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This table lists number of wins for MLB teams during the 2015 and 2016 regular seasons. This example was used during a STAT 215 at WVU lecture to introduce the concept of regression to the mean.
kjryanNov 28, 2017555B496
This example was used during a slide presentation on simple linear regression descriptive statistics in STAT 215 at WVU. This data tables lists the selling price (in $1000), size (in 100ft^2), and condition (from 1-10) of n=10 homes sold in 1986 in some market.
kjryanNov 25, 2017138B656
This table lists a sample of 10 ordered impact strengths and the needed columns to make normal and exponential probability plots. This example was used during Lab 4 in STAT 215 at WVU to introduce the concept of probability plotting for assessing distributional shape.
kjryanOct 11, 2017770B103
This table lists the number of wins from playing the Let's Make a Deal applet 50 times with the strategy "stay with door 1 no matter what." These data were generated during Lab 2 (i.e., 1 entry per group) in STAT 215 at WVU and will be reused later in this course to illustrate sampling distribution concepts.
kjryanSep 6, 2017110B50
This table lists charge weights (grams) for 20 insecticide containers. These data will be used in STAT 215 at WVU to illustrate basic graphical and numerical statistics.
kjryanAug 12, 2017105B105
These data on the 50 US states have columns for State, Region (as defined by the US Census Bureau), Population (in millions in 2013), Crime (number of violent crimes per 100K), right-to-Work (yes or no), Presidential election (Blue=Obama, Red=Romney in 2012 election), and Open handgun carry (allowed, permit required, prohibited). These data will be used in sections of STAT 211 at WVU during a graded group based lab on basic (graphical and numerical) descriptive statistics.
kjryanNov 10, 20164KB2888
These data are comprised of the 200 most recent tweets from MSNBC and FoxNews (as of August 18, 2016 at 4pm EST). These data will be used in sections of STAT 211 at WVU during a graded group based lab. This lab will introduce the concept of text analysis and will emphasize the area principle for graphs (in the context of word walls of these tweet data) as well as the interactive graphical capabilities of StatCrunch.
kjryanAug 18, 201656KB336


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