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Nutritional Data for Fast Food 2017
The dataset was collected in January of 2017 by looking through online nutritional information provided by fast food restaurant chains. Nutrition data on various burgers, a breaded chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake were collected for each restaurant (when applicable). For each chain the smallest hamburger, the smallest cheeseburger, and a variety of their most well known larger burgers were selected.
hboringJan 17, 201811KB83
NFL Player Data 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
hboringJan 17, 2018220KB133
Consumer Reports Cars
Car data from lecture 1, obgtained from Description: Measurements on 38 1978-79 model automobiles. The gas mileage in miles per gallon as measured by Consumers' Union on a test track. Other values as reported by automobile manufacturer. Number of cases: 38 Variable Names: Country: Nationality of manufacturer (eg. U.S., Japan) Car: Car name (Make and model) MPG: Miles per gallon, a measure of gas mileage Drive_Ratio: Drive ratio of the automobile Horsepower: Horsepower Displacement: Displacement of the car (in cubic inches) Cylinder: Number of cylinders
hboringJan 15, 20182KB155


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