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Lab 11.1
If the result window closes to quickly in the Resampling Applet, click on the number for that result in the "Runs" column and it will re-open.
profnoraMay 27, 2019545B16
Survey Example ResponsesprofnoraMay 15, 20196KB31
Golden State Warriors 2018/2019 selected stats for Midterm 3profnoraApr 16, 2019845B85
Golden State Warriors 2016/2017 selected stats for Midterm 3
Selected per game averages for the 14 members of the Golden State Warriors who played the most games in the 2016/2017 regular season.
PTS = average points per game
FGM = average field goals made per game
FGA = average field goals attempted per game
3PM = average 3-point shots made per game
3PA = average 3-point shots attempted per game
FTM = average free throws made per game
FTA = average free throws attempted per game
profnoraApr 15, 2019659B895
Math 227 Lab 5.3-5.4 DataprofnoraApr 10, 2019712B27
US Presidential Election History for Math 137 Midterm 2
This dataset tracks the US presidential election results dating back to 1824. Included is the winning candidate, winning party, popular voting totals, margin of victory, and the electoral college totals. Also included is the name and party of the runner-up along with the percentage of all eligible voters that turned out for the election (Voter Turnout Percentage).
profnoraMar 9, 20195KB189
LAMC Math 227 Spring 2019 Midterm 1 DataprofnoraFeb 23, 2019737B91
Responses to LAMC Math 227 Student Survey (edited by profnora)profnoraFeb 13, 201910KB585
Survey Example ResponsesprofnoraJan 31, 20196KB23
Sullivan Statistics Data for Lab 7.2profnoraJan 22, 2019162B77
Los Angeles Lakers 2017/2018 selected stats for Midterm 2profnoraJan 14, 2019672B174
Baseball data for correlation and regression for Math 137 and Math 227
This table shows the total number of runs scored, at bats, hits, etc for each of the 30 MLB teams for the 2009-2011 seasons. //// Correlations and linear regression models can be calculated between the different numeric variables. A good exercise is to see which variables correlate most strongly with runs_scored. //// As emphasized in the movie Moneyball, some of the classic metrics such as batting_avg is not as good as the newer metrics like OBP (on base percentage), SLG (slugging percentage), or OPS (on base plus slugging). //// A guide to a few of the variables that may not be self explanatory. Runs_Scored: The total of all runs (points) the baseball team scored by the end of the season. Batting_avg: This is equal to the number of hits divided by at_bats OBP: On Base Percentage. Similar to batting average, except that it takes into account walks and hit-by-pitch. Some players who don't have high batting averages, manage to get walked quite frequently. SLG: Slugging - This weights hits to first base as 1 point, hits to second base as 2 points, third as 3, homeruns as 4, and divides the total by the number of at bats. OPS - On Base Plus Slugging - this is just OBP added to the SLG numbers.
profnoraNov 20, 20185KB615
Data Set for Lab 4profnoraNov 7, 2018254B23
Los Angeles Lakers 2016/2017 season selected stats for Midterm 2profnoraNov 7, 2018677B135
Average SAT and ACT Scores for High Schools in Los Angeles County in 2012profnoraOct 18, 201837KB74
Los Angeles Lakers 2016-2017 season selected stats for Midterm 1profnoraOct 10, 2018613B203
Los Angeles Lakers 2016/2017 season selected statsprofnoraOct 10, 20181KB293
Golden State Warriors 2015/2016 Season Selected StatsprofnoraOct 5, 2018591B198
Math 137 GradebookprofnoraOct 2, 2018499B17
Fa18 Math 227-157 Chapter 3 Lab ResultsprofnoraOct 1, 2018647B64
Statistics Project Example Data Math 227 LAMCprofnoraJul 6, 20184KB172
LA Lakers 2017-2018 regular season per-game dataprofnoraJun 25, 2018720B205
Midterm 4 Practice DataprofnoraMay 21, 20181KB117
Sp18 Math 137 SurveyprofnoraMay 10, 20183KB44
Math 13 survey (Responses)profnoraMay 7, 20182KB51
Warriors 2017/2018 season selected statsprofnoraApr 16, 2018973B169
Golden State Warriors selected stats 2016/2017 regular season
Per-game data values for 12 team members with the most games played from the 2016/2017 season roster of the Golden State Warriors.
profnoraApr 14, 2018811B511
Golden Stat Warriors 2016/2017 season selected stats
These are selected per game player stats for the Golden State Warriors' 2016/2017 regular season for the 14 players who played the most games that season.
profnoraJan 12, 20181KB70


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