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Age at first marriage of 5,534 US women from the OpenIntro R package.
emaninspaceJun 29, 201922KB314
Thanksgiving 2015 Poll Data
This data was collected using a SurveyMonkey poll conducted on November 17th, 2015. Originally there were 1,058 respondents. The following where the original questions summarized in this data set:
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
What is typically the main dish at your Thanksgiving dinner?
How is the main dish typically cooked?
What kind of stuffing/dressing do you typically have?
What type of cranberry sauce do you typically have?
Do you typically have gravy?
Which of these side dishes are typically served at your Thanksgiving dinner? Please select all that apply.
Green beans/green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
Yams/sweet potato casserole
Which type of pie is typically served at your Thanksgiving dinner? Please select all that apply.
Which of these desserts do you typically have at Thanksgiving dinner? Please select all that apply.
Do you typically pray before or after the Thanksgiving meal?
How far will you travel for Thanksgiving?
Will you watch any of the following programs on Thanksgiving?
Macy's Parade What's the age cutoff at your "kids' table" at Thanksgiving?
Have you ever tried to meet up with hometown friends on Thanksgiving night?
Have you ever attended a "Friendsgiving?"
Will you shop any Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day?
Do you work in retail?
Will you employer make you work on Black Friday?
How would you describe where you live?
What is your gender?
How much total combined money did all members of your HOUSEHOLD earn last year?
What US Region do you live in?
emaninspaceMay 13, 2019204KB98
Grades versus number of hours spent watching TV per week from OpenIntro.
emaninspaceMay 1, 2019167B68
ACS 2012
Taken from an R packages. American Community Survey 2012.
emaninspaceApr 24, 2019167KB969
Starbucks data
Starbucks nutrition data from the OpenIntro R package
emaninspaceApr 10, 20195KB278


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