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Trace the Poop Emoji
Students were given two copies of the Poop Emoji (immature, but still funny!). In random order, they traced the figure with both their dominant and non-dominant hand, with a partner recording the time for each.
mrmathman1Jan 30, 20193KB257
Show Me The Money 17mrmathman1Sep 26, 20185KB5
MLB 2016 salaries
Thanks Jeff Eicher for this!
mrmathman1Nov 27, 201728KB164
River 3.0mrmathman1Sep 27, 20172KB5
River 17mrmathman1Sep 18, 201780KB4
Show me the money 16mrmathman1Sep 13, 2017978B4
LA & SF temps
mrmathman1Sep 11, 201725KB6
My 100
100 students from the AMStat Census at Schools database. The New Zealand clean data random selector was used, so presumably there are no gross measurement errors in this set.
mrmathman1Aug 10, 201739KB69
SMW5_Stats_Studentsmrmathman1Apr 9, 201720KB11
2015 Top Moviesmrmathman1Oct 13, 20165KB376
NASAUrinemrmathman1Mar 15, 20151KB625
Pennies-RCHS 14mrmathman1Jan 19, 2015609B229
MLB 2013
MLB stats for 2013. Goal is find the best predictor of # of wins. Curated and collected by Jeff Eicher.
mrmathman1Oct 12, 20141KB644
funrunmrmathman1Jul 5, 201314KB4
Text Messaging
This is a set of data from the 2007-2008 AP Stats students at Rancho Cucamonga High School regarding their text messaging skills and habits. A survey was filled out. A template for measuring thumb lengths was provided. Times were recorded for 2 sentences: A: Statistics students are above average. B: Meet me at my car after school today. A complete curriculum module using this survey can be found on AP Central:
mrmathman1Jul 1, 200920KB3028


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