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Online HW datamartinmsNov 7, 2018103B61
Summary Stats 1970 Vietnam Draft Numbers
This table of summary stats on the 1970 Vietnam Draft Number Lottery shows the mean draft number for the earlier months in the year (Jan, Feb, March) are much higher than the mean draft number for the later months of the year (Oct, Nov. Dec). Run a linear regression on the month no vs. mean draft number for each month to see that the later months of the year had lower draft numbers (NOTE: a lower draft number where the first to be drafted) Conclusion: The little blue capsules that held the 366 calendar birthdates were not thoroughly mixed in the drum before selection began. The last months added to the bin (Oct, Nov, Dec), where more likely to be selected early.
martinmsAug 9, 2018986B26
Gas Prices Monthly Jan 2014 - Jan 2015
U.S. Avg. Gas Price Monthly Jan 2014 to Jan 2015, and California Avg. Gas Price Monthly Jan 2014 to Jan 2015 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration
martinmsFeb 4, 2015290B1647
7-Up DatamartinmsNov 11, 201458B9
Car_Resale$martinmsSep 15, 201496B426
ShoePrint_HtmartinmsSep 15, 201496B174
Absence_GradeDatamartinmsSep 15, 201468B271
IQ_BrainVolumemartinmsSep 12, 2014203B292
RestaurantWaitTimesmartinmsSep 10, 2014101B115
CellPhoneMinutesGROUPEDmartinmsSep 7, 2014123B420
HDLdata(both)martinmsSep 7, 2014429B326
HDLsample18martinmsSep 7, 201468B224
Home Prices for Sale Lincoln, NE (2010)
martinmsSep 2, 2014244B390
GPAexamplemartinmsSep 1, 2014186B154
EruptionDataGROUPEDmartinmsSep 1, 2014127B75
Comparing Marital Data 1990 & 2006
martinmsSep 1, 2014336B83
Available Cars per household (Sample)
martinmsSep 1, 2014121B143
M&M colors from a sample bag
martinmsSep 1, 2014290B152
Cell Phone Data minutes/week Mon-Fri (Sample)
martinmsSep 1, 2014136B429
IQscoreLowLeadGROUPEDmartinmsSep 1, 2014149B60


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