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Example - Independent and Dependent t-Test data
In this example, when tested using an Independent t-Test, there is no difference. However, when testing using a Dependent t-Test, the difference is significant. The reason is attributed to how error variance is calculated.
housew1Jul 3, 2019746B27
Dataset: airline_costs.dat Source: J.W. Proctor and J.S. Duncan (1954). "A Regression Analysis of Airline Costs," Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Vol.21, #3, pp.282-292. Description: Regression relating Operating Costs per revenue ton-mile to 7 factors: length of flight, speed of plane, daily flight time per aircraft, population served, ton-mile load factor, available tons per aircraft mile, and firms net assets. Regression based on natural logarithms of all factors, except load factor. Load factor and available tons (capacity) for Northeast Airlines was imputed from summary calculations. Variables/columns Airline 1-20 Length of flight (miles) 22-28 L_Group (inserted) Long (>175), Med (>60), Short (<69) Speed of Plane (miles per hour) 30-36 Daily Flight Time per plane (hours) 38-44 Population served (1000s) 46-52 Total Operating Cost (cents per revenue ton-mile) 54-60 Revenue Tons per Aircraft mile 62-68 Ton-Mile load factor (proportion) 70-76 Available Capacity (Tons per mile) 78-84 Total Assets ($100,000s) 86-92 Investments and Special Funds ($100,000s) 94-100 Adjusted Assets ($100,000s) 102-108
housew1Jul 3, 20192KB74
Data for discussion. OLD = Old material; NEW = New composite material. Discover how you would test the hypothesis using StatCrunch.
housew1Jun 16, 2019605B47
Population A, mean=36, sd=4. Population B = 44 (single value) Explore how to compute this test using StatCrunch.
housew1Jun 16, 201946KB59
Data set with a mean =40 and SD = 10. Explore how z-scores were computed. You will see [8] above the StatCrunch button. Explore the tables visuals, and calculated columns (Z-score and DATA2).
housew1Jun 16, 201953KB55
A4.2housew1Jun 15, 201966B1
Assignment 2.2
housew1Jun 15, 2019282B4
A1.5housew1Apr 28, 2019305B6


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