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Revenues and Expenses at NCAA D-1 Public Schools
Details of revenues and expenses at NCAA D-I public schools, 2006-2011.
cdcummings12Feb 13, 201313KB279
NFL 2011 Injuries by Type
There are roughly 2000 players in the NFL. In 2011, they sustained nearly 4500 injuries that kept them out of action for at least two weeks. That was an increase of 40% over 2010 and 16% over 2009.

*263 of the "Head" injuries were concussions.

*"Systemic" injuries include heat illness and dehydration.

cdcummings12Feb 1, 2013138B1224
Cereal nutrition
Name: Name of cereal, Manu: Manufacturer of cereal, Target: Target audience for cereal (adult, child), Shelf: Display shelf at the grocery store, Calories: Calories per serving, Carbs: Grams of complex carbohydrates in one serving, Fat: Grams of fat in one serving, Fiber: Grams of dietary fiber in one serving, Potassium: Milligrams of potassium in one serving

Protein: Grams of protein in one serving, Sodium: Milligrams of sodium in one serving, Sugars: Grams of sugars in one serving, Vitamins: Vitamins and minerals - 0, 25, or 100% of daily need in one serving, CRRating: Consumer Report rating, Cups: Number of cups in one serving, Weight: Weight in ounces of one serving

cdcummings12Sep 15, 20112KB3402
sample for johncdcummings12Nov 29, 201045B28
Yellow/Green exam datacdcummings12Sep 24, 2010201B279
Forbes - America's Best Colleges, 2010
Here are the top 100 schools from a list of 600 undergraduate institutions. Ranking is based on the quality of the education, the experiences of the students and how much students achieve.
cdcummings12Aug 12, 20104KB440
1970 Draft Lottery Data
In 1970, Congress instituted a random selection process for the military draft. All 366 possible birth dates were placed in plastic capsules in a rotating drum and were selected one by one. The first date drawn from the drum received draft number one and eligible men born on that date were drafted first. In a truly random lottery there should be no relationship between the date and the draft number. However, this dataset suggests that men born later in the year were more likely to be drafted.
cdcummings12Jun 1, 20108KB3353
Olympic Medals 1896 - 2008
Total Olympic medals earned by country from 1896 - 2008. Summer, Winter and total medals displayed. Data extracted from HTML table using StatCrunchThis tool.
cdcummings12Feb 19, 20107KB1383
2_2_30.xlscdcummings12Feb 11, 2010234B25
NFL Points leaders through week 7
Teams are ranked in order of most touchdowns scored to least touchdowns scored. The "Total" column indicates the number of touchdowns scored by each team through week 7. "Rush" "Receive" "Return" and "Defense" indicates how each team scored their touchdowns.
cdcummings12Oct 27, 20091KB281
Wal-Mart Openings
Wal-Mart store openings and locations from 7/1/1962 to 1/23/2006. A "SuperCenter" is a store that has a grocery market within the Wal-Mart. The "SuperCenter" column indicates the date a store was converted to a "SuperCenter" (if necessary). The conversion column gives the label "1" to indicate a conversion from a regular store to a SuperCenter, "0" if the store opened as a SuperCenter, and is left blank if the store opened as a regular store and never converted.
cdcummings12Oct 26, 2009258KB558
Pulse Data
These data come from an in-class activity in a college introductory statistics class. Some general data was collected for each student, and then each student was asked to flip a coin. Those whose coin came up heads were asked to run in place for a minute or so. All students measured their own pulse rate both before and after the running activity took place. Note that the two measurements were made on those who ran and on those who did not. In addition to the pulse rate before and after the running took place, the data record whether each student ran or not, whether they smoked, their sex, height (in inches), weight (in pounds) and activity level. This last is coded 1. low 2. moderate 3. high
cdcummings12Oct 20, 20093KB1414
ph Levels in Adirondack Streams
Researchers looked at a sample of 172 sites along streams in the Adirondack Mountains in an attempt to measure the impact of acid rain in that area. They measured the pH of the water (low numbers mean more acid, with 7.0 meaning neutral) and categorized the stream bed at that location as being predominantly limestone (L), shale (S), or a mixture of the two (M). (Ground limestone is commonly used to reduce soil acidity and so the substrate may well impact the pH of the water flowing by.) The codes are numerical codes for the three substrate categories: 1. shale 2. mixed 3. limestone The 0-1 columns are another way to keep track on the substrates. The first one, S, for example, is 1 for a shale substrate and 0 for any other. These can be used to get the proportion of each type of stream bed: Variable Mean S 0.4012 M 0.1512 L 0.4477
cdcummings12Aug 24, 20092KB417
Best Selling Music Artists in US (top 100)
This is the list of the top 100 best-selling music artists in the United States only as of December 2008 and based on certifications of albums by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA does not deal in sales of albums, only certifications of shipped units. Therefore this best-selling list is based on total accumulated certifications given per artist and may not reflect the true physical sales obtained by these artists. The RIAA began its certifications in 1952. This list therefore excludes large-selling artists like Bing Crosby whose sales in the 1930s-1950s were not certified. Also affected are artists such as Frank Sinatra, who although they were successful after 1952, were also best-selling prior to 1952. Therefore their positions in the chart reflect certifications from 1952 onwards.
cdcummings12Aug 24, 20095KB1644
HeartAttack Data from 1993
Heart Attack Patients This set of data is all of the hospital discharges in New York State with an admitting diagnosis of an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), also called a heart attack, who did not have surgery, in the year 1993. There are 12,844 cases. AGE gives age in years SEX is coded M for males F for females DIAGNOSIS is in the form of an International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition, Clinical Modification code. These tell which part of the heart was affected. DRG is the Diagnosis Related Group. It groups together patients with similar management. In this data set there are just three different drgs. 121 for AMIs with cardiovascular complications who did not die. 122 for AMIs without cardiovascular complications who did not die. 123 for AMIs where the patient died. LOS gives the hospital length of stay in days. DIED has a 1 for patients who died in hospital and a 0 otherwise. CHARGES gives the total hospital charges in dollars. The SEX1 column converts F/M to 0/1 Data provided by Health Process Management of Doylestown, PA.
cdcummings12Aug 23, 2009412KB3608
Women's Heptathlon 2004 zscorecdcummings12Aug 14, 20092KB292
Women's Heptathlon 2004
Data from 2004 Women's Olympic Heptathlon
cdcummings12Aug 13, 2009843B493
2002 Winter Olympics Men's Alpine Downhill Race Times
Competitors' times for the men's alpine downhill race in the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics
cdcummings12Aug 13, 2009381B158
Best Actress Oscar Winners (1970-2001)cdcummings12May 14, 20091KB427
Best Actor Oscar Winners (1970 - 2001)cdcummings12May 14, 20091KB623
2008 MLB Offensive Team Statscdcummings12May 13, 20093KB543
World Series Winnerscdcummings12May 13, 2009321B621
U.S. Violent Crime Totals 1960-2005 by Census Region, Division, Statecdcummings12May 13, 200916KB869
Power Plant Emissions by State
The Carbon Dioxide Emissions Factor is measured in pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per megawatthour. The composition columns show the percentage of the state’s total generation in 2004 by source. Carbon is measured in tons per capita (not carbon dioxide). The data are based on production, not consumption.
cdcummings12May 13, 20091KB309
Top 25 MLB Pitching, Spring Training 2009, as of 4/3/09cdcummings12Apr 3, 20092KB219
Top 25 MLB Batting, Spring Training 2009, as of 4/3/09cdcummings12Apr 3, 20092KB111
Babe Ruth Career Statscdcummings12Apr 3, 20092KB552
Top 25 MLB pitching performances, 2008
Stats for the top 25 pitchers in the MLB, 2008.
cdcummings12Apr 3, 20092KB210
Top 50 MLB offensive performances, 2008
Stats for the top 50 offensive players in the MLB in 2008.
cdcummings12Apr 3, 20095KB319
Cal Ripken career batting stats
Cal Ripken's career batting stats.
cdcummings12Apr 3, 20092KB154


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