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Hot Dogs
The data set describes some of the nutritional properties of hot dogs.
craig_slinkmanSep 13, 20113KB1197
2005 Apple Computer Daily Returns
This is Apple Computer Stock market data for the 2005. The returns are the daily returns expressed as a percentage.
craig_slinkmanSep 6, 201116KB464
Mean Blood Alcohol Level
A random sample of 25 drivers is tested on a stretch of a highway that is notorious for the number of accidents caused by driving while intoxicated. Provide a 95% confidence interval estimate for the population mean alcohol level of this stretch of highway. Also provide a written interpretation of the confidence interval.
craig_slinkmanApr 13, 2011211B828
US Counties and Presidential Voting Dataset
Sampling Unit county 3141 observations and 19 variables, maximum # NAs:2956 Name county -- County state -- State msa -- Metropolitan Statistical Area pmsa -- Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area pop.density -- 1992 pop per 1990 miles^2 pop -- 1990 population pop.change -- Percent population change 1980-1992 age6574 -- Percent age 65-74, 1990 age75 -- Percent age >= 75, 1990 crime -- serious crimes per 100,000 1991 college -- Percent with bachelor's degree or higher of those age>=25 income -- median family income, 1989 dollars farm -- farm population, % of total, 1990 democrat -- Percent votes cast for democratic president republican -- Percent votes cast for republican president Perot -- Percent votes cast for Ross Perot white -- Percent white, 1990 black -- Percent black, 1990 turnout -- 1992 votes for president / 1990 pop x 100
craig_slinkmanApr 12, 2011755KB2364
UTA Cola
This data set consists of 10,000 observations. The variable of interest is the actual number of fluid ounces in a 16 ounce bottle of UTA Cola. The population mean is 16 and the standard deviation is 0.1. This data is useful for demonstrating the concept of random sampling, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests.
craig_slinkmanMar 31, 2011137KB236
BSTAT 3321 Final Averages
Used to random sampling and the concept of sampling error.
craig_slinkmanMar 19, 2011270B144
Waiting Times at Lucy'scraig_slinkmanMar 10, 2011177B141
NFL Stadium Capacity
This data is the seating capacity of NFL stadiums in seats.
craig_slinkmanMar 10, 2011507B789
Percent Children with Special Care Needs
This data gives the percent of children between the ages of 1 and 17 who have special heal care needs for all 50 states and the District of Columbia for the the years 2005 through 2006.
craig_slinkmanFeb 9, 20111KB705
2010 - 2011 UTA Men's Basketball Team
This is selected data from the 2010 - 2011 UTA men's basketball team.
craig_slinkmanFeb 9, 2011554B312
2010-2011 UTA Women's Basketball Team
This is selected data from the 2010 - 2011 women's baketball team.
craig_slinkmanFeb 9, 2011503B372
Drink.xlscraig_slinkmanSep 15, 2010307B58
Exam Scores.xlsx
A simple data set to demonstrate the computation of descriptive statsitics.
craig_slinkmanSep 9, 201058B457
Auto-Mpg.xlsxcraig_slinkmanSep 7, 201017KB233
BSTAT 3321 Final Grades
Final grades for a past BSTAT 3321 class.
craig_slinkmanAug 22, 2010178B105
2006 US Household Income
This data was simulated as a lognormal distribution based on computations from a data sumerization done by the Census Bureau.
craig_slinkmanAug 21, 201035KB1188
BSTAT 3321 Final Exam Scores
This is final exam scores from a past BSTAT 3321 exam.
craig_slinkmanAug 21, 2010513B392
The data in the Old Faithful file gives data about eruptions of the Old Faithful Geyser during October 1980. Variables are Duration in seconds of the current eruption, and Interval, the time to the next eruption. Old Faithful is an important tourist attraction, with up to a thousand people watching it erupt on pleasant summer days. The National Park Service uses data to obtain a prediction of the time to the next eruption.
craig_slinkmanMay 4, 20102KB2547
Oil Quality Bank
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System carries crude oil from Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s North Slope 800 miles to the port of Valdez, on the southern coast of Alaska. The pipeline carries a mixture of different qualities of oil. Quality of oil is measured in API gravity degrees – the higher the degrees APT, the higher the quality. Because the pipeline mixed oils of different degrees, shippers in Valdez receive oil of different quality than they purchased. To compensate shippers, a “Quality Bank” was established. The owners of the pipeline proposed compensating shippers 15 cents per barrel for every degree below the level to which the shippers agreed. However, a refinery near Fairbanks, which receives 26-degree oil and mixes it with 20-degree oil, objected to the proposal. It suggested a 3.09 – to 5.35-cent differential. Because oil carriers are required to establish “just and reasonable” rates, a hearing before an administrative law judge was held. At the hearing, an expert hired by the shippers produced the accompanying table to show the relationship between quality and price per barrel of Mideast oil.
craig_slinkmanMay 3, 2010193B369
Magnitude 7 Earthquakes
I was watching television news on CNN or Fox ( I forget which network) after the recent large 2010 Chile earthquake. They had a “scientific expert” who said that were an increasing number of large earthquakes. Being a statistician this did not sound correct. So I found the following data from the USGS at:
craig_slinkmanApr 26, 2010988B343
Diamond Ring Prices.xls
The source of the data is a full page advertisement placed in the Straits Times newspaper issue of February 29, 1992, by a Singapore-based retailer of diamond jewelry. The advertisement contained pictures of diamond rings and listed their prices, diamond content, and gold purity. Only 20K ladies' rings, each mounted with a single diamond stone, were considered for this study. 20K rings are made with gold of 20 carat purity. (Pure gold is rated as 24K.) There were 48 such rings of varying designs. The weights of the diamond stones ranged from 0.12 to 0.35 carats (a one carat diamond stone weighs 0.2 gram) and were priced between $223 and $1086. The jewelry store adopted a fixed-price policy. How Is Jewelry Priced? In Singapore, the pricing of gold jewelry is simple. The price equals the current market value of the gold content (i.e., weight times the going rate per gram of gold) plus a craftsmanship fee. However, the pricing of other jewelry like diamond rings is more complicated because they are not as standardized as gold jewelry. The price of diamond jewelry depends on the four C's: caratage, cut, colour, and clarity of the diamond stone. A good cut gives a diamond more sparkle. Colourless diamonds are the most prized. A flawless diamond has maximum clarity because the passage of light is unimpeded through the stone. Cut, colour, and clarity are subjective factors and are very hard for the layman to gauge.
craig_slinkmanApr 22, 2010586B2833
This is simulated data based in 2000 Census. The income is in thousands of dollars.
craig_slinkmanApr 16, 20102KB109
Teen Birth Rate.xlsx
This is teen birth rate per 1,000,000 individuals
craig_slinkmanApr 12, 2010988B574
Albuquerque NM Real Estate Prices
Description: The data are a random sample of records of resales of homes from Feb 15 to Apr 30, 1993 from the files maintained by the Albuquerque Board of Realtors. This type of data is collected by multiple listing agencies in many cities and is used by realtors as an information base. Number of cases: 117 Variable Names: PRICE = Selling price ($hundreds) SQFT = Square feet of living space AGE = Age of home (years) FEATS = Number out of 11 features (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, disposer, washer, intercom, skylight(s), compactor, dryer, handicap fit, cable TV access NE = Located in northeast sector of city (1) or not (0) COR = Corner location (1) or not (0) TAX = Annual taxes ($)
craig_slinkmanApr 11, 20102KB610
London Monthly Gold Exchnage Prices
This data is from the London Gold Exchange with associated variables. The rates of return are the monthly rates of return. Prices are in US Dollars. Because the time seies is for a long period of time the gold prices are adjsuted for inflation using the US Government's GNP deflator index.
craig_slinkmanApr 11, 201026KB202
Mother and Daughter Heights.xls
This data set is Galton's Mother and Daughter data set as used in Sanfford Weisberg's Applied Linear Regression, 3rd Edition.
craig_slinkmanApr 10, 201013KB7146
Arlington Gasoline Retailers Sampling Frame.xls
This is a sampling frame of all gasoline retailer in Arlington Texas collected in Spring Spemster of 2010. Note that you may need to drag the column lines in order to see the entire data fields.
craig_slinkmanApr 8, 201022KB491
Credit Scores
This file has two variables: Performing A value of 0 indicates that the loan is not a performing loan and that the borrower is either behind payments or is in default. A value of 1 indicates that the borrower is in good standing. Credit_Score Is the borrower's credit score at the time the loan was given.
craig_slinkmanApr 2, 20105KB1094
UTA Women's Basketball
This is the 2009 - 2010 Women's UTA Basketball team' height (HT).
craig_slinkmanApr 1, 2010384B384
UTA Mens Basketball.xlsx
This file contains the 2009-2010 Men's Basketball tean height and weight. The height is in feet and the weights are ib pounds.
craig_slinkmanApr 1, 2010499B283
Arlington Texas Real Estate Listings.xlsx
This file consists of the asking proce for a random sample of homes in Arlington, Texas during the Fall 2009 Academic semester.
craig_slinkmanApr 1, 2010277B439
Weekly Gasoline Prices.xlsx
This time series data on the weekly price of regular gasoline in the state of Texas. Data consits of the data decomposed into year-month-day. The prices are givin in cents.
craig_slinkmanMar 25, 201012KB1265
Heart Stent Data.xlsx
A coronary stent is a tube placed in the coronary arteries that supply the heart, to keep the arteries open in the treatment of coronary heart disease. It is used in a procedure called percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Stents reduce chest pain, but they have not been shown to improve survival, except in acute myocardial infarction.[1] Similar stents and procedures are used in non-coronary vessels e.g. in the legs in peripheral artery disease.
craig_slinkmanMar 25, 201018KB937
Monthly Gold Prices in Constant Dollars.xlsx
Monthly MNean afternoon closing prices on London Gold Exchange. I have also included the computation of the return on investment. The base period for the GNP price deflator was approximately January 2006.
craig_slinkmanMar 24, 201035KB557
2006 Simulated Household Income.xlsx
This data file contains 5,000 simulated household income assuming that the distribution of household income is log-normally distributed. The mean and standard deviation of the logged data (base 10) were estimated from the U.S. Census Bureau’s report Table HINC-06 entitled Income Distribution to $250,000 or More for Households: 2006. This can be found at the following web site: This data was simulated because I could not find the original data on the web.
craig_slinkmanMar 24, 201040KB594
Report on the Loss of the ‘Titanic’ (S.S.) (1990), British Board of Trade Inquiry Report (reprint), Gloucester, UK: Allan Sutton Publishing. Taken from the Journal on Statistical Education Archive, submitted by Dr. Craig Slinkman has recoded the data as self-explanatory nominal variables. yes craig_slinkman Mar 23, 2010 68KB 5
craig_slinkmanMar 23, 201061KB2440
NIST Longley Regresson Test Data Set
Longley, J. W. (1967). An Appraisal of Least Squares Programs for the Electronic Computer from the Viewpoint of the User. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 62, pp. 819-841.
craig_slinkmanMar 18, 2010665B93
Crediit Scores.xlsxcraig_slinkmanMar 17, 201010KB187


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