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Bill's Island
The X column represents the number of years since 1900. The Y column is the sea level change in centimeters.
burgin.billJul 29, 201983B66
Gettysburg Address Lab 8burgin.billJul 22, 20193KB25
Lab 2 Data
Car Data: MPG, Cylinders, Displacement, Horsepower, Weight, Acceleration, Origin, Type.
burgin.billJun 4, 201917KB158
Lab 7 Data
This data was complied by Professor T. Reiland of North Carolina State University.
burgin.billMay 22, 20195KB57
Lab 4 Data
Poverty rate and 15-17 Birth rate by state
burgin.billMay 22, 20191.014B89
Lab 3 Data
Textbooks price: Price and Semester.
burgin.billMay 20, 201920KB54


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