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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
Muder and guns by State 2007burnsbethJan 6, 20183KB88
Oil PricesburnsbethMar 7, 201766KB15
Dow Jones Yearly Returns and Super Bowl WinnersburnsbethFeb 6, 20176KB12
Batting Averages AL NL
Batting Averages for the leagues
burnsbethOct 18, 20166KB13
Bowling Green, OH January Weather
Weather Data for the month of January for Bowling Green, OH
burnsbethSep 20, 20166KB188
2016 Guide for CarsburnsbethFeb 4, 20161MB701
Gun Violence Data 2010 by StateburnsbethFeb 1, 20163KB56
Spring 2016 Online StudentsburnsbethJan 19, 20162KB84
2013 Ohio Colleges and UniversitiesburnsbethMay 20, 20158KB2585
NFL Team Statistics
burnsbethFeb 27, 201531KB1395
Homicide and Gun Ownership by CountryburnsbethSep 8, 20147KB42
Top Grossing MoviesburnsbethSep 1, 20143KB62
Top Grossing Movies by YearburnsbethSep 1, 20148KB80
Marvel MoviesburnsbethSep 1, 20144KB105
Indy/Daytona Speeds
Average Speed for the winner
burnsbethAug 30, 20142KB25
Indy and Daytona 500
Indy 500 and Daytona 500 information
burnsbethAug 30, 201424KB144
Age for States Data
% of under 18 year olds and % 65 or older in each state
burnsbethJul 1, 2014705B26
HurricaneburnsbethJun 22, 201412KB55
Gettysburg Address
This is considered the Bliss Copy of the Gettysburg Address and has 272 words.
burnsbethJun 12, 20143KB186
AAPL Stock Prices 2/8/12 - 12/31/12
Apple Stock Prices from 2/8/12-2/31/12 Fairly normal distribution
burnsbethJun 10, 201411KB15973
Class Data Survey Student Analysis ReportburnsbethMay 19, 20145KB57
MLB Salaries 2010burnsbethApr 3, 201428KB70
Roller Coasters BGSUburnsbethApr 1, 201415KB6680
Class Data used for PPburnsbethMar 29, 20142KB17
NBA All-Star GameburnsbethMar 29, 20141KB2917
Monopoly BGSUburnsbethAug 30, 2012744B308


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