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Dr Other Prof Incomeds-12%scAug 11, 2008264B38
Likert Icons
Gender: 1=Male, 2=Female
Grade: 1-First, 3=Third
Tyesurv: 1=Smile, 2=Sun, 3=Text
ds-12%scAug 11, 20081KB62
Average Salaries of Professors
Average salaries (in thousands of dollars) of professors at the top 50 universities in the U.S. from 1993 separated by Big 10 and not Big 10 schools.
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008393B110
TV Ad Yields
Authorization: free use
Description: This data appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The advertisement were selected by an annual survey conducted by Video Board Tests, Inc., a New York ad-testing company, based on interviews with 20, 000 adults who were asked to name the most outstanding TV commercial they had seen, noticed, and liked. The retained impressions were based on a survey of 4, 000 adults, in which regular product users were asked to cite a commercial they had seen for that product category in the past week.
Number of cases: 21
Variable Names:
FIRM: Firm name
SPEND: TV advertising budget, 1983 ($ millions)
MILIMP: Millions of retained impressions per week
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008694B177
Nursing Home
Reference: These data are part of the data analyzed in Howard L. Smith, Niell F. Piland, and Nancy Fisher, \"A Comparison of Financial Performance, Organizational Character- istics, and Management Strategy Among Rural and Urban Nursing Facilities, Journal of Rural Health, Winter 1992, pp 27-40.
Authorization: free use
The data were collected by the Department of Health and Social Services of the State of New Mexico and cover 52 of the 60 licensed nursing facilities in New Mexico in 1988.
Number of cases: 52
Variable Names:
BED = number of beds in home
MCDAYS = annual medical in-patient days (hundreds)
TDAYS = annual total patient days (hundreds)
PCREV = annual total patient care revenue ($hundreds)
NSAL = annual nursing salaries ($hundreds)
FEXP = annual facilities expenditures ($hundreds)
RURAL = rural (1) and non-rural (0) homes
ds-12%scAug 11, 20084KB193
Passenger Cars
Reference: R.M. Heavenrich, J.D. Murrell, and K.H. Hellman, Light Duty Automotive Technology and Fuel Economy Trends Through 1991, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1991 (EPA/AA/CTAB/91-02).
Authorization: free use
Description: Based on data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Number of cases: 82
Variable Names:
VOL: Cubic feet of cab space
HP: Engine horspower
MPG: Average miles per gallon
SP: Top speed (mph)
WT: Vehicle weight (100 lb)
ds-12%scAug 11, 20083KB262
Wages and Hours
Reference: D.H. Greenberg and M. Kosters, Income Guarantees and the Working Poor, The Rand Corporation (R-579-OEO), December, 1970.
Authorization: free use
Description: The data are from a national sample of 6000 households with a male head earning less than $15,000 annually in 1966. The data were clasified into 39 demographic groups for analysis. The study was undertaken in the context of proposals for a guaranteed annual wage (negative income tax). At issue was the response of labor supply (average hours) to increasing hourly wages. The study was undertaken to estimate this response from available data
Number of cases: 39
Variable Names:
HRS: Average hours worked during the year
WAGE: Average hourly wage ($)
ERSP: Average yearly earnings of spouse ($)
ERNO: Average yearly earnings of other family members ($)
NEIN: Average yearly non-earned income
ASSET: Average family asset holdings (Bank account, etc.) ($)
AGE: Average age of respondent
DEP: Average number of dependents
RACE: Percent of white respondents
SCHOOL: Average highest grade of school completed
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB488
Reference: Branch Rickey, Good-Bye to Some Old Baseball Ideas, Life Magazine, August 2, 1954.
Authorization: free use
Description: Branch Rickey presents the leading baseball pitchers of the period 1920 to 1950, ranked by earned run average (ERA). He also presents additional statistics related to pitching performance (ERA).
Number of cases: 12
Variable Names:
HITS: hits per 100 at bats
CON: Control = 100(bases on balls+hit batsmen) / (hits+bases on balls+ hit batsmen)
CLU: Clutch = 100(earned runs) / (hits+bases on balls+hit batsment)
SO: Strikeouts = 100(strikeouts) / (hits+bases on balls+hit batsmen)
ERA: Earned run average = earned runs per nine innings pitched
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008508B86
Bivariate Datads-12%scAug 11, 2008791B101
Difference Tests
Free use from DASL (
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB47
Refusals in Lending
Reference: Acorn, Banking on Discrimination: Executive Summary, October, 1991, in Joint Hearings Before the Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs, House of Representatives, 102nd Congress, 2nd Session, Serial 102-120, May 7 and May 14, 1992, pp 236-246.
Authorization: free use
Acorn is the acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.
The data presented to the Committee by Acorn concerned refusal rates in mortgage lending by 20 banks in major cities.
Number of cases: 20
Variable Names:
. Name of bank
MIN = refusal rate for minority applicants
WHITE = refusal rate for white applicants
HIMIN = refusal rate for high income minority applicants
HIWHITE = refusal rate for high income white applicants
ds-12%scAug 11, 20081KB147
OECD Econ Dev
Reference: J. Singleman, From Agriculture to Services, Sage, 1978, p 11..
Authorization: free use
Description: Data are presented on the per capita income of 20 European OECD countries for 1960. Also presented are the percentages of the labor force employed in agriculture, industry, and services for each country
Number of cases: 20
Variable Names:
PCINC = Per capita income , 1960 ($)
AGR = Percent of labor force in agriculture, 1960
IND = Percent of labor force in industry, 1960
SER = Percent of labor force in service occupations, 1960
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008753B124
Professors Pay
Reference: \"Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee.\" (1993, April). Ohio State University
Authorization: free use
Description: Average salaries for professors at the top 50 universities of the Association of American Universities. Salaries of full, associate and assistant professors at these universities are provided. 1992-1993 data from Clark University are not available; 1991-1992 salaries were substituted.
* Note that the \"Big Ten\" has 11 schools in it (since Penn State joined the original 10 schools)
Number of cases: 50
Variable Names:
University: Name of the university
CIC.institutions: 1 if in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (the Big Ten* plus University of Chicago); 0 if the university is not in the CIC
average.salary: Average salary for all professors at the university assuming that the proportions of faculty in each rank are the same as those proportions at the Ohio State University Average salary for full professors at the university in 1992 Average salary for associate professors at the university in 1992 Average salary for assistant professors at the university in 1992
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB358
Ages of President
Ages of US presidents at time of inauguration.
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008188B133
Lab 7 Results
J=bargain brand, K=name brand
ds-12%scAug 11, 200872B31
Scoresds-12%scAug 11, 200836B26
Dependent Samplesds-12%scAug 11, 2008373B20
Independent Samplesds-12%scAug 11, 2008391B27
College Women Hts and Wts
Data from illustration 3.9 in Just the Essentials of Elementary Statistics 3rd Edition by Johnson and Kuby.
Height (in inches) and Weight (in pounds)
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008101B69
Data from the GCAMOTC club members. AWEIGHT is weight of first born twin and BWEIGHT is weight of second born twin. PREMATURE is defined as less than 37 weeks gestation at birth.
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB179
Random Rectanglesds-12%scAug 11, 2008376B33
Montana Outlook
Reference: Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of Montana, May 1992
Authorization: free use
Description: The Montana poll asked a random sample of Montana residents whether their personal financial status was the worse, the same, or better than a year ago, and whether they thought the state economic outlook was better over the next year. This file contains these items and accompanying demographics about the respondents. The file contains results for every other person included in the poll.
Number of cases: 209
Variable Names:
AGE = 1 under 35, 2 35-54, 3 55 and over
SEX = 0 male, 1 female
INC = yearly income: 1 under $20K, 2 20-35$K, 3 over $35K
POL = 1 Democrat, 2 Independent, 3 Republican
AREA = 1 Western, 2 Northeastern, 3 Southeastern Montana
FIN = Financial status 1 worse, 2 same, 3 better than a year ago
STAT = State economic outlook 1 better, 2 not better than a year ago
ds-12%scAug 11, 20083KB141
Home Pricesds-12%scAug 11, 20083KB51
Alcohol and Tobacco
Region: Region of Great Britain
Alcohol: Average weekly household spending on alcoholic beverages in pounds
Tobacco: Average weekly household spending on tobacco products in pounds
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008283B49
110 Lines Testds-12%scAug 11, 2008155B26
Birth and Death Rates in USds-12%scAug 11, 2008997B50
Peanut butterds-12%scAug 11, 20081KB38
Oil Change Datads-12%scAug 11, 2008106B36
Draft Lotteryds-12%scAug 11, 20086KB25
Cars mpg by typeds-12%scAug 11, 2008503B39
Body Measurements
Lists estimates of the percentage of body fat determined by underwater weighing and various body circumference measurements for 252 men. Author: Roger W. Johnson Department of Mathematics & Computer Science South Dakota School of Mines & Technology 501 East St. Joseph Street Rapid City, SD 57701 email address: web address:
ds-12%scAug 11, 200830KB509
Baby Data
NAME: Time of Birth, Sex, and Birth Weight of 44 Babies TYPE: Observational SIZE: 44 observations, 4 variables DESCRIPTIVE ABSTRACT: The dataset contains the time of birth, sex, and birth weight for each of 44 babies born in one 24-hour period at a Brisbane, Australia, hospital. Also included is the number of minutes since midnight for each birth. SOURCE: The data appeared in the Brisbane newspaper _The Sunday Mail_ on December 21, 1997. VARIABLE DESCRIPTIONS: Columns 1 - 8 Time of birth recorded on the 24-hour clock 9 - 16 Gender of the child (1 = girl, 2 = boy) 17 - 24 Birth weight in grams 25 - 32 Number of minutes after midnight of each birth
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB383
Shock Data
NOTE: These data appear and are utilized in "Statistical Analysis: A Computer Oriented Approach" by A.A. Afifi and S.P. Azen. DESCRIPTIVE ABSTRACT: SOURCE: These data were collected at the Shock Research Unit at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. Data on many physiological variables were collected successively in time on each patient. These data represent a special subset of the data that was extracted for the purpose of exercise. Initial measurements (measurements upon admission) and final measurements on the same variables (measurements just before death or discharge) were collected on 113 critically ill patients. CODE-SHEET TABLE: Please note that there are 2 records for each patient. Each record contains 21 fields. Record 1 contains 6 general variables (Id - Shock type) and 14 initial measurements on 14 variables (Systolic pressure - Hematocrit). Record 2 contains the same 6 general variables and 14 final measurements on the 14 variables. Each record also has a record number indicator. Column Variable Units Comment -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-4 ID none 5-8 Age yr 9-12 Height cm 13-15 Sex none 1=Male, 2=Female 16 Survival none 1=Survived, 3=Died 17-20 Shock type none 2=Non-shock 3=Hypovolemic shock 4=Cardiogenic shock 5=Bacterial shock 6=Neurogenic shock 7=Other 21-24 Systolic Pressure mm Hg 25-28 Mean arterial pressure mm Hg 29-32 Heart rate beats/min 33-36 Diastolic pressure mm Hg 37-40 Mean central venous Pressure cm H2O 41-44 Body surface index m2 45-48 Cardiac index liters/min m2 49-52 Appearance time sec 53-56 Mean circulation time sec 57-60 Urinary output ml/hr 61-64 Plasma volume index ml/kg 65-68 Red Cell Index ml/kg 69-72 Hemoglobin gm/100 ml 73-76 Hematocrit percent 77-79 Blank 80 Card sequence (Record) none 1=Initial, 2=Final
ds-12%scAug 11, 200818KB462
Gender and Class 5, 6ds-12%scAug 11, 2008721B43
Gender and Class 9, 10ds-12%scAug 11, 2008762B34
Q-Back and Team Salaries
Reference: The Associated Press as Reported by the Atlanta Constitution, December 1991
Authorization: free use
Description: These data for the 1991 season of the National Football League were reported by the Associated Press.
Number of cases: 28
Variable Names:
TEAM: Name of team
QB: Salary ($thousands) of regular quarterback
TOTAL: Total team salaries ($thousands)
NFC: National Football Conference (1) or American Football Conference (0)
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008743B104
USC 2002 Football Scoresds-12%scAug 11, 2008163B28
Home Runs for Bonds and Sosa
Number of home runs each season for Barry Bonds (1986-2003) and Sammy Sosa (1989-2004).
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008165B38
Lab 16 Datads-12%scAug 11, 2008487B28
HW2 Datads-12%scAug 11, 20082KB32
HW2 Data 2ds-12%scAug 11, 2008908B27
JTE 3.50
Age of car (years) and asking price (x$100)
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008132B48
Gas octaneds-12%scAug 11, 200888B39
Metal Componentsds-12%scAug 11, 200870B29
Hot Dogsds-12%scAug 11, 2008517B31
Dep Samples Datads-12%scAug 11, 2008515B28
Team A and Bds-12%scAug 11, 2008108B26
Ice Creamds-12%scAug 11, 20081KB52
Cerealsds-12%scAug 11, 200811KB57
Distribution Patterns
Variable Names:
QRAT = Market value to replacement cost ratio for 50 firms out of 250
DENS = 29 measures of the density of earth compared to water by Cavendish in 1798 (from Stigler)
STR = Yarn strength (lbs) of 22s yarns (from A.J. Duncan)
AGE = Age of officers attaining the rank of colonel in the Royal Netherlands Air Force (from Verhoeven)
ds-12%scAug 11, 20081KB24
Smoking and Cancerds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB67
Exploring Corr and Reg
Four data sets with the same regression equation, r and R-sq.
From Concepts and Controversies, Table 15.2 on p. 304.
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008547B47
Crawlingds-12%scAug 11, 2008347B36
Let do it! 7.16ds-12%scAug 11, 2008298B28
Infant Death and Life Expectands-12%scAug 11, 2008303B53
Sample prop with p=.5ds-12%scAug 11, 200811KB37
Measurements on 38 1978-79 model automobiles. The gas mileage in miles per gallon as measured by Consumers' Union on a test track. Other values as reported by automobile manufacturer. Number of cases: 38 Variable Names: Country: Nationality of manufacturer (eg. U.S., Japan) Car: Car name (Make and model) MPG: Miles per gallon, a measure of gas mileage Drive_Ratio: Drive ratio of the automobile Horsepower: Horsepower Displacement: Displacement of the car (in cubic inches) Cylinder: Number of cylinders
ds-12%scAug 11, 20083KB306
Popular Kids
Subjects were students in grades 4-6 from three school districts in Ingham and Clinton Counties, Michigan. Chase and Dummer stratified their sample, selecting students from urban, suburban, and rural school districts with approximately 1/3 of their sample coming from each district. Students indicated whether good grades, athletic ability, or popularity was most important to them. They also ranked four factors: grades, sports, looks, and money, in order of their importance for popularity. The questionnaire also asked for gender, grade level, and other demographic information. Number of cases: 478 Variable Names: Gender: Boy or girl Grade: 4, 5 or 6 Age: Age in years Race: White, Other Urban/Rural: Rural, Suburban, or Urban school district School: Brentwood Elementary, Brentwood Middle, Ridge, Sand, Eureka, Brown, Main, Portage, Westdale Middle Goals: Student's choice in the personal goals question where options were 1 = Make Good Grades, 2 = Be Popular, 3 = Be Good in Sports Grades: Rank of "make good grades" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Sports: Rank of "being good at sports" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Looks: Rank of "being handsome or pretty" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Money: Rank of "having lots of money" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)
ds-12%scAug 11, 200823KB263
Old Faithfulds-12%scAug 11, 20083KB21
CEO Salaryds-12%scAug 11, 2008858B97
cars99ds-12%scAug 11, 20086KB137
States' mean SAT score and the percent of high school students who took the SAT for 1998.
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008880B81
Challengerds-12%scAug 11, 2008176B36
cuckoods-12%scAug 11, 20082KB58
Soft Drinks
State soft drink consumption in 1977. State and Soda (gallons per person sold).
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008480B94
Two data sets with same measures of center, but different measures of variablility.
ds-12%scAug 11, 200880B30


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