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This dataset contains batting statistics for all National League teams in the 2009 baseball season. The goal of batting is to score runs and the dataset contains the number of runs scored per game. An interesting activity is find which offensive measures (batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS) are most helpful in predicting runs scored.
bayesballJun 8, 2010958B1025
This dataset contains statistics for all NFL quarterbacks in the 2009 season.
bayesballMay 14, 20103KB760
This dataset contains the winning time in seconds of each of the men sprint running events in the Olympics from 1972 to 2008.
bayesballMay 14, 2010376B1329
Pasta Counting
Means and standard deviations of counts of medium size pasta shells using two measurement methods (cup and spoon).
bayesballJun 7, 2008294B306
UNICEF study
In a UNICEF study, two variables were measured for a group of 21 countries: “health”, the percentage of young people rating their health as "fair or poor", aged 11, 13, and 15, and “swell”, the percentage of young people 'liking school a lot', aged 11, 13, and 15.
bayesballMay 28, 2008447B269
Hypothetical test scores for a class of 200 students.
bayesballMay 2, 2008608B598
Apr26ages.xlsbayesballApr 26, 2008806B97
Data from an Introductory Statistics Class
Students in an introductory statistics class were asked to fill out a data sheet, creating the following variables. Height -- height of the student measured in inches; Gender -- student's gender (male or female); Shoes -- the number of pairs of shoes that the student owns; Number -- the student was asked to choose a number between 1 and 10; Dvds -- the student was asked how many DVD's did he or she own; ToSleep -- time (to the nearest half hour) did you go to bed last night? (this was converted to the number of hours past midnight); WakeUp -- -- time (to the nearest half hour) did you wake up this morning? (this was converted to the number of hours past midnight); NOTE: One can complete the hours of sleep by the computation HoursSleep = WakeUp - ToSleep; Haircut -- answer to "How much did you spend on your last haircut (including the tip)?"; Job -- answer to "How many hours do you plan to work on a job per week this semester?; Drink -- answer to "For an evening meal, do you prefer water, soda (pop), milk?" This was recorded as water, soda, pop, or blank.; SleeplessInSeattle -- the student was asked to rate the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" on a scale from 1 to 10. The answer is blank if he or she did not see the movie.; Pirates -- the student was asked to rate the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" on a scale from 1 to 10. The answer is blank if he or she did not see the movie.
bayesballApr 13, 200867KB6644
Teachers were asked to guess at the ages of six people on the basis of photographs. For each teacher, the dataset contains the guesses at the six people, the teacher's gender and age category, and his/her answer to the question "are you a good guesser?" The actual ages of the six people are: person A is 60, person B is 33, person C is 45, person D is 33, person E is 67, and person F is 28.
bayesballApr 5, 2008993B251
Congress and Pizza
The Navigation book gives the number of pizza restaurants and U.S. representatives for forty states in the U.S.
bayesballMar 30, 20081KB1473
State Population and Area Codes
The population (from the 2000 Census) and number of area codes for each state in the United States is presented.
bayesballMar 30, 20081KB503
Roller Coasters
The maximum drop of fifty-five roller coasters in the United States. This dataset is described in Chapter 1 of Navigating Through Data Analysis in Grades 6-8.
bayesballMar 30, 2008283B1240
Time for teachers to take an ARTIST multiple choice test.
bayesballMar 25, 2008245B224


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