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Survey: Is college worth These women take a look at the cost of childcare and maternity leave and realize it doesn’t make financial sense to keep working. These are willing participants in the workforce who are being pushed out by lack of paid parental leave and childcare policies. Encourage working mothers has huge impact on the economic dynamic in the country, “According to a 2011 study by California's Center for Economic and Policy Research after the state implemented paid leave, 91% of businesses said it had a positive effect on profitability or no effect at all — that is, it didn't show any disadvantages whatsoever. It just makes good economic sense, and not just for women. Economists have found that when people are offered paid leave, they take it, which lessens their like hood to drop out of the workforce completely.” (Lyndsey). , “ keeping all people who want to be in the workforce is crucial if the United States is going to remain competitive in the global economy, and supporting working families is the single most impactful way to do it.”(Beall) it?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
ararnaghamMar 10, 201923KB15
Responses to Soda survey
A recent survey asked respondents what percentage of their daily fluid intake is soda. It also asked if they drink diet soda, their gender, and their age.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy it for your own use

ararnaghamMar 2, 20195KB26
Weight_Perception (1).csvararnaghamFeb 22, 2019306KB6
Effect_of_Smoke_on_infants.xlsxararnaghamFeb 13, 20191KB9


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