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Elephant Birth weight (lbs)
Birth Weights for elephants born in captivity.
pperryDec 6, 20178KB857
Spring 2014 Math 1123pperryNov 12, 20173KB1408
Fall 2013 Math 1123 Class(es)
basic data collected from math 1123 classes from fall 2013 at HPU.
pperryNov 9, 20173KB559
Simulated Data Sets
Data to have students determine which data set might be normally distributed.
pperryOct 12, 20175KB171
Macy's Sheets by cost and thread count
Cost of sheets listed by thread count.
pperryOct 2, 2017275B46
Math 1123 Pennies FinalpperrySep 7, 20172KB284
Fall 2017 Statistics Class
Collection of info describing our class.
pperryAug 29, 20172KB104
Math Placement ACT-SAT
The data shows the math placement cuttoffs for different colleges as of Spring 2016. The data was collected from university web pages. Placement levels were Calculus I, One Step below Calculus (typically trig), or Two Steps below Calculus (typically college algebra).
pperryOct 19, 20166KB278
Math 1123 Spring 2014 BackpackspperryMar 20, 2014203B303
Heights and arm spans Math 1123pperryDec 10, 2013203B554
Math 1123 Ages 2013pperryNov 21, 20131KB343
Math 1123 Student Fall 2012 to Fall 2013pperryNov 18, 20135KB1146
Fall 2012 Stats ClassespperryNov 7, 20132KB395
Fall 2013 Math 1123 BackpackspperryOct 31, 2013121B337
Fall 2013 Math 1123 Midterm pperryOct 22, 20132KB547
Constitution workpperryOct 15, 2013160B20
Skittles math 1123pperrySep 26, 2013288B46
Math 1123 Spring 2013pperrySep 17, 20132KB169
Math 1123 List of all fights by Muhammad Ali.
List of all fights by Muhammad Ali.
pperrySep 13, 20123KB544
Math 1123 Fall 2012 M WpperrySep 13, 2012674B61
Math 1123 Fall 2012 T THpperrySep 13, 20121KB66


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