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YMS 14-23 Weeds among the Corn
corn growth related to weed density
lakestatsMar 31, 2011182B158
YMS 14-19 Beavers and Beetles (and Bears, Oh my)
Beaver Tree cuts and Beetle Larvae clusters
lakestatsMar 31, 2011197B139
YMS 14-18 Time at the Table
Time spent eating and calorie intake
lakestatsMar 31, 2011238B321
YMS 14-11 and 14-14 Leaning Tower of Pisa
Time and lean of the tower in Pisa
lakestatsMar 31, 2011155B78
YMS Exercise 14.6 Beer and Blood Alcohol
blood alcohol level after drinking
lakestatsMar 31, 2011177B809
Births per day 1981-1994
I retrieved birthdates from 480,040 insurance policy applications made between 1981 through 1994 of a Life Insurance Company.
lakestatsJan 16, 20114KB84
YMS 11-13, Spanish Teacher's WorshoplakestatsMar 15, 2010186B34
YMS Example 11-4, Floral scents and mazeslakestatsMar 15, 2010426B48
YMS Example 11-2, NOx emissionlakestatsMar 15, 2010314B102
YMS 11-69, Stress Pets, and FriendslakestatsMar 15, 2010225B216
YMS 11-73, Active vrs Passive learninglakestatsMar 15, 2010217B52
YMS 11-68, Mind over math
subliminal imaging
lakestatsMar 15, 2010170B122
YMS 11-65, Helium Filled FootballlakestatsMar 15, 2010315B86
YMS 11-53, Teaching ReadinglakestatsMar 15, 2010195B60
YMS 11-31 Right vrs Left
Handedness tests
lakestatsMar 15, 2010246B41
YMS 11-27. The Big Toe Problem
HAV deformation angles, outliers
lakestatsMar 15, 2010150B35
Acorns Quiz1.2A-2
Volume of Acorns (CCm) from 39 speicies of American Oaks, 28 from the East Coast, and 11 from California
lakestatsSep 15, 2009218B132
YMS 4-15 Overweight thresholdlakestatsOct 16, 2008127B51
YMS 4-14, Heart Weights of Mammals
Heart weight and length of Left Ventrical Cavity of selected Mammals
lakestatsOct 16, 2008108B198
YMS Table 4-4 Body Weight Vrs Lifetime for various mammals
Body Weight and Life expectancy of various mammals, from Table 4.4 of YMS text.
lakestatsOct 15, 2008181B85
YMS Table 4-3 Atlantic Ocean Rockfish
Average length (cm) and weight(grams) at different ages for Atlantic Ocean Rockfish
lakestatsOct 15, 2008274B191
Euler Totient
n and Phi(n) where phi(n) is the number of values
lakestatsSep 11, 200894KB63
Births 1978 by daylakestatsSep 10, 20088KB242
Oil, quiz 1-1A
Expected production from oil fields in Devonian Richmond Dolomite Area of the Michigan Basin for 64 wells. Values are in thousands of Gallons expected.
lakestatsSep 4, 2008385B117
Number of Lightning Deaths by State from 1997 to 2006
Total deaths by lightning strike over the ten year period 1997-2006 by state of incident
lakestatsSep 3, 2008796B283
YMS 4-80Voter turnout
voter turn out and population for Presidential elections 1960 to 2000
lakestatsMar 21, 2008329B247
YMS 4-81 Women and Marital status
Women's marrital status by age group
lakestatsOct 29, 2007176B443
YMS 4-72 Light IntensitylakestatsOct 29, 2007161B91
YMS 4-25 Seed Production of Trees
Gives Data on the mean number of seed produced in a year by common tree species and mean weight in milligrams.
lakestatsOct 23, 2007459B217
YMS 4-21 How Mold Grows
Do mold colonies grow exponentially? The sizes of thirty colonies grown to different lenghts of time. Also lists the mean size of colonies terminated after a given time.
lakestatsOct 23, 2007287B311
YMS 4-19 Fish in Finland
Measurements of 12 perch caught in a lake in Finalnd
lakestatsOct 23, 2007197B127
Marsh, C. (1988) Exploring Data. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 315. These data are taken from the OPCS Study of the heights and weights of the adult population of Great Britain in 1980. They represent a random sample of two hundred married men and their wives. The five variables are husband's age (years), husband's height (mm), wife's age (years), wife's height (mm) and husband's age at the time of the marriage.
lakestatsOct 5, 20076KB1001
YMS Table 3-3 Brain Size vrs IQ
Brain size as measured by magnetic resonance imaging (number of pixels in the computer image of the brain scan).. verses intelligence as measured by Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test. 20 volunteers of each gender
lakestatsSep 27, 20071KB769
Anscombe Data
This is the data created by Cambridge Statisticain Frank J Anscombe to show that data sets that had essentially the same statistical measures could have strikingly different looking graphs. For more see
lakestatsSep 27, 2007322B180
YMS Table 1.15
This is data on the VERBAL and MATH SAT average scores by State with additional demographic data on HS diploma rates, educational funding, etc
lakestatsSep 26, 20072KB768
YMS 3.63
Wine consumption and heart disease
lakestatsSep 26, 2007194B279
YMS 3.66
Food poisoning data
lakestatsSep 25, 2007244B157
YMS 3.6 and 3.41
Manatee deaths vrs motorboat registration ... data from YMS unit 3-3, page 157
lakestatsSep 25, 2007249B408
YMS 1.57
Weight gains of chicks fed two types of corn suppliments
lakestatsSep 16, 2007199B129
YMS 1.29
Professor Moore's driving time between work and home, hours
lakestatsSep 16, 2007201B139
YMS Table 1-14
SUV Miles per gallon
lakestatsSep 7, 200782B63
Summary, scoring by inning, 2006
Scoring in MLBaseball, by runs per inning, 2006
lakestatsSep 2, 2007930B172
Baseball, first eight innings April 1-9lakestatsSep 2, 20073KB74
midge datalakestatsMay 24, 2007212B53
gypsy MothslakestatsDec 30, 2006352B50
EX04_05.TXTlakestatsDec 29, 2006131B42
Baseball96lakestatsNov 29, 20062KB64
Dream TeamlakestatsNov 21, 2006183B46
TA03_04.TXT w/o #19lakestatsOct 23, 2006201B46
TA03_04.TXT, w/o # 18lakestatsOct 23, 2006985B56
TA03_04.TXTlakestatsOct 23, 2006201B45
DIST_AIRFARElakestatsOct 23, 2006112B59
EX03_55.TXTlakestatsOct 18, 200647B43
C3U1P7lakestatsOct 16, 200673B45
C3U1P6lakestatsOct 16, 2006188B41
C3U3P4lakestatsOct 16, 2006236B39
C3U3P6lakestatsOct 16, 2006108B46
TA03_03.TXTlakestatsOct 10, 2006469B46
TA03_07.TXTlakestatsOct 10, 2006366B43
EX03_66.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 2006236B40
TA03_03.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 2006469B35
TA03_02.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 2006308B32
EX03_43.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 2006258B37
EX03_41.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 2006249B31
EX03_28.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 200644B38
EX03_19.TXTlakestatsOct 9, 200648B35
EX03_20.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 200699B48
TA03_02.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 2006308B32
EX03_18.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 2006258B40
TA03_01.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 2006131B37
EX03_11.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 2006140B45
EX03_07.TXTlakestatsOct 6, 2006237B52
draft lottery 1970lakestatsSep 29, 20066KB53
EX03_06.TXTlakestatsSep 29, 2006197B44
YMS 2.27.TXT
lenghts, in feet, of 44 great white sharks.
lakestatsSep 28, 2006224B265
YMS 2.26.TXT
29 measurements of the Density of the Earth made by Henry Cavendish in 1798... repeated measurements of the same qunatity should be approxiamtly normally distributed. That is why the Normal curve is sometimes called the "error" curve.
lakestatsSep 28, 2006150B90
scottish soldiers
chest measurements inches of Scottish soldiers presented in frequency table form, freqeuncy in column one, chest measurement in column two
lakestatsSep 28, 2006116B119
2_3prb12lakestatsSep 28, 2006667B38
singers.txtlakestatsSep 28, 2006497B52


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