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Problem 2.12
This is about foot malformations
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008283B16
Problem 2.14
This is about speed versus fuel used
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008175B20
Problem 2.18
This is about the effect of nematodes on plant growth
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008114B20
Problem 2.22
Ecology Experiment on Perch
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008183B25
Problem 2.45
National Assessment of Education Progress
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008114B32
Problem 2.63
This is about nutrition in developing countries
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008120B33
Problem 2.70
This is about gas Chromatography
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008238B24
Problem 2.74
This is about runners speed and stride rate
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008112B16
Problem 7.5
Children in Psychology study rating luck
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008210B36
Problem 7.6
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008132B28
Problem 7.28
This is about TBBMD (about bone loss)
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008119B36
Problem 7.37
Radon Detectors
ds-9243%scAug 11, 200889B17
Problem 1.25, Table 1.7
This is to make a time plot for two data sets
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008935B32
Problem 1.41ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008400B14
Problems 1.36 and 1.71
Survival time in days of 72 guinea pigs in medical experiment
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008356B20
Random Sample of Number of Sibds-9243%scAug 11, 200868B26
Problem 1.43
This is about average property damage by tornadoes, which can be used to figure out: five-# summary, etc.
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008823B27
Problem 1.58
This is info about Hummingbird beaks and is to make a boxplot
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008870B29
Problem 2.7
This is to make a scatterplot about animal species in the wild that survive to breed again
ds-9243%scAug 11, 200872B32
Problem 2.9
This is a scatterplot of Social Distress and Brain Activity
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008228B41
Problem 2.10
THis is about plants; cycle length vs. length of day
ds-9243%scAug 11, 20082KB51


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