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Lab10DATA JA0/J13petkewicApr 24, 2018272B34
Lab 9 Section JA0/J13petkewicApr 10, 2018162B8
Lab1S18J16petkewicMar 20, 2018406B54
Lab1S18JA013petkewicMar 20, 2018433B30
Responses to Survey for Lab May 2017petkewicMay 9, 20172KB50
Lab10 S17petkewicApr 11, 2017353B84
MOP-Lab 9petkewicApr 4, 2016128B32
MaureenpetkewicMar 29, 201668B13
STAT 201 Spring 2016 Lab 2petkewicJan 18, 201648KB1433
STAT 201 Fall 2015petkewicSep 21, 201515KB1142
STAT 201 Fall 2015 Updated
Updated on 8/31/2015
petkewicAug 31, 201556KB480
Responses to 2015 Survey for Lab and/or Class ExamplespetkewicJul 7, 2015124KB136
Responses to 2015 Survey for Lab and/or Class ExamplespetkewicMay 11, 2015116KB99
Responses to Spring 2015 Survey for Lab and/or Class ExamplespetkewicJan 28, 2015108KB160
Spring 2015 Lab 2petkewicJan 15, 201545KB889
Updated Fall 2014 Survey for Lab and/or Class ExamplespetkewicSep 10, 201485KB18
STAT 201 Lab 2 Fall 2014petkewicAug 24, 201439KB1115
STAT 201 Lab 2 MAY 2014petkewicMay 13, 20141KB254
USC Basketball Team 2013-2014petkewicFeb 19, 2014390B297
Lab 3 DatapetkewicJan 30, 2014303B832
Lab 3 DatapetkewicJan 30, 2014303B25
201 Lab Spring 2014petkewicJan 20, 201413KB1313
Lab 10 Sample DatapetkewicNov 13, 201392B209
Lab 9 Data.xls
Heart rate after climbing a flight of stairs (HRA) Heart rate increase after climbing a flight of stairs (HRI) for a class of college students
petkewicNov 6, 2013117B232
STAT 112 Word Search Data
Number of words found in 5 minutes in a word search. In a class of 20 students and using random assignment, 10 students were assigned to a word search puzzle on white paper and the other 10 students assigned to the same word search puzzle on pink paper. After 5 minutes, students reported the number of words found.
petkewicSep 11, 201395B161
Fall 2013 201 LabpetkewicAug 25, 20136KB1009
Lab 1 May 2013petkewicMay 14, 20131KB178
Sample Lab 3 Data
Distances measured by STAT 201 Lab instructors on 9/1/2011 for use with Lab 3.
petkewicFeb 4, 2013191B218
Lab 1 Spring 2013petkewicJan 22, 201314KB667
Responses to Survey for Lab 1 Fall 2012petkewicJan 10, 201327KB36
Responses to Class Survey STAT 201 Fall 2012petkewicAug 31, 20128KB353
Stat 201 Lab 1 Fall 2012petkewicAug 27, 201216KB1022
Lab 11 Yellow/Green2012petkewicFeb 16, 201273B60
Gas Mileage Hyundai Elantra
Reported average gas mileage for 2007 Hyudai Elantra
petkewicJan 26, 2012823B879
STAT 201 Lab 1 Spring 2012petkewicJan 13, 201218KB1150
Responses to Survey for Class Examples Spring 2011
This data was collected at the beginning of the spring term for an introductory statistics course at the University of South Carolina.
petkewicMay 17, 201123KB703
Fall Project E-USC
Length of oak leaves, thickness of pinecones, and length of another leaf from our yard (all in inches)
petkewicOct 10, 2010188B124
Hamburgers: McDonalds, Burger King, HardeespetkewicNov 3, 20092KB151
Nutrition Information for French Fries
Nutrition information for french fries at fast food restaurants. Information is for a large serving. *These restaurants only offer one serving size.
petkewicAug 25, 20091KB3262
Nutrition Information for Fast Food HamburgerspetkewicMay 30, 20096KB1913
swine flu.xls
Confirmed Cases and Deaths from Swine Flu by State current as of May 3, 2009
petkewicMay 3, 2009433B408


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