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Life Expectancy by Gender m.smith96Jan 9, 2020164B21
Illinois Mean travel time to work (minutes), workers age 16+, 2009-2013m.smith96Jan 7, 20201KB0
Punta Gorda December Hi Lo Temps
Punta Gorda December actual Hi and Lo temps (degrees F)
m.smith96Dec 10, 20191KB48
MDW December Hi Lo Temps
Hi and Lo actual temps (degrees F)
m.smith96Dec 10, 20191KB38
Average gas electric and utility prices Chicago 2018m.smith96Dec 10, 2019717B4
Fatal Work injuries by state 2017
number of fatal work injuries by state (&DC) in 2017
m.smith96Dec 10, 2019226B44
Responses to FDOC Survey WI 19 320CAm.smith96Dec 3, 20192KB20
Cheetahm.smith96Nov 13, 2019183B35
LED & CFLm.smith96Nov 13, 201995B17
Women with Bachelors and age of first marriagem.smith96Oct 22, 2019303B6
Pot use in last 30 daysm.smith96Oct 16, 2019442B106
French fries
Shared Data set found on StatCrunch and shared for my students. Nutrition information obtained for french fries in size large.
m.smith96Oct 3, 20191KB414
Mean Travel Time to Work by State
estimated mean travel time to work
m.smith96Oct 2, 2019436B13
Average wedding costs
Average wedding costs in 25 largest metro areas
m.smith96Oct 2, 2019260B496
Overweight and Obesity among 20-39 year olds 1999-2016m.smith96Oct 2, 2019160B35
Death rolls
"Death roll of the Alligator, Mechanics of Twist and Feeding in Water" by Fish, et al. One variable measured was the degree of the angle between the body and head of the alligator while performing the roll. Data is in degrees
m.smith96Sep 26, 2019142B361
Responses to FDOC Survey FALL 19 320AAm.smith96Sep 24, 20195KB79
Rent in 100 cities
Rent for 2 bedroom apartment in 100 randomly selected cities
m.smith96Sep 16, 2019455B395
Fossil fuel consumption %
U.S. fossil fuel consumption as a % of total energy consumption
m.smith96Sep 10, 2019142B167
cadmium in shroomsm.smith96Jun 24, 201985B18
Penny weightsm.smith96Jun 24, 2019271B38
wk3-5 hw avg and Test 2m.smith96Jun 24, 2019350B40
2019 Small Car Fuel Economym.smith96Jun 24, 20191KB101
latitude and temp
lat·i·tude is defined as the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, or of a celestial object north or south of the celestial equator, usually expressed in degrees and minutes. The higher the latitude, the farther away from equator
m.smith96Jun 23, 2019514B2
vitamin c cancer treatmentm.smith96May 16, 2019417B43
Depleting the Ozonem.smith96May 14, 2019257B36
Cars MPG Cyl CC Weightm.smith96May 13, 20196KB66
Lego set #, name, price and pieces
m.smith96May 13, 201917KB80
2017 personal per capita incomem.smith96May 7, 2019955B43
under 21 fatal accidents
As part of a study on transportation safety, the USDOT collected data on the number of fatal accidents per 1000 licenses and the percentage of licensed drivers under the age of 21 in a sample of 25 cities. Data was collected over a one-year period.
m.smith96May 6, 2019286B422
Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality Ratem.smith96May 6, 2019610B94
BAC by beersm.smith96May 6, 2019154B131
FDOC SP219 320DA Responsesm.smith96Apr 30, 20192KB33
pennies with melvinm.smith96Apr 30, 2019138B6
FDOC SP219 320AA Responses m.smith96Apr 30, 20194KB44
Responses to FDOC Survey SP219 320BAm.smith96Apr 29, 20192KB35
2017 workplace fatalities by state
workplace fatalities by state 2017
m.smith96Apr 29, 2019757B173
% UNDER 21 & FATAL ACCIDENTSm.smith96Feb 26, 2019872B6


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