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LS PotentialsjdlynchFeb 17, 2009814B50
Lubricant ContentsjdlynchNov 19, 200893B29
Ferrous-Type DatajdlynchSep 25, 2008127B82
LubricantDatajdlynchSep 25, 200878B37
BeadBoxSTAT509Fall08Section3jdlynchSep 3, 200879B29
BeadBoxSTAT509Fall08Section1jdlynchSep 3, 200878B34
See Vining Example 2.11. Times (in days) were for a 10 year period at a DuPont facility.
jdlynchAug 14, 20081KB48
ViningViscosityDataProblem4-26jdlynchAug 13, 2008103B25
Particles on silicone wafers
jdlynchAug 13, 2008220B28
ViningProblem5.32BlisteredPlatesjdlynchAug 13, 2008129B118
ViningProblem5.31FlashDatajdlynchAug 13, 2008195B244
Milk filling example on page 181 for CI's (Sec 4.1). Example continues into Sec 4.2 Test of Hypotheses. Weight is in grams.
jdlynchAug 13, 200869B35
The thicknesses (in agnstroms) are for 23 wafers.
jdlynchAug 13, 2008177B41
ViningExample3.18 - Thicknesse
We have removed the first and last digit from each observation in the data.
jdlynchAug 13, 2008153B21
ReadingDatajdlynchAug 13, 2008198B116
Reading Gain DatajdlynchAug 13, 200895B47
PaintCanEarData(FromViningPagejdlynchAug 13, 20081KB84
This is the reported income data for STAT 519 Spring 2008
jdlynchAug 11, 200828KB33
This data is used to demonstrate how to construct strata.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008228B30
Stephanies SamplejdlynchAug 11, 20082KB21
IncomeTaxStratifiedDatajdlynchAug 11, 2008176B43
This is the angle data generated by the STAT 506 class in Sp07
jdlynchAug 11, 2008276B29
BeadBoxSTAT525Sp07jdlynchAug 11, 2008218B22
EffectsSTAT506H3jdlynchAug 11, 200866B25
u-chart data
This is just simulated data where the unit size 1 is Poisson with mean 2 and for unit size 2 is Poisson with mean 4.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008228B31
STAT519Example4.7jdlynchAug 11, 2008520B25
N(100,.5) data
jdlynchAug 11, 2008533B106
Rounded N(100,.5)
jdlynchAug 11, 2008152B224
Control Chart Data Fall 2007jdlynchAug 11, 20081KB179
7 Columns of 727 Uniforms in each column.
jdlynchAug 11, 200864KB56
BeadBox STAT509 Fall 2007jdlynchAug 11, 2008215B24
Sunday Monday AccidentsjdlynchAug 11, 2008667B34
1970 LotteryjdlynchAug 11, 20082KB44
1971 LotteryjdlynchAug 11, 20082KB19
BeadBoxSTAT509Sp08jdlynchAug 11, 2008170B24
Taxpayer 2008
This is the data for both reported and actual for STAT 519 Spring 2008
jdlynchAug 11, 200843KB38
Simulated Data n=1000, 2000, 3000; p=.01.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008985B27
BoltDatajdlynchAug 11, 20082KB33
X-bar, R-data for problemjdlynchAug 11, 2008755B37
Control Chart Data Spring 03jdlynchAug 11, 20081KB36
Bead Box STAT509 Sp05jdlynchAug 11, 2008195B26
TireDiameterjdlynchAug 11, 200860B29
p-chart: Days1-40jdlynchAug 11, 2008397B73
Bader-PriestDatajdlynchAug 11, 20082KB24
1970 and 1971 Draft Lotteries
The first column is the day, the second and third are the lottery numbers for that day.
jdlynchAug 11, 20084KB42
Census Data
This is some data from the 1980, 1990 and 2000 censuses. Area, Ages etc are from the 1990 census. The information in the columns 1980, 1990, 2000 are the individual state populations (in thousands).
jdlynchAug 11, 20083KB48
This is a sample from the Bead Box Experiment
jdlynchAug 11, 2008173B32
Heights reported by Sections STAT 519 and STAT J519 as of 8 am 10-5-05
jdlynchAug 11, 2008220B28
LambertjdlynchAug 11, 2008169B30
Ball Bearing H1jdlynchAug 11, 200873B25
Ball Bearing H1 Raw Data
Raw data was generated from a N(570.5,1). The diameters were obtained by rounding.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008166B36
BeadBoxExpFall06jdlynchAug 11, 2008206B28
Three candidates, A, B and C. 10 vote for A, 19 for B and 21 for C.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008165B37
Three ShiftsjdlynchAug 11, 2008108B23
This Data consists of
(i) 32 samples of size 3 where students selected the rectangles and there sample averages;
(ii) 39 TRUE RANDOM samples of size 3 and there sample averages;
(iii) the actual population of rectangle averages.
jdlynchAug 11, 20081KB46
p-chart: Days 1-30
Data for days 1-30.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008213B126
BeadBoxSTAT509Fall02jdlynchAug 11, 2008632B23
X=outcome on the throw of a fair die
S=sum of the outcome of two fair dice

The four sample columns are random samples (iid) from X and S where n=40 and 100.
By doing histograms of x and of s (with cell width 1) you get the actual pdf of X and S. These can then be compared to the sample histogram as well as summary stats comparisions with the population parameters.
jdlynchAug 11, 20081KB54
PlantsjdlynchAug 11, 2008763B45
n=11, sample median and mean are calculated
jdlynchAug 11, 200860KB17
N(.5,.04) datajdlynchAug 11, 200868B40
Diameters~N(2,.0009)jdlynchAug 11, 2008320B104
TireMileagejdlynchAug 11, 200858B49
Soda Pop ContentsjdlynchAug 11, 2008324B101
TrainingMethods(MF7.68)jdlynchAug 11, 200896B18
WeightLoss(MF7.72)jdlynchAug 11, 2008217B57
Fall2002ProjectDatajdlynchAug 11, 20084KB24
Row 9 is the sum, Row 10 the divisors and Row 11 the estimated effects
jdlynchAug 11, 2008302B33
LabDataForFinaljdlynchAug 11, 2008281B33
BeadBoxSpring03jdlynchAug 11, 2008108B21
Spring 03
jdlynchAug 11, 2008122B152
Two data sets
Column one is from an exponential and column two is from a normal.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008191B120
Normal Data
This is 10 observations from a N(100, 15^2).
jdlynchAug 11, 2008104B116
Nambe Mills Tableware Data
Nambe Mills manufactures a line of tableware made from sand casting a special alloy of several metals. After casting, the pieces go through a series of shaping, grinding, buffing, and polishing steps. In 1989 the company began a program to rationalize its production schedule of some 100 items in its tableware line. The total grinding and polishing times listed here were a major output of this program.
Number of cases: 59 
Variable Names: 
1. BOWL: Bowl (1) or not (0) 
2. CASS: Casserole (1) or not (0) 
3. DISH: Dish (1) or not (0) 
4. TRAY: Tray (1) or not (0) 
5. DIAM: Diameter of item, or equivalent (inches) 
6. TIME: Grinding and polishing time (minutes) 
7. PRICE: Retail price ($) 
Note: Items not classed as bowl, casserole, dish, or tray are plates.
jdlynchAug 11, 20082KB229
GearDatajdlynchAug 11, 20081.024B71
Bead Box STAT 509 Sp02jdlynchAug 11, 2008194B26
defectsjdlynchAug 11, 2008333B25
Control Chart Data
This is summary data for the data on page 689 of Devore. The subgroup is of size 5 for the 22 subgroups.
jdlynchAug 11, 2008498B318
Bookmark WeightsjdlynchAug 11, 2008859B33
FisherAlgalCellDatajdlynchAug 11, 2008250B30


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