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STS-110 Datalscott14Oct 25, 20172KB34
Ages of Pennies
In this activity, we used 200 pennies to find population mean and standard deviation and then sampling distributions of means (n = 5) and (n = 10).
lscott14Oct 13, 20172KB39
2014 U.S. Immigrants (in Thousands) by Age Groupslscott14Oct 11, 2017341B32
2015 MLB Team Data
Team stats for MLB 2015 in early October; includes team opening salary, wins, losses, pitching, batting, fielding stats, playoff appearance, world series wins/losses (does not include 2015 WS winner)
lscott14Sep 17, 20178KB54
Fat and Calories in Burgerslscott14Oct 26, 2016218B79
Cricketslscott14Oct 25, 2016179B69
Calories and Infant Mortality Ratelscott14Oct 25, 2016292B95
Car stats
A number of variables (eg. weight, cylinders, country of origin, gas mileage) for 38 models of car
lscott14Oct 22, 20162KB184
MLB High Level Team Stats 2015
This data comes from the 2015 baseball season and tracks the number of home games, the total attendance at home games, the number of runs scored by that team, the runs scored on that team, the league they play in, and the number of wins the team recorded in the regular season.
lscott14Oct 17, 20161KB100
Right-skewed datalscott14Oct 11, 2016150B33
MTH-110U Datalscott14Oct 11, 2016389B51
US Birthrates by Year 1910-2009
US Birthrates over the years. . Rates are per 1,000 population estimated as of July 1 for each year.
lscott14Sep 12, 20161KB86
US Olympic Team 2016lscott14Sep 12, 2016104KB246


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