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1 month weight lossdlozimekApr 15, 2018266B35
LSD Concentration and Average Math Score
This is not my data. Data obtained from
dlozimekApr 9, 2018152B237
Urine: Specific Gravity and pHdlozimekApr 6, 2018203B39
Bottles of Alcohol Solution (Fluid Ounce Quality Control)
Data were simulated and represent 25 bottles of an alcohol solution randomly selected from a manufacturer's distribution center. Each value represents the amount of fluid ounces of alcohol in a randomly selected container. The manufacturer claims the amount of alcohol is normally distributed with a population mean of 12 fl oz and standard deviation of 0.2 fl oz.
dlozimekMar 8, 2018220B389
BMI / Glucose Simulated DatadlozimekFeb 25, 20181KB116
BEARSdlozimekFeb 19, 20186KB193
Digit DiedlozimekFeb 9, 201875B80
ER Wait times (in minutes) During "Peak" HoursdlozimekJan 29, 20182KB110
Drug Overdose Deaths 2013 and 2016 (By State)
These data were obtained from: The column "Region" was added.
dlozimekJan 23, 20181KB414
2013-2014 Medicare Part D Opioid Prescribing Data (By State)
"Prescription drug abuse is a serious and growing problem nationwide. CMS is committed to protecting Medicare beneficiaries and the Medicare Trust fund from the harm and damaging effects associated with prescription drug abuse. CMS takes this problem seriously and implemented more comprehensive strategies beginning in 2013 to address the overutilization of opioids in Medicare Part D while maintaining beneficiary access to needed medications. The Medicare Part D Overutilization Monitoring System (OMS) was fully implemented on July 31, 2013, to help CMS ensure that sponsors have established reasonable and appropriate drug utilization management programs to assist in preventing overutilization of prescribed medications . . While this data set cannot be used to identify overutilization of prescribed medications for a given beneficiary, it can be used to conduct other types of analyses of opioid prescribing and utilization under Part D. . . The data only represents only Medicare patients who elected to have Part D. It does not include prescribing for patients on Medicaid, those with commercial insurance, or self-pay patients. As a result, users of this data should recognize that it only presents a portion of a physician’s entire practice and that portion can vary significantly across physicians. However, this data does present valuable information on how physicians prescribe within in the Medicare program." **Excerpts taken from source link above** **Please note: I added the column "Region" for educational purposes.
dlozimekJan 22, 20184KB194
Hospital Comparison Data **Minitab Data Set**
**This is not my data** It was obtained from: Description: A healthcare consultant wants to compare the patient satisfaction ratings of two hospitals. The consultant collects ratings from 20 patients for each of the hospitals.
dlozimekJan 22, 2018260B512
Measurements of weight and tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide content for 25 brands of domestic cigarettes
** This is not my data set ** Please see the following link for source information and an overview of the context of the data.: These data were obtained from the following link:
dlozimekJan 13, 20181KB1472
Health SurveydlozimekJan 13, 20182KB2056
Epilepsy Drug Versus Placebo
Obtained from Information: NOTE: These data were adapted and modified from its original set ( This was done for educational purposes only.
dlozimekFeb 7, 20171KB2370
Results from Flu Shot SurveydlozimekJul 22, 20162KB186
Opioid-Related Deaths by Sex and Race/Ethnicity (State of New York)
** This is not my data set ** It was modified from:
dlozimekJun 1, 20165KB343
Pima Indians Diabetes Data Set
I DO NOT OWN THIS DATA SET. This data set was obtained from
dlozimekMar 3, 201623KB198
Sum of Rolling Two DicedlozimekAug 24, 2015185B499
Knee and Hip Replacement Re-admissions for PA Hospitals in 2013
I do not own this data. It was obtained from the public website:
dlozimekJul 13, 201513KB214
Pacemaker Data dlozimekFeb 19, 20155KB728
Comparing the Durability of Two Brands of Hip ProsthesisdlozimekDec 27, 20149KB2402
This is not my data. It was borrowed from a data set titled, "RegisteredNursesSurvey.xlsx" which was found in a free/open search on StatCrunch
dlozimekSep 3, 20142KB603
Week 6 Group Quiz: Elderly Health Care Consumption
dlozimekJul 30, 2014192KB1288
WEEK3 DATA DISCUSSION: Exam GradesdlozimekJul 29, 20142KB342
WEEK1 QUIZ: Weight Loss and Self-Esteem
Adapted from:
dlozimekJul 25, 2014604B979
WEEK1 DATA DISCUSSION: Census DatadlozimekJul 8, 201410KB405
Hurricane Data (Name, Year, Gender, Deaths, Etc..)dlozimekJun 9, 201413KB812
WEEK 3: BEARSdlozimekMay 23, 20146KB721
PROFICIENCY EXAM DATAdlozimekSep 8, 201320KB268


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