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Responses to Project Homeless Connect: CCBC Student Survey Dirty DatacvoiseiOct 8, 201819KB9
Depression levelscvoiseiJun 27, 201880B179
Car sizecvoiseiJun 27, 201869B194
CCBC PHC_Student AnalysiscvoiseiApr 11, 201818KB43
Survey18cvoiseiFeb 7, 201814KB5
Dirty Project Wide Data .xlscvoiseiFeb 5, 2018175KB150
Dependant samplescvoiseiNov 30, 2017107B23
SleepcvoiseiNov 5, 2017367B52
BirthweightcvoiseiNov 2, 2017774B64
survey_handedcvoiseiSep 26, 201732KB13
ProjectwidecvoiseiSep 14, 2017194KB214
Breakfast cvoiseiSep 8, 20173KB310
These data are from a survey of traffic violations; participants could report on up to 4 incidents. Had Ticket: 0 = No, 1 = Yes; Tickets = Number of tickets received in life; Warnings = Number of warnings (i.e., pulled over but no ticket) in life; Age at incident; Reason for incident; How far over the speed limit the citation was for; Time# and Time both indicate time of day of incident; Road indicates where incident occurred; Utah = Whether incident occurred in Utah (0 = No, 1 = Yes); as well as the make, model, and category of the car.
cvoiseiSep 7, 201726KB2476
SurveyF17.xlscvoiseiSep 7, 20175KB32
NFL Players 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
cvoiseiJul 28, 2017220KB42
Height vs Shoe printcvoiseiDec 4, 2016473B206
Final Project WHOcvoiseiJan 13, 201630KB8720
CLT Commute TimecvoiseiOct 28, 2015466B104
Car Age vs PricecvoiseiOct 24, 201599B934
Price vs Age of carscvoiseiOct 24, 2015103B2643
Tattoos.Fall2015WC2cvoiseiOct 24, 2015676B32
Tattoos.Fall2015WC1cvoiseiOct 24, 2015791B28
Restaurant wait time cvoiseiOct 17, 201557B1885
Unemployment ratecvoiseiOct 16, 2015148B407
Monthly humidity averages in BltimorecvoiseiOct 16, 2015173B350
Commute time to schoolcvoiseiOct 16, 2015124B988
Ideal Summer TemperaturescvoiseiOct 16, 2015167B2651
Favorite holiday count contingency tablecvoiseiOct 16, 2015163B385
Eggs prices around the worldcvoiseiJun 10, 2015370B946
favorite petcvoiseiJun 5, 2015216B3422
Income MD by countycvoiseiJan 7, 2015566B1037
Survey results favorite holidaycvoiseiAug 18, 2014540B1616


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