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Grapevine Fall 2019 Online Statistics Data FilesgrapevineSep 3, 20193KB101
Haircut DatasgrapevineMar 19, 2019623B244
Roller Coasters Data for Fall 2019 Project
This dataset looks at some of the roller coasters across the US and various other countries.
NameName of roller coaster
ParkAmusement park for roller coaster
CityCity for amusement park
StateState abbreviation
CountryCountry of the roller coaster. US: United States, MX: Mexico, CR: Costa Rica, GT: Guatemala, CO: Columbia, VE: Venezuela, BR: Brazil, AR: Argentina, CL: Chile, EQ: Ecuador, PE: Peru, F: France, D: Germany
TypeS: Steel, W: Wood
ConstructorType of build for the roller coaster
HeightHeight in meters
SpeedSpeed in miles per hour (mph)
LengthLength in meters
InversionsYes if there are inversions, no if not
DurationDuration of ride in seconds
GForceMax g-force
OpenedYear it opened
RegionGeographic region for the roller coaster
sgrapevineOct 20, 201748KB534
Library Book Age StudysgrapevineJan 14, 2016319B279
300 Die RollssgrapevineJan 24, 2008615B533


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