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table18-06.xlsariadnipapanaApr 22, 2009269B40
ex14-06.xlsariadnipapanaApr 8, 2009121B33
ex14-27.xlsariadnipapanaApr 8, 200936B37
pennysamp.xlsariadnipapanaMar 17, 200913KB37
ex05-23.xlsariadnipapanaFeb 18, 200969B34
This data was a pilot study of health outcomes related to domestic violence. Women from domestic violence shelters were asked about the severity of symptoms experienced in the last year. Women who were not abused were often workers at domestic violence shelters. The severity of the emotional, sexual, and physical violence was categorized into four groups 0 - no abuse, 1=least abuse, 2=middle level, and 3 = most. Abused is a dummy for whether abuse occurred. The main outcome variables are dummy variables for whether the woman experienced the health malady often in the last year. sxllhead=severe headaches, sxlinsom=insomnia, sxlchest=chest pain, sxlpelv=pelvic pain, sxlstom=stomach pain, sxlchok=sensation of choking, sxlbrea=shortness of breath,sxlvag=vaginal infection, sxlfat = fatigue. The women were age 18 - 48. Age25-34 is a dummy variable for age 25-34 and age35p is a dummy for ages 35 - 48. The variables least, middle, and most are dummy variables for level of violence. [Note: there are no easy labels for severity of violence. The label "Least" in no way implies that such a level is not important nor does it imply that there are no serious negative consequences on the life of the women experiencing the violence.] Creating contingency tables of abuse status vs. the health maladies is excellent practice for conditional probability and calculating a prevalence ratio to compare the two probabilities.
ariadnipapanaFeb 13, 20096KB149
ex05-08.xlsariadnipapanaFeb 12, 200985B47
ex02-04.xlsariadnipapanaJan 28, 200963B58
Lab 2 Stand DeviationariadnipapanaJan 26, 2009148B69
ex01-25.xlsariadnipapanaJan 21, 200967B67
ex15-19.csvariadnipapanaNov 13, 2008163B83
pennies.xlsariadnipapanaOct 30, 2008757B41
BODYMEAS.XLSariadnipapanaSep 29, 20084KB69
surveyf07.xlsariadnipapanaSep 29, 20083KB298
ex05-07.xlsariadnipapanaSep 23, 2008219B64
ex05-09.xlsariadnipapanaSep 23, 2008106B62
ex04-06.csvariadnipapanaSep 19, 2008125B52
ex04-04.csvariadnipapanaSep 19, 2008105B47
ex04-08.csvariadnipapanaSep 14, 200853B52
Ex 4.7
ariadnipapanaSep 9, 2008552B71
ex02-34.csvariadnipapanaAug 28, 2008262B53
ex01-44.csvariadnipapanaAug 28, 2008259B64
ex01-41-1.xlsariadnipapanaAug 28, 2008108B47


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