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Sample of n=200 from North Carolina Birth Data
Sample of 200 from the North Carolina Birth Data
aoneil1Oct 23, 20198KB279
Coin Flip Data Fall 2019aoneil1Oct 15, 2019855B25
Fall 2019 Hand Spanaoneil1Sep 17, 20192KB78
Fall 2019 Number of Blocksaoneil1Sep 12, 2019300B116
Memorizing Letters SummerH2 19aoneil1Jul 23, 2019344B18
Temp SummerH2 19aoneil1Jul 22, 2019269B14
Coin Flips Sum19 H2aoneil1Jul 8, 20192KB31
Hand Span SummerH2 19aoneil1Jun 24, 20192KB128
Hand Spansaoneil1May 4, 2019526B75
Memorization and Grouping S19 H2aoneil1Apr 17, 2019304B36
Vested Observer S19 H2aoneil1Apr 8, 20193KB5
Number of Letters Memorized W 8:30AMaoneil1Apr 3, 2019422B26
Memorizing Letters S19 MW 1PMaoneil1Mar 27, 2019376B21
Hand Span S19 H2aoneil1Mar 6, 2019356B89
Number of Blocks S19 H2aoneil1Mar 6, 2019313B40
Coin Flips 2019aoneil1Feb 18, 2019656B87
Hand Span Sp19 MW 1PMaoneil1Jan 23, 2019427B107
Hand Span W 8:30AMaoneil1Jan 23, 20192KB62
Number of Blocks W 8:30AMaoneil1Jan 23, 2019299B37
Number of Blocks Sp19 MW 1PMaoneil1Jan 14, 2019323B72
Words Spokenaoneil1Nov 21, 2018117B115
Memorizing Letters Fall 2018aoneil1Nov 14, 2018457B92
Body Temp MW 2:30-3:45aoneil1Nov 7, 2018312B40
Vested Observer MW 2:30aoneil1Oct 31, 2018166B38
Coin Flips F18aoneil1Oct 8, 20182KB56
Roller Coaster Drops and Durationsaoneil1Sep 15, 2018193B464
North Carolina Birth Data aoneil1Sep 14, 201854KB485
Hand Span F18aoneil1Sep 12, 20182KB119
Number of Blocks F18aoneil1Sep 5, 2018294B36
Standing on One Leg 3:00 Summer 2018aoneil1Jun 13, 2018364B34
Standing on One Leg Summeraoneil1Jun 13, 2018280B53
Standing on One Leg 1:15 Summer 2018aoneil1Jun 13, 2018539B32
Vested Observer 3:00aoneil1Jun 4, 2018239B66
Coin Flipping 3:00aoneil1May 22, 20181.012B41
Coin Flipping 1:!5aoneil1May 22, 2018537B38
Electricity Billsaoneil1May 16, 2018474B307
Hand Span 3:00aoneil1May 10, 2018338B72
Hand Span 1:15aoneil1May 10, 2018362B100
Blocks 3:00aoneil1May 9, 2018234B36
Blocks 1:15aoneil1May 9, 2018274B36
Gas Efficiency Test Dataaoneil1Apr 23, 201887B93
NBA Test Dataaoneil1Apr 5, 2018112B234
Couplesaoneil1Apr 3, 2018255B266
Memorizing Lettersaoneil1Mar 30, 2018715B70
Body Temp TR 10 AMaoneil1Mar 27, 2018112B75
Vested Observer Simulation MWF 12PMaoneil1Mar 7, 2018201B29
Vested Observer Simulation MWF 10AMaoneil1Mar 7, 2018210B33
Coin Toss Baoneil1Feb 14, 2018713B41
Coin Tossaoneil1Feb 14, 2018700B51
Airfaresaoneil1Jan 22, 2018259B334
Textbook Pricesaoneil1Jan 22, 2018450B642
Challenger Data Setaoneil1Jan 22, 2018412B189
Car Dataaoneil1Jan 19, 20184KB335
Handspan MWF 12PMaoneil1Jan 19, 2018294B60
Televisions and Life Expectancyaoneil1Jan 19, 2018485B80
Birth and Death Rates in USaoneil1Jan 19, 2018947B34
Blocks MWF 12PMaoneil1Jan 17, 201879B42
Handspan TRaoneil1Jan 17, 2018368B40
Handspan MWF 10amaoneil1Jan 17, 2018309B41
Blocks MWF 10AMaoneil1Jan 17, 201873B24
Blocks TRaoneil1Jan 16, 201880B27


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