dot plot of the data. D. Construct a box plot of the data (horizontal or vertical). (Be sure to have the box checked to use fences to identify outliers.) E. Are there any outliers? What is the value of the outlier? F. Give the 5 number summary (in order!) G. Construct a stem-and-leaf plot
smcdaniel04Jan 25, 2012103B425
What's your major?
Construct a pie chart and bar chart for students majors in the Spring 2012 intro stats class.
smcdaniel04Jan 25, 2012293B761
Students heights
Create a histogram for students’ heights. May need to experiment with different bin widths (e.g 3, 5). Comment on the shape of the distribution.
smcdaniel04Jan 23, 2012239B1046
Intro Stats GPA
Grade point average for 24 students in intro stats class. Create a histogram for GPA (If not using StatCrunch, you may want to create a frequency distribution first.) Note: May need to try different bin widths (e.g. 0.5, 1). Is the data continuous or discrete? Comment on the shape of the distribution.
smcdaniel04Jan 23, 2012178B1800
Political Breakdown Grouped by Gender
Political Breakdown Grouped by Gender for my Fall 2011 class
smcdaniel04Jan 23, 20121KB195
Intro Stats: Qualitative Data (1-4)
1. Create a pie chart and a bar chart for the number of males and females. 2. Construct a relative frequency distribution for students’ classification. 3. What percentage of students are Freshmen? 4. Construct a frequency and relative frequency bar graph for students’ classification. Compare the graphs of these two. What do you notice?
smcdaniel04Jan 23, 2012937B608
Cigarette Consumption vs CHD Mortality
Now that cigarette smoking has been clearly tied to lung cancer, researchers are focusing on possible links to other diseases. The data below show annual rates of cigarette consumption and deaths from coronary heart disease for several nations. Some public health officials are urging that the US adopt a national goal of cutting cigarette consumption in half over the next decade. Examine these data and write a report. In your report you should: 1. Include appropriate graphs (e.g. scatterplot, residual plot) and statistics (e.g. mean and SD); 2. Describe the association between cigarette smoking and coronary heart disease; 3. Create a linear model; 4. Evaluate the strength and appropriateness of your model; 5. Interpret the slope and y-intercept of the line; 6. Use your model to estimate the potential benefits of reaching the national goal proposed for the US. That is, based on your linear model, if the US were to cut its cigarette consumption in half (from 3900 to 1950), what does the linear model predict would happen to the CHD rate. 7. You should use Statcrunch to generate nice looking graphs and output as needed. Be sure to size them appropriately. No need for a 8x10 scatterplot; Make your graphs about 3x3. You should scale them in Statcrunch first, then copy and paste into Word.
smcdaniel04Sep 29, 2011267B5765
2011 Forbes Top 100smcdaniel04Sep 14, 20114KB491
Last digit of Social Security number
This is the last digit of my classes social security number.
smcdaniel04Sep 14, 2011194B135
Number Studying Foreign Languages
According to the Modern Languages Association, the number or college students studying foreign languages is increasing. The following data represents the foreign language being studied based on a simple random sample of 30 students learning a foreign language. (Sullivan #29, sec 2.1)
smcdaniel04Sep 6, 2011241B340
Causes of Fatal Accidents by Decade (percentage)
An investigation compiled information about recent nonmilitary plane crashed. The table below is compiled from the accident database and represents 1,300 fatal accidents involving commercial aircraft, world-wide, from 1950 through 2009 for which a specific cause is known. Aircraft with 10 or less people aboard, military aircraft, private aircraft and helicopters are not included. Create a pie chart and bar chart for the data for the total “All” column.
smcdaniel04Sep 6, 2011264B890
Class Breakdown by Classification
Class breakdown by classfication Fall 2011
smcdaniel04Sep 5, 2011566B147
Stats class by gender
Just a breakdown of the class by gender.
smcdaniel04Sep 5, 2011435B634
Height Data set
The height of 50 students is given. One can create a histogram and see the bimodal nature of the data. There is an interesting article that argues against human height being bimodal:
smcdaniel04Jun 14, 2011221B2076
2010 CEO pay from USA Today
Given the dataset, create a histogram of the data for the CEO's salaries.
smcdaniel04Jun 13, 201113KB311


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