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jobsatisfactionshleeMay 8, 2018379B3
HappyPlanetIndexshleeMay 6, 20188KB24
perchshleeApr 26, 2018779B29
monkeycallshleeApr 16, 2018285B35
TrainingshleeApr 10, 2018231B8
MPG = fuel economy (miles per gallon) Weight (lbs) HP (horsepower) Displacement (cubic inches)
shleeFeb 5, 20182KB260
BodyBrainshleeJan 31, 2018278B50
The data was extracted from the 1974 Motor Trend US magazine, and comprises fuel consumption and 10 aspects of automobile design and performance for 32 automobiles (1973–74 models). mpg = Miles/(US) gallon, cyl = Number of cylinders, disp is displacement (, hp is Gross horsepower, drat = Real axle ratio, wt = Weight (1000 lbs), qsec = 1/4 mile time, vs = V/S, am = Transmission (0 = automatic, 1 = manual), gear = Number of forward gears, carb = Number of carburetors
shleeJan 31, 20182KB68
Cholesterol-SmokingshleeJan 11, 2018953B17
Cocaine Addiction TreatmentshleeDec 13, 2017103B15
Quiz Lecture Pulse RatesshleeDec 13, 2017125B13
SleepCaffeine.csvshleeNov 16, 2017303B120
Test2HomesshleeOct 15, 2017334B34
Hospital DischargeshleeSep 21, 2017154B134
Motor Trend Cars
The data was extracted from the 1974 Motor Trend US magazine, and comprises fuel consumption and 10 aspects of automobile design and performance for 32 automobiles (1973–74 models). mpg Miles/(US) gallon cylinders Number of cylinders displacement Displacement ( hp Gross horsepower drat Rear axle ratio weight Weight (1000 lbs) qsec 1/4 mile time vs V/S Transmission (0 = automatic, 1 = manual) gear Number of forward gears carb Number of carburetors
shleeSep 21, 20172KB90
Goals by AreashleeApr 23, 201786B66
Blood Types (Goodness of Fit)shleeApr 23, 2017100B48
"Before" gives the job satisfaction index before the exercise break. "After" gives the job satisfaction index after the exercise break.
shleeApr 20, 2017114B75
Nutrition StudyshleeFeb 6, 201724KB297
Cooling WatershleeFeb 5, 201791B32
Superbowl ResultsshleeJan 31, 20173KB182
Sleep Study
The data were obtained from a sample of students who did skills tests to measure cognitive function, completed a survey that asked many questions about attitudes and habits, and kept a sleep diary to record time and quality of sleep over a two week period. Source: Onyper, S., Thacher, P., Gilbert, J., and Gradess, S., ‘‘Class Start Times, Sleep, and Academic Performance in College: A Path Analysis,’’ Chronobiology International, April 2012; 29(3): 318–335. Thanks to the authors for supplying the data. Gender: 1 = male, 0 = female ClassYear: 1 = first year,...,4 = senior LarkOwl: Early riser or night owl? Lark, Neither, or Owl NumEarlyClass: Number of classes per week before 9 am EarlyClass: Indicator for any early classes GPA: Grade point average (0 - 4 scale) Number of classes missed in a semester CognitionZscore: Z-score on a test of cognitive skills PoorSleepQuality: Measure of sleep quality (higher values are poorer sleep) DepressionScore: Measure of degree of depression AnxietyScore: Measure of amount of anxiety StressScore: Measure of amount of stress DepressionStatus: Coded depression score: normal, moderate, or severe AnxietyStatus: Coded anxiety score: normal, moderate, or severe Stress: Coded stress score: normal or high DASScore: Combined score for depression, anxiety and stress Happiness: Measure of degree of happiness AlcoholUse: Self-reported: Abstain, Light, Moderate, or Heavy Drinks: Number of alcoholic drinks per week WeekdayBed: Average weekday bedtime (24.0 = midnight) WeekdayRise: Average weekday rise time (8.0 = 8am) WeekdaySleep: Average hours of sleep on weekdays WeekendBed: Average weekend bedtime (24.0 = midnight) WeekendRise: Average weekend rise time (8.0 = 8am) WeekendSleep: Average hours of sleep on weekend days AverageSleep: Average hours of sleep for all days AllNighter: Had an all-nighter this semester? 1 = yes, 0 = no
shleeNov 14, 201627KB2675
NYC_TreesshleeSep 25, 201616KB86
StudentInfoshleeAug 29, 2016866B7
ApartmentsshleeApr 25, 2016329B532
heightsshleeApr 13, 2016140B100
Low Birth Weight Study
SOURCE: Hosmer and Lemeshow (2000) Applied Logistic Regression: Second Edition Data were collected at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Massachusetts during 1986. DESCRIPTIVE ABSTRACT: The goal of this study was to identify risk factors associated with giving birth to a low birth weight baby (weighing less than 2500 grams). Data were collected on 189 women, 59 of which had low birth weight babies and 130 of which had normal birth weight babies. Four variables which were thought to be of importance were age, weight of the subject at her last menstrual period, race, and the number of physician visits during the first trimester of pregnancy. LIST OF VARIABLES: Columns Variable Abbreviation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-4 Identification Code ID 10 Low Birth Weight (0 = Birth Weight >= 2500g, LOW 1 = Birth Weight < 2500g) 17-18 Age of the Mother in Years AGE 23-25 Weight in Pounds at the Last Menstrual Period LWT 32 Race (1 = White, 2 = Black, 3 = Other) RACE 40 Smoking Status During Pregnancy (1 = Yes, 0 = No) SMOKE 48 History of Premature Labor (0 = None 1 = One, etc.) PTL 55 History of Hypertension (1 = Yes, 0 = No) HT 61 Presence of Uterine Irritability (1 = Yes, 0 = No) UI 67 Number of Physician Visits During the First Trimester FTV (0 = None, 1 = One, 2 = Two, etc.) 73-76 Birth Weight in Grams BWT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- PEDAGOGICAL NOTES: These data have been used as an example of fitting a multiple logistic regression model. STORY BEHIND THE DATA: Low birth weight is an outcome that has been of concern to physicians for years. This is due to the fact that infant mortality rates and birth defect rates are very high for low birth weight babies. A woman's behavior during pregnancy (including diet, smoking habits, and receiving prenatal care) can greatly alter the chances of carrying the baby to term and, consequently, of delivering a baby of normal birth weight. The variables identified in the code sheet given in the table have been shown to be associated with low birth weight in the obstetrical literature. The goal of the current study was to ascertain if these variables were important in the population being served by the medical center where the data were collected. References: 1. Hosmer and Lemeshow, Applied Logistic Regression, Wiley, (1989).
shleeApr 11, 20166KB763
SalariesshleeFeb 4, 2016106B145
highschoolshleeFeb 4, 2016137B65
depressionshleeJan 22, 2016831B292
StudentQuestionnaireshleeJan 18, 2016668B42
SmokingandcholesterolshleeJan 18, 2016955B55
MyersBriggsshleeDec 15, 2015221B62
GPA_ACT2shleeDec 9, 2015135B73
GPA_ACTshleeDec 9, 2015134B97
Body_Fat.txtshleeDec 4, 201519KB69
testscoresshleeNov 22, 2015128B57
mathsciencescoresshleeNov 22, 2015384B47
Responses to Retirement AgeshleeNov 19, 201519KB72
WeightLossshleeNov 5, 201596B148
Old FaithfulshleeSep 29, 2015118B56
Life expectancyshleeSep 29, 2015463B58
SilkstressshleeSep 24, 2015134B61
chickadeeshleeSep 21, 2015389B374
Income HousingshleeSep 17, 20151KB174
Car speedsshleeSep 14, 2015613B218
Receivers_2010shleeSep 14, 20159KB146
chicksshleeSep 14, 2015607B125
Cancer SurvivalshleeSep 14, 2015753B92
Hospital Adult Patients
“Age” is given in years. “Educational level” values are defined as follows: 0: no high school degree 2: college graduate 1: high school graduate 3: graduate degree “ Smoking status” values are defined as follows: 0: does not smoke 1: smokes less than one pack per day 2: smokes one or more than one pack per day “Exercise” values are defined as follows: 0: none 2: moderate 1: light 3: heavy “ Weight” is given in pounds. “ Serum cholesterol” is given in milligram percent (mg%). “ Systolic pressure” is given in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). “ IQ” is given in standard IQ test score values. “Sodium” is given in milliequivalents per liter (mEq/1). “ Gender” is listed as male (M) or female (F). “ Marital status” values are defined as follows: M: married S: single W: widowed D: divorced
shleeSep 4, 20154KB1799
StudentSurveyshleeSep 4, 2015900B90
highschoolshleeDec 9, 2012128B44
birthsshleeDec 9, 2012136B48
GPAshleeDec 9, 2012115B219
M130 Practice Final 17shleeDec 2, 2012102B34
M130 Practice Final 15shleeDec 2, 2012128B36


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