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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
2016 Hurricanescecil_collegeMar 26, 2018740B169
Calendar Year 2018 Large Survey
Includes Spring 2018 Students. Year of Wonder Woman.
cecil_collegeJan 22, 2018123KB5059
Calendar Year 2018 Personality Type
Spring 2018 students only.
cecil_collegeJan 22, 20185KB650
Calendar Year 2018 Library Data
Spring 2018 books only.
cecil_collegeJan 22, 201818KB2124
Calendar Year 2018 Arm Span Height
Spring 2018 students only.
cecil_collegeJan 22, 20184KB919
2017 Hurricanescecil_collegeJan 5, 2018900B654
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Food Bank
Spring 2017 and Fall 2017.
cecil_collegeDec 8, 201732KB357
NHL Skaters Raw Data 2013-2014
All NHL skaters from 2013 - 2014 season with at least 820 minutes of playing time.
cecil_collegeOct 31, 201724KB810
Professor Kupe's GTI Data Fall 2017cecil_collegeOct 10, 2017735B37
Kupe Radiation Feb 2017cecil_collegeSep 28, 20172KB1158
Radioheadcecil_collegeSep 23, 2017445B236
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Large Survey
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017.
cecil_collegeSep 5, 2017287KB6360
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Personality Types
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017.
cecil_collegeSep 2, 201712KB971
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Library Data
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017.
cecil_collegeSep 2, 201740KB2552
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Arm Span Height
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017.
cecil_collegeSep 2, 20179KB1034
Towson University Experiment (Fake Data)cecil_collegeMay 25, 2017120KB3451
Instagram (Fake Data)cecil_collegeMay 25, 20173KB2562
NFL Gamescecil_collegeMay 21, 20171.014B1451
Cecil College Male Heights (Fake Data)cecil_collegeMay 21, 20175KB614
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2017 Cell Phone Addiction
Spring 2017 only.
cecil_collegeMar 28, 201728KB765
2010 Hurricanescecil_collegeMar 11, 20171KB16399
Beercecil_collegeFeb 2, 20176KB541
2010-2012 Earnings by College Majorcecil_collegeJan 25, 201718KB3085
Skyscrapers in the U.S.
Data for buildings in the United States that are 100 meters tall or higher. The variables include the rank in terms of height (Rank), the building name (Building), the height in meters (Height), the number of floors (Floors), the year of completion (Year), materials used in construction (Materials), and the use of the building (Use).
cecil_collegeJan 17, 2017146KB15219
Fatal Encounters Updated August 31, 2016
Recently a public charity called Fatal Encounters has taken on the challenge of collecting this data from all over the US and placing it into a single searchable database. The organization chose to consider only incidents occurring on or after January 1, 2000. It is entirely self-funded and run with volunteers. The only paid employees are data-entry assistants.
cecil_collegeJan 15, 20177MB568
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
This dataset has information on a selected group of members of The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, including information on the number of people in the group, if the group had a female member, if the person/group was a double inductee into the Hall, how many studio albums they had, the number of #1 hits, the number of top 40 hits, how many music videos they had (this needs work) and the year of release of their first album.
cecil_collegeJan 14, 20173KB168
Lego Prices
This is a dataset of the prices of Lego sets in August 2016.
cecil_collegeJan 14, 201733KB9146
2015 Movie Revenuececil_collegeJan 14, 201715KB486
2016 NFL Players
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
cecil_collegeJan 14, 2017220KB10165
Election 2016cecil_collegeOct 28, 201692KB5129
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Library Datacecil_collegeSep 27, 201635KB7319
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Food Bankcecil_collegeSep 14, 20168KB7323
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Arm Span Heightcecil_collegeAug 27, 20168KB3214
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Personality Typececil_collegeAug 27, 201610KB2932
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Large Surveycecil_collegeAug 27, 2016195KB27652
Dartscecil_collegeJun 27, 2016631B1916
Retired - Calendar Year 2016 Grocery Pricescecil_collegeMar 6, 20167KB1857
Parentscecil_collegeFeb 9, 201659KB196
Maryland Sewer Overflowscecil_collegeJan 16, 20161MB1702
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Dream Homececil_collegeJan 16, 201616KB924
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Personality Types
Year 2015 Spring, Summer, and Fall Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJan 5, 201610KB1547
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Library Data
Year 2015 Spring, Summer, and Fall Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJan 5, 201630KB2137
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Large Survey
Year 2015 Spring, Summer, and Fall Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJan 5, 2016142KB5808
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Grocery Pricescecil_collegeJan 5, 20167KB623
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2015 Arm Span Height
Year 2015 Spring, Summer, and Fall Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJan 5, 20167KB968
ZZZ Retired - Calendar Year 2014 Large Survey
Cecil College, Spring - Summer - Fall 2014 Only.
cecil_collegeJan 5, 2016137KB6174
Fire Stationcecil_collegeSep 28, 2015185B147
Hospital Paymentscecil_collegeSep 22, 20155MB2354
College Athletic Finances (Through 2014)cecil_collegeJun 10, 201513KB3559
ZZZ Retired - Large Survey Math 127cecil_collegeMay 21, 2015137KB2530
Hip Surgery Outcomescecil_collegeMar 31, 201511KB10204
Flight Delays
BDL is Bradley International Airport. MCO is Orlando International Airport. If "Delay" is negative, the flight left early.
cecil_collegeMar 24, 20155KB233
Kupe Toyota Avaloncecil_collegeMar 3, 2015283B1692
Maryland Tax Rates by Countycecil_collegeFeb 26, 2015970B243
Cerealscecil_collegeJan 3, 20155KB6816
ZZZ Retired - Fall 2014 Personality Typescecil_collegeNov 30, 20144KB608
Scotland Census
Data in Scotland, 2010 - 2012. Scotland divided into 6505 data zones. Crimes, education, health, drugs, housing, and income variables. Best guess is that HIGHER "Education Standard Scores" means "WORSE" education indicators. HIGHER "Health Standard Scores" means "WORSE" health indicators.
cecil_collegeOct 14, 2014870KB7022
US News National University Rankingscecil_collegeOct 4, 201423KB6392
Marvel vs. DC at the Box Officececil_collegeSep 28, 20144KB4942
Cecil College Student Ages (Fake Data)
"Fake" population data for all 2861 Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJul 13, 20148KB2228
IMDB Movie Ratings
Random sample of 2410 movies from IMDB webpage.
cecil_collegeJul 8, 201480KB3659
Bachelor's Degree Institutions
Random sample of 468 bachelor's degree granting institutions.
cecil_collegeJul 8, 201474KB9481
Cecil College Death Penalty (Fake Data)
"Fake" population data for all 2861 Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJul 6, 201422KB160
Cecil College First Generation (Fake Data)
"Fake" population data for all 2861 Cecil College students.
cecil_collegeJun 29, 201415KB3356
Audi A5cecil_collegeJun 24, 2014704B1972
MLB Salaries 2010 and 2011cecil_collegeJun 15, 2014999B425
Direct Loans
62 colleges were randomly selected (Cecil College thrown in for good measure). Data collected from U.S. government, 4th quarter 2010. We have number of subsidized loans and the total loan value for each school.
cecil_collegeJun 4, 20143KB4008
2201 passengers, with class, age, gender, and survival status recorded.
cecil_collegeSep 18, 201344KB5978
NYPD January 2012cecil_collegeSep 4, 20132MB2877
Roller Coasterscecil_collegeJun 19, 20135KB20469
Kupe Bowlingcecil_collegeApr 30, 20132KB3653
2012 Oriolescecil_collegeApr 6, 20132KB6967
Albuquerque NM Real Estate Pricescecil_collegeMar 27, 20132KB2364
Pizzacecil_collegeMar 27, 20131KB378
Paper Planescecil_collegeMar 11, 20131KB585
Tuesday Men's Handicapcecil_collegeMar 2, 201334KB7971
Stat II Wal-Mart Supermarketcecil_collegeFeb 17, 20135KB414
Mold Coloniescecil_collegeSep 24, 201298B1546
States Data for 2009-2010cecil_collegeJul 23, 20122KB3438
Haagen-Dazs Flavor Comparisoncecil_collegeJul 16, 2012740B517
StatCrunch Ucecil_collegeJun 28, 2012891B2302
Houses in an Elkton neighborhood, with variables "Assessed Value", "Zillow Price Estimate", "Square Footage", and "Acreage". Data collected 9/18/11.
cecil_collegeJun 21, 20121KB11886
2011 DUI Arrests
Two variables are listed by state - population size and number of DUI arrests for 2011.
cecil_collegeJun 20, 20121KB3378
WalMart Supermarket
Data collected by Cecil Students Oct 2011 - over 100 food products, Walmart price and supermarket price.
cecil_collegeMay 16, 20125KB5256
Green Versus Yellow Final Examcecil_collegeSep 26, 201193B905
Chicken Sandwichescecil_collegeSep 20, 20113KB3869
Honshu Japan Earthquakececil_collegeAug 23, 201146KB4151
Body Fat
Body Fat Measurements for 30 participants in a physical fitness study.
cecil_collegeJul 5, 2011318B2344
Green Versus Yellow Midtermcecil_collegeMay 22, 201193B1065
Smoking Motherscecil_collegeApr 16, 2011350B1484
Kiplinger's 100 Best Values in Public Collegescecil_collegeMar 3, 20117KB7854
2010 Movie Revenue
This dataset has the revenues for each movie released in 2010. Toy Story 3 tops the charts -
cecil_collegeJan 22, 201135KB6278


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