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Tree Age vs. Diameter
mastersondJan 7, 2020215B10
Battle Tap 2019mastersondSep 11, 2019223B38
Battle Tap Scores AP Spring 2019mastersondFeb 6, 2019186B53
Into Battle We Go Spring 2019mastersondFeb 4, 2019269B65
Reaction Test
Thirteen students measured their reaction time using an iPad app where time is recorded on how fast (seconds) they were able to tap the screen after a green light flashed. The students were randomly assigned to either start with their dominant hand or non-dominant hand.
mastersondDec 19, 2018213B101
Happiness vs Sleep/Exercise
High School students. Sleep: average hours per night. Exercise: Average hours in typical week. Happiness: Scale 1-5 where 1 is extremely unhappy.
mastersondOct 4, 2018371B2877
Receivers week 1mastersondSep 14, 20183KB4
Running Backs week 1mastersondSep 14, 20183KB7
QB Stats 2018 week 1mastersondSep 14, 20183KB11
Battle Tap Spring 2018mastersondFeb 5, 2018639B54
Arsenic in Water
Levels of aresenic (parts per million) in 21 samples of drinking water at an unknown location.
mastersondFeb 1, 2018155B228
Reaction TestmastersondDec 18, 2017246B46
spurious relationship
Each row is a year from 1999 to 2009. First column is US spending on Science, Space and Technology (in billions) and second column is the number of suicides by hanging, strangulation and suffocation in the US.
mastersondOct 11, 2017156B181
Normal Battle Data 2017mastersondSep 18, 2017164B51
Battle Tap Tap 2017mastersondSep 13, 2017230B60
Gum Data 2017mastersondMay 4, 2017142B43
Trump and GPAmastersondMar 3, 2017500B184
Rolling Ball
Distance in cm, speed in m/s
mastersondMar 2, 201783B67
Highway Speed
Highway Speed for 60 vehicles.
mastersondFeb 8, 2017208B150
Super Bowl QB Attempts
Total team quarterback attempts for both winning and losing teams for the first 51 Super Bowls.
mastersondFeb 7, 2017365B124
Battle Tap Tap 2017mastersondFeb 3, 2017522B54
Reaction Times Paired Data 2017
Students were randomly assigned to use either their dominant or non-dominant hand first and recorded their reaction times in seconds using the Reaction Test app.
mastersondJan 4, 2017204B119
Gum Comparison
Students recorded how long the flavor lasted, in minutes, with both sugar gum and sugar free gum. Both gums were mint flavored and students were randomly assigned the order they ate the gum with a washout period.
mastersondDec 16, 201699B32
Vaping at FHSmastersondApr 19, 2016229B130
Alcohol and GPA
Alcohol is number of times consumed in a typical month.
mastersondMar 1, 2016421B903
Teen Birth Rate vs. ReligionmastersondFeb 19, 20163KB845
Into Battle We Go
Scores playing Battle Tap Tap, dominant hand versus non-dominant hand.
mastersondFeb 1, 2016514B79
iPad vs No iPad
Data from Fairview High School in Fairview, PA. First quarter grades for all courses and all students. The first section of data is from the 2013-14 school year, before the school gave every student an iPad. The second section of data is from the 2015-16 school year when each student was given an iPad.
mastersondJan 12, 2016305KB84
Tree Age vs DiametermastersondJan 5, 20160B92
Tobacco and Alcohol
Are people who use tobacco more likely to use alcohol? Data is household spending in pounds from 11 regions in Great Britain.
mastersondJan 4, 2016362B79
Stat Test sleep datamastersondDec 22, 2015145B72
Stat Practice Test Data Dec 2015mastersondDec 18, 2015572B88
Gum Experiment December 2015
How long (in minutes) the flavor lasted for two types of gum with 17 students.
mastersondDec 16, 201599B13
CH21-24 Test DatamastersondDec 16, 2015307B34
CH 21-24 Practice Test DatamastersondDec 15, 2015328B32
WPM on iPadmastersondDec 11, 2015183B69
Weights of 100 high school football playersmastersondOct 6, 2015449B435
CricketsmastersondSep 29, 2015109B175
Drive Times to Work
Drive Times to work in minutes for 32 consecutive days.
mastersondSep 9, 2015193B239
Battle Tap Data P4
Playing the iPad app Battle Tap Tap
mastersondFeb 2, 2015318B49
Population Growth
Percent change in population from 2000 to 2009.
mastersondJan 26, 2015800B609
Energy Use
Energy Usage per country per capita. Units are tons of oil equivalent.
mastersondJan 23, 20158KB780
sex sells?mastersondDec 18, 2014309B61
2006-2008 MLB Average Wins vs Average Team Salary
Payroll is in millions of dollars.
mastersondOct 14, 2014409B1242
manatees and motorboats
From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision
mastersondSep 29, 2014422B1033


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