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PRRS Vaccine Final
A researcher was testing the effectiveness of vaccines on the swine disease called PRRS. The researcher randomly split a group of 650 swine into 13 groups of 50 swine. Each group was randomly assigned to one of 4 treatment groups. Each treatment group was given the specific treatment and was then injected with the PRRS virus. The results show the number of swine that test positive for PRRS 30 days after infection.
mariebuseDec 2, 2019127B74
Old Faithful BusemariebuseJun 22, 2019155B148
Track Training Programs (Buse)mariebuseMar 29, 2019452B17
Iron IntakemariebuseMar 27, 2019239B22
Correlation and Regression Tomato (Buse)mariebuseMar 26, 2019356B54
College Info for Correlation and Regression (Buse)mariebuseMar 26, 2019308B37
Basketball Variation BusemariebuseFeb 4, 2019344B15
ER Wait times (in minutes)mariebuseMay 21, 20183KB210
Car Data for FinalmariebuseMay 2, 2018549B64
2009-10 Statistics for 30 Highest Paid NFL QuarterbacksmariebuseApr 13, 20181KB32
Unit 3 Body InformationmariebuseApr 9, 201818KB69
Buse Age and TemperaturemariebuseFeb 1, 2018644B22


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