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Life Expectancy 1900-1998
Life Expectancy for males and females and the difference (F-M) Data from
je175Feb 15, 20182KB222
NFL Players 2017
Shows the weight, height, position, college, experience (0 = rookie), and salary of all NFL players in the 2017 season (as of 2/1/2018)
je175Feb 2, 2018147KB2440
gas costsje175Oct 14, 20171KB44
gas costsje175Oct 14, 20171KB21
Survey Responsesje175Sep 5, 201715KB25
Top 40 Highest Paid Athletes Aug 2016je175Aug 30, 2017160B7
Gross Domestic Earnings of 2017 Movies by August 11je175Aug 13, 201717KB64
Obama vs Trump Staff Salaries 2016-17je175Jul 3, 201789KB236
SAT, ACT, AP School Performance in California High Schools for 2015-16
Gives school, district, and county name, total enrollment of seniors, total enrollment of 10th-12th graders, number of test takers for SAT, average scores, number earning a 1500+, percentage earning 1500+, number of test takers of AP exams, number who scored 1-5 on AP exam, percentage of test takers who earned at least a 3 on the exam, likewise for the ACT.
je175Jul 2, 2017305KB656
Does Defense Win Championships? Data Table
The NFL Team, the year they played (1980-2016), the number of wins, the points they allowed (PPG.A) and the points they scored (PPG)
je175Mar 14, 201729KB390
Gapminder Dataje175Feb 20, 2017356B105
NFL Team Offensive & Defensive Stats 1980-2015je175Oct 23, 2016372KB455
NFL Offenses & Defenses 2002-2015je175Oct 11, 201685KB394
MLB Team Stats 2013-2016
Batting, pitching, and fielding statistics for MLB teams from 2013 to 2016
je175Oct 4, 201627KB754
MLB Team Stats 2016
Batting, pitching, and fielding statistics for Major League Baseball teams in 2016
je175Oct 4, 201611KB976
Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes 2016je175Aug 17, 20164KB268
2016 US Olympic Teamje175Aug 16, 2016179KB613
Newsweek Top 500 US High Schools 2016je175Aug 11, 201626KB154
AP Statistics FRQs 2002-2016je175Jul 26, 20162KB7
2015 MLB Team Data
Team stats for MLB 2015 in early October; includes team opening salary, wins, losses, pitching, batting, fielding stats, playoff appearance, world series wins/losses (does not include 2015 WS winner)
je175Jul 25, 20168KB1436
NFL Players 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
je175Jul 24, 2016192KB2951
R-Sq Bock Data.xlsx
Height vs. Weight
je175Jul 21, 2016245B13
Anscombe's Data -- AP Statsje175Jul 21, 2016415B110
Top Grossing Movies 2015.xlsje175Jul 11, 201619KB524
Fatal Shootings by Police Officers from Jan 2015 to July 2016
See for more information.
je175Jul 7, 2016159KB403
AP Statistics Predictions 2013-16
GPA = Student's Weighted GPA before beginning AP Statistics PrevMath = The highest math course the student completed at our school prior to AP Stats AP.Ave = The student's average score on the AP exams taken (if available) MathGPA = Unweighted GPA of student's work in math courses MT.MC = Students number correct (out of 40) on the multiple choice section of their midterm (MT) MT.Raw = Student's raw score (out of 100) on the multiple choice and free response sections of a previously released AP exam Locus.Aug = Student's score (out of 100) on the LOCUS diagnostic test in the beginning of the school year S1P = Student's first semester grade as a percentage S1G = Student's first semester letter grade S1F = Student's (scaled) first semester final exam grade (a.k.a. midterm test grade) S2P = Student's second semester grade as a percentage S2G = Student's second semester letter grade Ch 1-4 = Student's raw test average on ch. 1-4 Ch 1-6 = Student's raw test average on ch. 1-6 Ch 1-8 = Students raw test average on ch. 1-8 MT = Student's raw test average on the midterm Ch 1-12=Student's raw test average on ch. 1-12 (entire textbook) Mock 1 = Student's raw score on first mock exam (mid-March) Mock 2 = Student's raw score on second mock exam (late April) Mock 1&2 = Student's average on two mock exams MT&Mock1&2 = Student's average on midterm and two mock exams MT.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on midterm Mocks.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on average of two mock exams MT&Mocks.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on average of MT and two mock exams ACTUAL = student's actual performance on AP exam (blank means student opted out of taking exam) MT.Resid = Actual score - Midterm score Mocks.Resid = Actual score - average Mock exam score MT&Mocks.Resid = Actual score - average midterm and mock exam score
je175Jul 5, 20169KB2352
Grocery Spending: Trader Joe's vs. Sprouts
Grocery Bills from October 2014 to June 2016 at two local stores in Southern California
je175Jun 29, 20162KB90
Bike Sharing
This dataset contains the hourly and daily count of rental bikes between years 2011 and 2012 in Capital bikeshare system with the corresponding weather and seasonal information. - instant: record index - dteday : date - season : season (1:springer, 2:summer, 3:fall, 4:winter) - yr : year (0: 2011, 1:2012) - mnth : month ( 1 to 12) - hr : hour (0 to 23) - holiday : weather day is holiday or not (extracted from [Web Link]) - weekday : day of the week - workingday : if day is neither weekend nor holiday is 1, otherwise is 0. + weathersit : - 1: Clear, Few clouds, Partly cloudy, Partly cloudy - 2: Mist + Cloudy, Mist + Broken clouds, Mist + Few clouds, Mist - 3: Light Snow, Light Rain + Thunderstorm + Scattered clouds, Light Rain + Scattered clouds - 4: Heavy Rain + Ice Pallets + Thunderstorm + Mist, Snow + Fog - temp : Normalized temperature in Celsius. The values are derived via (t-t_min)/(t_max-t_min), t_min=-8, t_max=+39 (only in hourly scale) - atemp: Normalized feeling temperature in Celsius. The values are derived via (t-t_min)/(t_max-t_min), t_min=-16, t_max=+50 (only in hourly scale) - hum: Normalized humidity. The values are divided to 100 (max) - windspeed: Normalized wind speed. The values are divided to 67 (max) - casual: count of casual users - registered: count of registered users - cnt: count of total rental bikes including both casual and registered
je175May 11, 20161MB324
MLB Salaries 2016.xlsx
Major League Baseball Contract salaries at the start of the 2016 season
je175May 7, 201657KB420


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