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Bart.113018riestradaNov 30, 2018631B4
Dominican Republic Dataset (1997)riestradaNov 27, 201810KB209
2015-2016 NBA Game ScheduleriestradaNov 9, 2018117KB219
2017 NFL Weekly League Schedule
2017 NFL Data
riestradaJun 1, 201829KB11
NFL Ticket Prices for 2014 (The average home game ticket price for each NFL team during the 2014 season)riestradaNov 29, 20171KB299
2016 NFL DatariestradaSep 28, 201731KB84
2016 NFL betting Odds
NFL, odds, betting, gambling
riestradaSep 28, 20179KB8
Buster Posey 2016 BattingriestradaApr 30, 201718KB40
Difference in Black % of Population and Marijuana Possession ArrestriestradaApr 24, 20173KB24
California Sentencing Data (by county)riestradaMar 23, 201732KB11
Pell Grant Recipient Graduation Rate (by college/university)riestradaMar 15, 2017203KB174
NBA 2K14-2K17 Player RatingsriestradaMar 13, 201714KB797
Madden NFL 2017 Launch RatingsriestradaMar 13, 2017361KB73
How to Find an NFL TeamriestradaMar 2, 20172KB107
historical results of NBA drafts projectionriestradaMar 2, 2017104KB228
Data/murder_2015riestradaMar 2, 20172KB147
Data/hate_crimesriestradaMar 2, 20174KB439
Breastfeeding in hospital by facility-Contra Costa County 2006riestradaFeb 17, 2017632B39
Breastfeeding in hospital by race/ethnicity Contra Costa County 2006riestradaFeb 17, 2017436B73
Chris Paul 2015-2016 Game LogriestradaFeb 17, 201711KB52
Kyrie Irving 2015-2016 Game LogriestradaFeb 16, 201713KB64
Stephen Curry 2015-2016 Game LogriestradaFeb 15, 201710KB135
Births Financed by Medicaid (from 2010-2016)riestradaFeb 11, 20171KB134
Police Shootings in 2016riestradaFeb 6, 2017203KB345
Diabetes Data Set 1997 (J. Schorling)riestradaDec 22, 201638KB413
2013 NFL Game DatariestradaDec 9, 201685KB765
Labor Force Participation Rate, FemaleriestradaDec 7, 201612KB202
NCAA march madness Fivethirtyeight modelriestradaDec 3, 201610KB101
Movies with RT Metacritic IMDB Fandango RatingsriestradaDec 3, 201615KB169
Fifa ELO Rating 1998 and 2015riestradaDec 3, 201616KB117
Earnings by College Major 2010-2012riestradaDec 3, 201618KB125
Classic RockriestradaDec 2, 2016187KB59
Bob Ross Elements by EpisoderiestradaDec 2, 201664KB125
U.S. Birth data for 1994 to 2003riestradaDec 2, 201663KB132
Bad DriversriestradaDec 2, 20163KB170
Airline SafetyriestradaDec 2, 20162KB300
Fifa Countries AudienceriestradaDec 2, 20165KB150
Drug Use by AgeriestradaDec 2, 20162KB433
CALIFORNIA Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2014riestradaNov 2, 201625KB194
Salary needed to Purchase HomeriestradaOct 24, 20162KB554
Adolescent fertility rate (Births per 1000 women aged 15-19)riestradaOct 19, 201637KB514
2014 Median Household Income by StateriestradaOct 16, 20163KB34
Teen Birth Rates and Pregnancy Rates (U.S. 2014)riestradaOct 10, 20162KB578
2014 Outside Spending, by Super PACriestradaSep 26, 20167KB60
2016 Outside Spending, by raceriestradaSep 26, 20168KB84
Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2014
Reported Voting and Registration, by Sex and Single Years of Age: November 2014
riestradaSep 24, 201622KB228
Akamai Q3 2015 rankings
Internet Speeds, Countries
riestradaSep 18, 20162KB29
California Sentencing DatariestradaJun 28, 201665KB127
Caffeine Content of DrinksriestradaJun 20, 201626KB2232
National League Cy Young Winners (1967-2015)riestradaJun 1, 20163KB170


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