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Opinions on allowing refugees into the U.S. by political partyscsurveyJan 28, 201644KB534
Do people prefer organic food?scsurveyNov 25, 201537KB14573
The changing population of U.S. Metropolitan AreasscsurveyAug 28, 2015119KB1252
Retirement Age vs. Current AgescsurveyAug 28, 201592KB930
The expected number of more years of life by current age
In these boxplots, only respondents who reported ages less than 70 are considered (Where: Age < 70). Many respondents to surveys don't take them very seriously. The impact of such individuals can be minimized and the overall trends more evident using this type of StatCrunch filter. The ages themselves have also been binned to reduce graphical clutter and the over plotting that would be encountered in a typical scatter plot of Age versus More Years.
scsurveySep 11, 201428KB707
Respondent's chances the world will end in their lifetime by genderscsurveyDec 13, 201324KB659
Results from the government shutdown survey
Respondents provided the party that they identified with (Democrats, Neither or Republicans) and the party they felt was most responsible for the U.S. government shutdown. This bar plot breaks down the respondents into groups by the party they identify with. Within each of these groups, the plot shows the number of respondents who identified both parties as equally responsible (green), the democrats as most responsible (blue) and the republicans as most responsible (red).
scsurveyOct 25, 201327KB779
What priority should female college students place on finding a spouse?scsurveyJun 2, 201312KB616
Bar plot of favorite hour of the day
Seems like lunchtime is quite popular!
scsurveyApr 5, 201312KB814
Smart phone ownership color coded by most important factor for purchasescsurveyNov 9, 201218KB814
Most important factor for purchasing a smart phone across type owned
Recent responses to the StatCrunch smart phone survey. None indicates the individual does not currently own a smart phone. See the original survey at
scsurveyNov 9, 201220KB938
Which candidate are you most likely to vote for? (by party affiliation)scsurveyFeb 29, 201215KB517
Summary statistics for Shoes:
Group by: Gender
Gender n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Female 348 26.422413 464.1755 21.544733 1.1549189 20 99 1 100 10.5 34.5
Male 302 10 201.3422 14.18951 0.81651455 6 99 1 100 4 10

Summary stats for Shoes grouped by Gender
scsurveyNov 15, 20111KB1031
Histogram of shoes grouped by GenderscsurveyNov 15, 20116KB947
Word wall for feelings about the September 11th attacksscsurveyOct 5, 201142KB4083
Do you feel that academic research benefits society?
Results from survey.
scsurveyAug 11, 20118KB884
Opinion on online sharing of relationship status across age groups
It is interesting that 40 appears to be the threshold after which most responders no longer think sharing relationship status online is appropriatte. The numbers for and against however are still close.
scsurveyJun 21, 201112KB561
Pie Chart of 3D TV ownership or planned ownershipscsurveyMay 15, 201115KB1316
Bar plot of support for concealed carry on campus by gun ownership
Sentiment is clear on this one! However, this is voluntary response.
scsurveyMar 23, 20119KB839
US Map Display of Opinions on Weather ExtremityscsurveyFeb 4, 20116KB843
Bar plot of whether or not respondents own a laptopscsurveyJan 28, 20114KB809
Bar plot of opinion on which side uses the most inflammatory rhetoric, grouped by politica leaningscsurveyJan 21, 20115KB922
Bar plot of opinion on whether or not political rhetoric contributed to Tuscon tragedy.scsurveyJan 21, 20114KB792
Scatter Plot of Age and Percentage Shopping done OnlinescsurveyJan 20, 20113KB1757
HistogramscsurveyJan 18, 20119KB594
Boxplot of pecentage of kept resolutions, grouped by genderscsurveyJan 12, 20114KB1968


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