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MLB Team Histories (1973 - 2014)
This data set includes the team histories of all Major League Baseball teams from 1973 to 2014. It includes most major batting statistics, along with runs allowed and runs allowed per game.
jpalmateerDec 3, 2019290KB787
2018-19 Maryland Public Elementary SchoolsjpalmateerSep 28, 201977KB630
College Basketball Arenas
This dataset includes information on college basketball arenas, along with information about the schools and their performance on the court.
jpalmateerMar 2, 201949KB511
College Football Stadiums
This dataset includes information on college football stadiums both for the FBS and FCS, along with how the teams did during the 2017 college football season.
jpalmateerSep 26, 201836KB1570
Fall 2017 Exam GradesjpalmateerJun 26, 20182KB52
Interstate Highways
This dataset covers the United States Interstate System as of June 2018. It contains the interstate number, the number of miles the interstate runs, the year the interstate was founded, the number of states the interstate runs through and how many associated interstate highways are part of the interstate.
jpalmateerJun 3, 20181KB178
University LibrariesjpalmateerFeb 24, 201833KB236
Atlantic Hurricanes (1970 - 2016)
This data set contains data on tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes formed in the Atlantic Ocean from 1970 to 2016.
jpalmateerSep 21, 201717KB1423
Cartoon IMDB Ratings
These are the ratings of two cartoons (Adventure Time and The Simpsons) from IMDB.
jpalmateerSep 4, 201745KB145
Prestige TV IMDB Ratings
The IMDB ratings for 3 prestige TV shows (The Americans, Game of Thrones and Lost).
jpalmateerSep 4, 201711KB76
Lost IMDB Ratings
The ratings for the TV show, Lost (2004), on IMDB.
jpalmateerSep 4, 20174KB34
Adventure Time IMDB Ratings
The ratings from IMDB database on the show Adventure Time.
jpalmateerSep 4, 20179KB133
The Simpsons IMDB Rating
This is the ratings of The Simpsons on IMDB until the end of the 2016-7 season.
jpalmateerSep 4, 201724KB116
The Americans IMDB Rating
The ratings of The Americans on IMDB until the end of its fifth season.
jpalmateerSep 4, 20172KB24
Game of Thrones IMDB Ratings
These are the IMDB ratings of Game of Thrones through the end of season 7.
jpalmateerSep 4, 20173KB350
Roller Coaster Data
This data was complied by Professor T. Reiland of North Carolina State University.
jpalmateerJun 3, 20176KB1198
Airport Data (2015)
This data has data from the FAA on the number of passengers, the weight of cargo traffic, the miles from the city center and land area of airports in the United States that had traffic of over 100,000 passengers in 2015. The data covers 2015 and 2014.
jpalmateerFeb 26, 201722KB714
Lego Prices
This is a dataset of the prices of Lego sets in August 2016.
jpalmateerDec 2, 201631KB1886
Manley's Used Car PricesjpalmateerDec 2, 20161KB337
Bechdel Test and the Movies
This is a dataset from for how much movies make at the box office, along with if the movie passed the Bechdel test.
jpalmateerDec 2, 2016161KB254
Palmateer Solar DatajpalmateerJun 21, 201621KB997
Colleges and Universities (2013)jpalmateerMay 27, 201675KB599
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
This dataset has information on a selected group of members of The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, including information on the number of people in the group, if the group had a female member, if the person/group was a double inductee into the Hall, how many studio albums they had, the number of #1 hits, the number of top 40 hits, how many music videos they had (this needs work) and the year of release of their first album.
jpalmateerMay 27, 20163KB1731
Net Worth for POTUSjpalmateerMay 25, 2016521B67
Towson Men's Basketball
This has the number of wins that the Towson University men's basketball team has won each season from 1982-3 to 2015-6.
jpalmateerMay 8, 2016464B203
Tampa Bay Rays History
This dataset contains how many wins the Tampa Bay Rays have had in each of their seasons from 1998 to 2015.
jpalmateerMay 8, 2016175B373
Time of Baseball Game (Fall 2015)
This dataset has information the length of baseball games, along with characteristics of those games, from August 24 to August 31, during the 2015 Major League Baseball season.
jpalmateerSep 28, 20155KB7126
This dataset has information on how students have done on Tangram puzzles in class on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.
jpalmateerSep 9, 201520KB238
Commute Time
This is data about the average commute time for workers in cities around the United States.
jpalmateerMay 13, 20153KB2002
Moving Out of State
Data from Gallup about the percentage of people in a state who indicated a desire to move from their current state. The tax data gives the highest income tax rate for each state for the tax year 2014.
jpalmateerMay 13, 2015905B1437
Jeopardy Winnings
This contains data on the winners of the game show, Jeopardy!, from November 24, 2014 to March 3, 2015.
jpalmateerApr 9, 20152KB2497
2012 Presidential Election
This has information on the state-by-state results from the 2012 Presidential Election.
jpalmateerMar 1, 20154KB165
Zagat Restaurant Ratings
This dataset has information on the Zagat Restaurant rankings for restaurants in New York City and on Long Island.
jpalmateerMay 28, 20143KB691
Snowfall 1983-2013.xlsx
This dataset contains the amount of snowfall (measured in inches) at BWI airport from the winters of 1983-4 to 2012-3.
jpalmateerMar 3, 2014557B748
Housing Price Data
This is an example of the relationship between housing prices with the square footage of the house, the age of the house and if the house has a finished basement.
jpalmateerNov 7, 20133KB2186
Local College Data
The following data is for the year 2011 for colleges and universities in the Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Variables included in the data set include the college, type of college, location of college, admissions rate, SAT scores (Reading and Math, 75th percentile), tuition and fees, average amount of financial aid, enrollment (total and undergraduate), freshman retention rate, student/teacher ratio and graduation rate (5 year).
jpalmateerSep 23, 201324KB1855


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