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Friedman data ch 16 problem 6
Chapter 16 problem #6
nicholspsychologyNov 28, 2018655B16
Chapter 16 demonicholspsychologyNov 16, 20185KB109
Paired t test tire datanicholspsychologyNov 6, 2018159B17
Residence halls
spearman dataset
nicholspsychologyOct 12, 2018403B16
Statistics for the Social Sciences (Class database) (Responses).xlsx
class database
nicholspsychologyOct 10, 201814KB42
Statistics for the Social Sciences (Class database) (Responses).xlsx
Class database
nicholspsychologyOct 10, 201814KB4
Statistics for the social sciences class database.xlsx
Student survey responses
nicholspsychologyOct 9, 201812KB5
Statistics for the Social Sciences (Class database) (Responses).xlsx
PSY375 Student opinions and biometric database
nicholspsychologyJul 25, 201812KB432
Sample Repeated ANOVA problem
Sample problem for class
nicholspsychologyNov 13, 2017431B51
Bachelor Season 21 nicholspsychologyOct 16, 2017653B29
Movies IMDB ranked.xlsx
Statistics for the Social Sciences, Correlation database
nicholspsychologyOct 14, 201713KB632
TAI data.csvnicholspsychologyFeb 20, 201746KB24
2X3 ANOVA class demonstrationnicholspsychologyOct 27, 2016757B147
Student Perception Survey Questions test.xlsx
Student perception data
nicholspsychologyMar 29, 20152KB77


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