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Baseball Team Data (Chapter 3 Quiz, #7)sirelfmanFeb 13, 2019247B100
Skittles Guess
Actual guess of the number of skittles in a sealed jar at a festival. Actual count was 1062.
sirelfmanJan 14, 2019231B17
Quiz one file keysirelfmanJan 16, 2018117B9
Test 1 #31sirelfmanFeb 2, 201775B33
Test 1 #30sirelfmanJan 30, 201796B18
Test 1 #29sirelfmanJan 30, 2017117B36
GDP Cell phones Data SetsirelfmanSep 8, 2014176B27
Sandwich Nutritional InformationsirelfmanFeb 24, 2014201B24
Responses to Favorite Web BrowsersirelfmanFeb 18, 201314KB22
Sources of Electricity, US and CanadasirelfmanAug 27, 2012122B23
Male Heights and WeightssirelfmanAug 24, 2012204B207
Monopoly Prices
Data on position and price of Monopoly properties.
sirelfmanJun 13, 2012709B29
Anscombe's Data
Anscombe's data that illustrates how the correlation coefficient can be similar for very different non-linear associations.
sirelfmanFeb 29, 2012348B28
Olympic Long JumpsirelfmanMar 18, 2011301B74


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