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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
Dress for LessrlambApr 11, 2019180B22
Fun Size Candy Bar WtrlambApr 9, 201991B813
Potato Chip Bag WeightsrlambApr 9, 201993B712
Political Affiliation SamplesrlambFeb 12, 201912KB51
Midwest SalesrlambNov 20, 201896B172
Force.txtrlambNov 13, 2018114B58
AutomobilesrlambSep 11, 20182KB178
2015 MLB Team Data
Team stats for MLB 2015 in early October; includes team opening salary, wins, losses, pitching, batting, fielding stats, playoff appearance, world series wins/losses (does not include 2015 WS winner)
rlambAug 31, 20188KB151
Electricity ConsumptionrlambAug 27, 2018172B39
FB and T LoansrlambAug 24, 201813KB946
SAT vs GPArlambApr 25, 201895B221
Eye Color versus Hair ColorrlambOct 3, 20175KB579
Happiness vs Life ExpectancyrlambOct 3, 20171KB628
Sleep and ExerciserlambSep 4, 20176KB410
NFL Player Data 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
rlambAug 29, 2017220KB3013
Local Gas Prices 8-17rlambAug 17, 2017210B234
East Coast Gas Prices by WeekrlambAug 17, 2017532B292
Age vs Payment MethodrlambAug 1, 201712KB113
Seating versus GraderlambAug 1, 20173KB797
Self-Managed Work TeamsrlambAug 1, 201710KB133
Marital Status vs AbsencesrlambAug 1, 20176KB691
Retirement Funds Large Cap.txtrlambJul 11, 20175KB164
Plant Production WeightsrlambApr 25, 2017599B1034
Reading Comprehension StudyrlambMar 30, 201795B179
Fuel Catalyst MPGrlambMar 30, 201768B1105
SAT By Parents EdrlambMar 28, 2017152B755
Empathy 2rlambMar 27, 201776B227
Postsurgical TreatmentrlambMar 27, 2017325B79
Concrete Mix StrengthsrlambMar 27, 2017123B339
NBA WinsrlambFeb 22, 20171KB519
StatCrunch Boxplot 3rlambFeb 22, 2017928B283
Hospital Lab Work TurnoverrlambFeb 18, 2017431B568
Alloy ExerciserlambFeb 18, 2017785B558
Aptitude Test Scores rlambFeb 6, 20177KB352
Beer LargerlambFeb 6, 20175KB2144
Greenthumb Lawn DatarlambFeb 6, 2017114B317
Hotel Rooms rlambDec 2, 2016478B224
BeerrlambNov 30, 2016709B343
FlippedrlambNov 30, 2016184B386
Visual versus TextualrlambNov 30, 201689B100
Male HDL CholesterolrlambNov 28, 2016170B795
CricketrlambNov 21, 2016113B52
SSHArlambNov 18, 2016171B334
UTX RegrlambNov 18, 2016157B110
Empathy Index DatarlambNov 16, 201685B104
Jensen Hard Drive Data 2rlambNov 15, 20161KB265
Jensen Hard Drive Data 3rlambNov 11, 20161KB160
RudyBirdrlambNov 9, 2016920B132
Sealant.txtrlambNov 9, 20162KB139
Jensen Hard Drive Data 1rlambNov 8, 20161KB175
Candybar Weight DatarlambNov 4, 2016252B338
Mickey's Drive Thru TimesrlambNov 4, 20161KB829
Bright Bite Fill AmountrlambNov 3, 201691B607
Shopping ExpendituresrlambNov 3, 2016272B453
NC Credit Union AssetsrlambNov 3, 2016135B354
Sodium IntakesrlambNov 2, 2016127B536
Half Life DatarlambNov 1, 201687B812
T distribution DemorlambOct 28, 201664KB404
Tensile.txtrlambOct 27, 2016663B443
Transport.txtrlambOct 27, 2016622B252
Exercise 14.2 P ChartsrlambOct 27, 2016375B304
CareFirst Surgery Center SurveyrlambOct 27, 2016200B132
Absenteeism ExerciserlambOct 27, 2016237B133
Hotel2.txtrlambOct 27, 2016688B722
Absenteeism ExerciserlambOct 26, 2016237B80
Exercise 14.1 P ChartsrlambOct 25, 2016245B205
ShimsrlambOct 24, 2016364B1128
Medical Sponges p ChartrlambOct 17, 2016993B107
Call Center Wait TimesrlambOct 12, 2016342B86
P Chart Example DatarlambOct 12, 2016442B166
Burger World Drive-thru TimesrlambSep 27, 2016337B938
Hospital ChargesrlambSep 10, 20163KB1264
Age and CholesterolrlambSep 1, 2016145B1675
Inflation and UnemploymentrlambSep 1, 2016242B970
AbsenteerlambAug 29, 20166KB206
Distribution Shape ExamplesrlambAug 26, 201621KB611
Soft Drink Brands PurchasedrlambAug 19, 2016537B567
Waist Size and Body FatrlambAug 2, 2016341B907
TV Viewing TimesrlambAug 2, 201695B75


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