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Party and Eduction 136kfoongDec 10, 2019101B25
Concrete Mixture Strengths 136
An engineer measures the strength in pounds per square inch (psi) of concrete for 3 different mixtures of concrete. He randomly selects 9 samples from each of the three different mixtures and records their breaking strengths in psi. Assume the samples are independent of each other.
kfoongDec 10, 2019223B49
Hand Washing Methods 136
Bacteria counts on hands after washing with prescribed methods in randomized experiment.
kfoongDec 9, 2019227B95
Tattoo and HepC 136
HepC gives whether individual tests positive/negative for Hepatitis C. Comm is individual has tattoos from commercial tattoo parlor, Else is tattoo from somewhere other than commercial parlor, None implied has no tattoos
kfoongDec 9, 201963B43
Binned Data KFCkfoongSep 19, 2019120B19
LYME DROWNkfoongJan 21, 2016129B70
Math 136 1001kfoongJan 11, 201668B78
Mini 2009 Prices by Mileage
2009 Mini prices from based on mileage. Price in $1000's and mileage in 1000's miles
kfoongJan 26, 2014206B310


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