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StatCrunch Instruction Sheet Linear Corr and Reg Example - S. Lohse
This data set was included in a text book I was using at the time this example sheet was written.
slohse9395Oct 7, 20190B429
S. Lohse - OLI Checkpoint Average vs Overall Semester Averageslohse9395Sep 30, 2019562B79
S. Lohse MW pm Stats - Origami Frog Jumping Distances
Origami Frogs were folded and jumped in class. Distance, in inches, was measured to the nearest .25 inch.
slohse9395Sep 8, 2019364B85
S. Lohse MW 9:30 am Origami Frog Jumping
Origami frogs were folded in class using both white copy paper and newspaper. Frogs were jumped and distances recorded.
slohse9395Aug 27, 2019291B179
S. Lohse TTh 2019 Stat Class Origami Frog Jumping Distances
Origami Frogs were folded and jumped in class. Distance, in inches, was measured to the nearest .25 inch.
slohse9395Aug 26, 2019372B124
S. Lohse - Cholesterol Exampleslohse9395May 7, 2019122B46
Chirping Cricket Data for S. Lohse
Shared from set 15_ct_5 owned by StatCrunch. Original Source: George W. Pierce. The Songs of Insects. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1949, pp.12-21
slohse9395Mar 27, 2019197B1384
The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census - S. Lohse
This data set is a shared data set owned by websterwest and last updated May 2015. It is being used for examples in my classroom. Original Description: This data set contains a number of variables on every NFL player participating in the 2014 season. Most of the variables should be self explanatory. Salary represents the average annual salary for the player under their existing contract. Exp represents years of experience. Pro Bowler represents the number of years the player was selected for the pro bowl. Champ provides the number of championship teams on which the player has played. Heisman represents whether or not the player won the Heisman trophy in college.
slohse9395Feb 11, 2019321KB612
Baby Days - S. Lohse slohse9395Dec 4, 2018142B216
Simple Car Data for Stats - S. Lohse
Data set from Statistics by Michael Sullivan, Chapter 2. Contains counts of cars by color.
slohse9395Aug 25, 2018132B401
Using % Alcohol to Predict Calories in Beer - S. Lohse
This data set was edited to remove the two low outliers, as directed in the homework assignment referencing this data set.
slohse9395Sep 21, 2017861B691
Wimbledon Match Lengths - S. Lohse
This data set was taken from StatCrunch and altered for my Final Exam.
slohse9395May 17, 2017225B194
Cereal Brands - S. Lohse
This data was posted as a shared data set on StatCrunch by owner ntorno8. I am using it as a classroom example in my statistics classes. Data on several variable of different brands of cereal. Number of cases: 77 Variable Names: Name: Name of cereal mfr: Manufacturer of cereal where A = American Home Food Products; G = General Mills; K = Kelloggs; N = Nabisco; P = Post; Q = Quaker Oats; R = Ralston Purina type: cold or hot calories: calories per serving protein: grams of protein fat: grams of fat sodium: milligrams of sodium fiber: grams of dietary fiber carbo: grams of complex carbohydrates sugars: grams of sugars potass: milligrams of potassium vitamins: vitamins and minerals - 0, 25, or 100, indicating the typical percentage of FDA recommended shelf: display shelf (1, 2, or 3, counting from the floor) weight: weight in ounces of one serving cups: number of cups in one serving rating: a rating of the cereals
slohse9395May 17, 20174KB1291
S. Lohse - French Fry Nutrition
Shared Data set found on StatCrunch and shared for my students. Nutrition information obtained for french fries in size large.
slohse9395Dec 6, 20160B467
Due Date Statistics - for S. Lohse
This data set was taken from a blog hosted by in Fall 2015. The blog writer, a pregnant woman at the time, was curious about what a due date really meant in terms of likely delivery date. The data seems to have been collected at random, from blog readers self-choosing to take her survey. At the time I shared this data set, October 14, 2015, the survey had 9795 participants.
slohse9395Oct 14, 20152KB788


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