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Shopping ExpendituresppoconnoNov 8, 2019276B26
Burger World Drive-thru TimesppoconnoNov 8, 2019349B17
Weight Perception 1ppoconnoSep 16, 20197KB108
Weight Perception 2ppoconnoSep 16, 20198KB97
Sample College Data
The following data is for the year 2011 for colleges and universities in the Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Variables included in the data set include the college, type of college, location of college, admissions rate, SAT scores (Reading and Math, 75th percentile), tuition and fees, average amount of financial aid, enrollment (total and undergraduate), freshman retention rate, student/teacher ratio and graduation rate (5 year).
ppoconnoSep 16, 201919KB872
Steak Preference 1ppoconnoSep 16, 20196KB66
Steak Preference 2ppoconnoSep 16, 20196KB40
RentSilverSpring.txtppoconnoApr 23, 2019489B129
Moving.txtppoconnoApr 23, 2019297B128
Fun Size Candy Bar WtppoconnoApr 2, 201991B92
Bright Bite Fill AmountppoconnoApr 2, 201995B100
Sodium IntakesppoconnoApr 2, 2019131B141
NC Credit Union AssetsppoconnoApr 2, 2019135B52
Transport B.txtppoconnoMar 24, 2019628B183
Transport A.txtppoconnoMar 24, 2019632B147
Transport.txtppoconnoMar 7, 2019626B56
Tensile.txtppoconnoMar 7, 2019663B123
Hotel2.txtppoconnoMar 7, 2019688B139
UndergradSurvey.txtppoconnoFeb 11, 20195KB321
CardioGoodFitness.txtppoconnoFeb 11, 20197KB245
ShimsppoconnoDec 8, 2018364B365
Plant Production WeightsppoconnoDec 6, 2018599B284
Hospital ChargesppoconnoNov 28, 20183KB305
Mickey's Drive Thru TimesppoconnoNov 26, 20181KB216
O-ring diameters 3ppoconnoOct 24, 20181KB250
O-ring diameters 4ppoconnoOct 21, 20181KB241
Political Affiliation SamplesppoconnoSep 9, 201812KB588
Retirement FundsppoconnoSep 5, 201828KB1692
Fast Food Nutritional Data
The dataset was collected in January of 2017 by looking through online nutritional information provided by fast food restaurant chains. Nutrition data on various burgers, a breaded chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake were collected for each restaurant (when applicable). For each chain the smallest hamburger, the smallest cheeseburger, and a variety of their most well known larger burgers were selected.
ppoconnoSep 5, 201811KB1612
2015 MLB Team Data
Team stats for MLB 2015 in early October; includes team opening salary, wins, losses, pitching, batting, fielding stats, playoff appearance, world series wins/losses (does not include 2015 WS winner)
ppoconnoSep 3, 20188KB403
Local Gas Prices 8-17ppoconnoSep 3, 2018210B215
Greenthumb Lawn DatappoconnoSep 3, 2018114B317
Age and CholesterolppoconnoAug 27, 2018149B717
Inflation and UnemploymentppoconnoAug 27, 2018242B429
Waist Size and Body FatppoconnoAug 27, 2018346B464
AutomobilesppoconnoAug 27, 20182KB1206
Marital Status vs AbsencesppoconnoAug 27, 20186KB588
Seating versus GradeppoconnoAug 27, 20183KB655
East Coast Gas Prices by WeekppoconnoAug 27, 2018532B207
NFL Player Data 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
ppoconnoAug 27, 2018220KB2846
Distribution Shape ExamplesppoconnoAug 27, 201821KB329
Beer LargeppoconnoAug 22, 20185KB1241
Class Summary TableppoconnoAug 22, 201873B427
FB and T LoansppoconnoAug 4, 201813KB482
Tea.txtppoconnoApr 11, 2018600B181
O-ring diameters HTppoconnoApr 10, 20182KB268
SPC Data Set 4ppoconnoApr 7, 2018646B70
SPC Data Set 3ppoconnoApr 7, 2018436B90
Invoices.txtppoconnoApr 7, 2018138B225
FastFood.txtppoconnoApr 6, 201891B285
SPC Data Set 2ppoconnoApr 4, 2018143B54
SPC Data Set 1ppoconnoApr 4, 2018165B67
Business Majors ppoconnoFeb 6, 201839KB352
GradSurvey.txtppoconnoJan 17, 20183KB412
Fertilizer Bag Weight 3ppoconnoNov 9, 2017373B73
Fertilizer Bag Weight 2ppoconnoNov 9, 2017380B143
Fertilizer Bag Weight 1ppoconnoNov 9, 2017417B218
MidwestppoconnoApr 12, 201790B815
Tea3.txtppoconnoFeb 20, 2017774B549
Restaurants.txtppoconnoJan 23, 20171KB294
medical sponges p chartppoconnoOct 17, 20161.001B5
Grocery(3).xlsxppoconnoAug 25, 2016423B43


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