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human benchmark group data - cleanedjricoiiiMay 16, 20191KB21
NBA Games Scores Comparison 2006-07 (RICO)jricoiiiMay 9, 20193KB49
class dice data ricojricoiiiApr 22, 20191KB15
NHANES - USA Male Height (n=5000) jricoiiiApr 22, 201925KB1
All possible sums when 4 dice are rolled with exact frequencies for each sumjricoiiiApr 22, 20194KB3
USA MENs Height (Sample n =5000)jricoiiiApr 18, 201925KB2
Male Height USA NHANES 2011-14 jricoiiiApr 16, 2019107KB7
Sample of 200 Men - Height (inch)jricoiiiApr 16, 20191.011B41
Age of lobster vs. Length - Biological Bulletin (August 2007)jricoiiiApr 2, 2019384B9
Teen Birth Rate vs Religiosity (Reproductive Health [2009]: 14–20)jricoiiiApr 2, 2019532B5
CA Prop 64 and 2016 Presidential ElectionjricoiiiMar 19, 2019977B2
Golfing CorrelationjricoiiiMar 19, 2019125B138
HS FT% MeditationjricoiiiMar 14, 2019878B53
Paternal Smoking (Sullivan)jricoiiiMar 12, 2019345B5
NBA FT % 2018-19 vs 1998-99 (RICO)jricoiiiMar 4, 20193KB21
James Logan vs Newark Memorial Credits (Made up Data)jricoiiiMar 2, 2019190B18
Waiting Time in Coffee Shops by Gender (RICO)jricoiiiMar 2, 2019189B26
2016 US Presidential Elections State Outcome with Median Income (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 28, 20191KB37
NBA Stats Feb 27 2019 - Top 300 3PM (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 27, 201919KB9
chevy 2013 MPGjricoiiiFeb 27, 2019171B12
2008 Election Sample of States and Income (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 25, 2019150B1
Golden State Warriors Salaries 2018-19 (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 25, 2019428B2
49ers Salaries 2018-19 (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 25, 20192KB4
Lesson 5A (Rico) Driving TimesjricoiiiFeb 25, 201972B0
5B Boxplots Monthly TemperaturesjricoiiiFeb 25, 2019219B3
Advertising vs No Advertising (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 20, 2019204B5
IQ Test No Distractions vs Distractions (RICO) jricoiiiFeb 18, 20191KB44
Lesson 4C - Weight Gain (RICO)jricoiiiFeb 17, 2019208B1
NBA Score Differences Last Week 2006 vs First Week 2007 ( RICO )jricoiiiFeb 16, 2019698B9
NBA Score Differences Last Week 2006 with Graphs ( RICO )jricoiiiFeb 16, 2019689B11
NBA 2006 2007 Comparison RICO.csvjricoiiiFeb 16, 20193KB17
NBA 2006.csvjricoiiiFeb 16, 20195KB2
?sort=TOV&dir=-1&Season=2006-07&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&Month=3jricoiiiFeb 16, 201980KB1
RICO - F1 Speed Trap vs Lap TimejricoiiiApr 30, 2017722B2
RICO - Club Head Speed vs DistancejricoiiiApr 28, 2017143B7
ANOVA conceptual demo - RICOjricoiiiApr 25, 2017116B4
Lead IQ ANOVA -RICOjricoiiiApr 25, 20171.023B23
Fremont Home Sales Closed Last Week of February
38 sold for prices of homes in Fremont, CA during last week of February
jricoiiiApr 1, 2017349B50
Finger Length Divided by Width Hand - Rico 3-6jricoiiiMar 6, 2017654B45
Measure of Center - Rico Day 3
10 data point and 11 data point for determining mean. median, mode, midrange, and
jricoiiiJan 30, 2017365B6
Height of Statistics Student in Jose Rico's Class
Heights of 44 students in statistics class.
jricoiiiJan 29, 2017186B45
Triola and Chip Ahoy Data
Chocolate Chips Example in Textbook
jricoiiiJan 29, 2017135B36
Rico - Intro Explore Standard Deviation
A look at standard deviation calculation from a simple set of data.
jricoiiiJan 29, 2017168B12
Analysis of Mean and Variation - How far from School is your Home
To demonstrate the role of outliers in changing statistics
jricoiiiJan 26, 2017750B209


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