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Module 11 Problem Session (Spring 2018)math.ralphMay 5, 201863KB1219
Module 10 Problem Session Spring 2018math.ralphMay 4, 2018154KB1495
Blood Pressure - Canvas Homework 3 and 10math.ralphApr 29, 2018589B69
Cheese Data - Module 11 Problem Sessionmath.ralphApr 29, 20181KB361
College Data - Canvas Homework 3 and 10math.ralphApr 29, 201810KB264
Miami Hockey 2017 - Canvas Homework 3 and 10math.ralphApr 29, 20181KB51
Vacuum Data - Canvas Homework 3 and 10math.ralphApr 29, 201813KB36
Past Grades from STA 261math.ralphApr 27, 20181KB39
Modules 10 & 11 Videos data Spring 2018math.ralphApr 27, 20181KB553
Module 9 Homework Data Setmath.ralphApr 24, 2018337B40
Responses to Spring 2018 Pulse Surveymath.ralphApr 23, 20185KB681
Module 09 Problem Session Data (Spring 2018)math.ralphApr 23, 2018108KB904
Module 07 and 08 Problem Session (Spring 2018)math.ralphApr 2, 201847KB2558
Instructor demo lab 2/22math.ralphFeb 22, 201810KB51
Data Cleaning Sections I,O, and R.xlsxmath.ralphFeb 22, 20184KB202
Data Cleaning Sections H, N and Qmath.ralphFeb 22, 20182KB211
Student Survey of Eye Color and Hair Colormath.ralphFeb 20, 201869KB2091
Module 03 Powerpoint Examplesmath.ralphFeb 19, 201847KB328
Body Measurements - Canvas HW 3 and 10math.ralphFeb 16, 20183KB98
Terrorist Attack Data.csvmath.ralphFeb 15, 2018921KB67
Sampled Game Sales-1.csvmath.ralphFeb 15, 201864KB22
Module 02 Problem Session Spring 2018math.ralphFeb 13, 201872KB2090
Student Survey Results math.ralphFeb 9, 201817KB2230
Module 03 Problem Session Spring 2018math.ralphFeb 7, 201828KB2196
Module 02 Videos Datamath.ralphFeb 7, 20182KB343
Responses to M&M Data Mr. Stikeleather's Sectionsmath.ralphFeb 6, 20186KB64
Nutritional Data for Fast Food 2017
The dataset was collected in January of 2017 by looking through online nutritional information provided by fast food restaurant chains. Nutrition data on various burgers, a breaded chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake were collected for each restaurant (when applicable). For each chain the smallest hamburger, the smallest cheeseburger, and a variety of their most well known larger burgers were selected.
math.ralphJan 5, 201811KB459
Which Inference Procedure? Fall 2017math.ralphDec 5, 20173KB63
Modules 10 and 11 Videos Data math.ralphNov 26, 20171KB132
World Cup 2014 Forward Goal Totalsmath.ralphNov 16, 20179KB20
page percentagesmath.ralphNov 10, 20175KB5
Rio 2016 Olympics Events-1.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 201722KB77
Rio 2016 Olympics Countries-1.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 20177KB87
Rio 2016 Olympics Athletes.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 2017781KB307
Paralyzed_veterans_of_America_sample.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 201732KB54
NYC Taxi Data Sample.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 201760KB135
National Footprint Data.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 201721KB77
Messaging Before Bed Dataset.xlsxmath.ralphOct 26, 20179KB209
Impaired Driving Death Rate.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 20173KB230
Fuel Economy.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 201740KB111
February 2017 Flight Data Sample.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 2017153KB95
Breast Cancer Data.csvmath.ralphOct 26, 2017122KB190
Cleaned Student Survey Data for GHIMNOPQR.xlsxmath.ralphSep 17, 201717KB790
Past grades from Fall 2016.xlsxmath.ralphSep 15, 201725KB33
Responses to Distracted Driving, ROOM 339 (Sections I, O and R)math.ralphSep 7, 201717KB24
Responses to Distracted Driving, ROOM 339 (Section I)math.ralphSep 7, 20175KB29
Responses to Distracted Driving, ROOM 339 (Sections O and R) Spring 2017math.ralphSep 6, 20172KB60
Age of Oldest Living Relative Fall 2017.xlsxmath.ralphSep 6, 2017930B262
Hair Color and Eye Color Fall 2017.xlsxmath.ralphSep 5, 20174KB375
Heartland girl scout cookie sales for Dublin and Hilliard.xlsxmath.ralphJul 12, 20177KB16
Fall Temperaturesmath.ralphJun 6, 20173KB43
Responses to Spring 2017 Pulse Survey: Section Qmath.ralphApr 20, 2017814B126
Responses to Spring 2017 Pulse Survey: Section Nmath.ralphApr 20, 2017867B74
Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section M (Demo)math.ralphApr 17, 20172KB36
Distribution of Age at Death and House Member Size (Module 6)math.ralphApr 11, 20173KB1681
Bootstrap Distributions vs. Theoretical Sampling Distributionsmath.ralphApr 7, 2017626B86
Student Survey of Coldest Temperature they are comfortable outside in shorts or short sleeves.xlsxmath.ralphFeb 23, 20172KB191
Main Reason for Never Having Sexmath.ralphFeb 15, 2017580B297
Temperatures throughout Spring Semester 2013math.ralphFeb 10, 20174KB263
Module 03 Videos Data (Chapter 3)math.ralphFeb 9, 20173KB582
NFL Players 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
math.ralphJan 13, 2017220KB2439
Heights and Weights of Football Playersmath.ralphJan 13, 201719KB16
M&M's Machine Outputsmath.ralphDec 10, 20167KB220
Which Inference Procedure? Fall 2016math.ralphDec 5, 20168KB92
Data for Final Exam Practice Problemsmath.ralphDec 3, 20161KB180
Section E Cleaned Regression Data (cleaned again 11/30 10:57 PM)math.ralphNov 30, 20165KB362
Section N Cleaned Regression Data (cleaned 4th time, 11:30 AM 11/30)math.ralphNov 30, 20165KB304
Module 12 Problem Sessionmath.ralphNov 28, 201611KB174
Module 11 Problem Session Fall 2016 Stikeleathermath.ralphNov 15, 20164KB41
Weight and MPG of Carsmath.ralphNov 14, 2016438B792
results Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section Fmath.ralphNov 8, 20161KB25
Section O Pulse Datamath.ralphNov 7, 2016547B2
Section N Pulse Datamath.ralphNov 7, 2016527B5
Module 10 Problem Session Spring 2016math.ralphNov 5, 2016755B378
Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section Emath.ralphNov 3, 20161KB44
Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section Dmath.ralphNov 3, 20162KB16
Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section Mmath.ralphNov 3, 20162KB57
Responses to Stikeleather Pulse Survey: Section Fmath.ralphNov 3, 20161KB6
Tuition costs.xlsxmath.ralphOct 17, 2016147B306
Module 05 Videos Datamath.ralphAug 29, 2016433B99


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