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2016 Movie Data
2016 movies (142) with budget and domestic gross (both in millions)
mooresk1Sep 21, 20175KB1823
Movies 1915-1959 Budget vs. Domestic Earnings
82 movies from 1915-1959, 4 variables: Release (Year), Title, Budget (in Millions), Domestic Gross Earnings
mooresk1Sep 19, 20173KB232
Cricket Chirps and Temp
15 observations of temperature and number of cricket chirps
mooresk1Sep 17, 2017179B361
Car Measurements
Data contains braking distance (from 60mph in feet), size, weight (in lb), model, and GHG emissions (tons/yr of CO2) for 21 cars.
mooresk1Sep 5, 2017734B433
MLB Home Runs
Home runs by year (1990-2009) in MLB.
mooresk1Sep 5, 2017226B19
Brain Volume and IQ
List of 20 IQs and brain volumes (in cm^3).
mooresk1Sep 5, 2017198B498
Presidential Heights
Heights of presidents and their main opponent (in cm.).
mooresk1Sep 5, 2017346B781
Average miles driven by age and sex (2016)
mooresk1Mar 22, 2017180B18


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