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Choc Consump & Nobel Laratemcack1Feb 27, 2018251B46
Old Faithful
Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park. Duration (in seconds). Interval (in minutes).
mcack1Feb 19, 20182KB332
Days Missed and Grademcack1Oct 2, 2017115B100
Anovamcack1Apr 18, 201782B21
Hours of TVmcack1Mar 27, 2017126B346
Memphis Snowmcack1Mar 27, 2017126B81
Mutual_funds_strategy.txtmcack1Mar 15, 20172KB61
BODYTEMP.txtmcack1Mar 15, 2017510B48
VOLTAGE1.txtmcack1Mar 15, 20171KB27
Tootsie Roll Pop Licks
Describes the flavor and how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop.
mcack1Feb 8, 20171KB205
Baby Weightsmcack1Feb 8, 20172KB352
Home Runs 2016
Data on all home runs hit during the 2016 baseball season. If the home run flew uninterrupted all the way back to field level, the actual distance the ball traveled from home plate, in feet. If the ball's flight was interrupted before returning all the way down to field level (as is usually the case), the estimated distance the ball would have traveled if its flight had continued uninterrupted all the way down to field level. Horiz. Angle - the initial direction of the ball as it left the bat in degrees, where 45 degrees is straight down the right field line, 90 degrees is straight over second base and 135 degrees is straight down the left field line. Apex - the highest point reached by the ball in flight above field level, in feet. Three types of home runs: "Just Enough" or "JE", which means the ball cleared the fence by less than 10 vertical feet, OR that it landed less than one fence height past the fence. These are the ones that barely made it over the fence... - "No Doubt", or "ND", which means the ball cleared the fence by at least 20 vertical feet AND landed at least 50 feet past the fence. These are the really deep blasts... - "Plenty", or "PL", which is everything else. Source:
mcack1Feb 7, 2017566KB1343
Beer Largemcack1Feb 7, 20176KB750
Super Bowl QB Attempts
Total team quarterback attempts for both winning and losing teams for the first 51 Super Bowls.
mcack1Feb 7, 2017365B109
Insurance Profitsmcack1Jan 30, 2017654B148
Diet, Exercise and BMImcack1Jan 25, 20173KB648
Home prices in Albuquerque
The data are a random sample of 117 records of resales of homes from Feb 15 to Apr 30, 1993 from the files maintained by the Albuquerque Board of Realtors. This type of data is collected by multiple listing agencies in many cities and is used by realtors as an information base.
PRICE Selling price in hundreds of dollars
SQFT Square feet of living space
AGE Age of home in years
FEATS Number out of 11 features (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, disposer, washer, intercom, skylight(s), compactor, dryer, handicap fit, cable TV access)
NE Located in northeast sector of city (1) or not (0)
COR Corner location (1) or not (0)
TAX Annual taxes in dollars
mcack1Jan 23, 20173KB521
Census2013.csvmcack1Sep 22, 201517KB72
Car Colorsmcack1Sep 15, 2015106B222
Practice Data Set #1
mcack1Sep 14, 2015917B60


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